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Let's see if we can get all five dragons At the heart of their company is a Philanthropic ethos that puts compassion Before cash I don't think we could Really believe in a business that just Puts profit as his Focus but we'll let Altruistic approach Rouse or repel the Prophet-hungry investors The idea of walking in to see the Dragons is definitely scary but I think If you keep thinking about why it is That we're doing it the nurse sort of Picture away a little bit Hopefully we'll get the investment that We need Yeah Hi dragons my name is Johnny and I'm Antonia And we are the co-founders of a skincare Brand called nursing and we're here Today to pitch for 75 000 pounds in Return for one and a half percent equity The idea behind nursing happened a Number of years ago when I was working As a busy pediatric nurse on average I'd Be washing my hands around 50 to 60 Times a day it was during this time that My hands became cracked dry and at times Bled and actually led to me taking two Weeks off work in order for them to Recover whilst Antonio was off work we Discovered there was a real lack in the Marketplace for a natural yet effective Product targeted towards people with

Hard working hands so working with some Expert cosmetic Laboratories this is the Range that we've developed and is Available today nursing is available in Boots Lloyds pharmacies so many other Prominent UK retailers but not wanting To lose sight of the reason that we set Up nurse them in the first place we Created What's called the nursing Promise and for every product we sell at Retail we then provide a month's worth Of free hand care back to a nurse Midwife or other Healthcare professional In the NHS and it would be an absolute Honor for a dragon or dragons to join us On this any A benevolent pitch from Johnny and Antonio philp who've put the needs of NHS workers at the core of their concept This hand wash was designed using really Gentle Ultra mild cleansers they're Asking for 75 000 pounds in exchange for One and a half percent of their skin Care range good for the pace you can't Use it I need it of course you must use Baby cream already you have a face like That too Deborah meaden is first to Question the hand cream hopeful So it sounds like already a success Story and this was all pre-covered but You set this up yes it was it was yeah But covert has definitely accelerated The business enormously okay Um I'm gonna home straight in on the

Evaluation 75 000 for 1.5 of the business sounds Quite racy so I'm hoping you're going to Be able to give me some pretty good Numbers to back that up So last year's uh turnover for 2019 was 142 000 with a loss of 18 000 year to Date so far we've turned over eight Hundred thousand with a net of 200 000 And our full year forecast for the whole Of 2020 is 1.5 million with a net of 312. Do you know I'm very pleased to hear That too often I sit here and people Come up with crazy valuations and then They tell you that all this stuff is Going to happen in the future yeah but That's the future but right here you've Got a very clear demonstration of a Pretty stratospheric growth yeah Spectacular sales have helped support The company's 5 million pound valuation Usually a red rag to a dragon But Tuka Suleiman has concerns about the Long-term prospects of the business To me call it what you want at the end Of the day it's a hand cream You've got that little bit of what I Call covid Magic going in your favor but Without the covert Where will this business balance out at I don't think the way that people view Hand washing will change anytime soon Not not just the UK but internationally

As well I think nursing's a perfectly Positioned brand to be able to help as Many people as possible who are in need Of our products You're good Ah thank you your numbers are good your Presentation you've got all the answers To all the questions bang bang bang bang Bang it's very rare yeah So what exactly are you guys looking for Apart from the money of course the first Point is we've never built a business of This size ultimately trying to build its Sort of 40 50 million value we really Need someone who's done that before and Then the second thing is international And I think that's something that that You guys can help with Guys can I ask what your Are for the future what's your end game I think Um well first and foremost I think I'll Always want to be a nurse that's in me It's a vocation Um A big thing is that population that We're serving and that's mostly Healthcare professionals they give so Much to so many people the late shifts That you put in the times when you Probably don't rush back to your family And stay with your patients we just want To be able to continue to give a bit of A pat on the back and a bit of well done

Like you're amazing I love the answer Because it's a business with heart you Know it means something to you I love That Johnny and Antonio zackerman and Ethos Is proving to be a potent formula in the Den but has their charitable charm won Over Peter Jones [Music] You have got it easy at the moment on Valuation Have achieved a miracle starting a Business and getting it to its point and Now you could be in a position where you Go oh if I continue on this growth phase I'm going to have a business that's Going to be worth 20 million 30 million 40 million the journey to get from what I would class is where you are at point Two of a 10-step journey if you haven't Got the experience of doing it it should Be terrifying you right now yeah that's The bit that I really am concerned about Then I go back to valuation I think your Value at the moment from my perspective Is is really sharp So the only way I can change evaluation Is by giving you an offer So I'm gonna do that Okay I'm gonna offer you all of the money But I want 10 percent of the company Okay

Okay thank you Peter An offer from Peter Jones whose concerns Over the company's valuation have Compelled him to ask for a much bigger Slice of the business than the one and a Half percent originally presented There's a lot of love in the room at the Moment but will those positive finds Become cash offers We're all interested like I can sense it Because it's all gone quiet So having each one of us as dragons are Now going to pray themselves and tell You what we can each do for you I'm coming with a whole package I have got 54 Distributors around the World probably in every corner of the Planet you could imagine we can open any Door in the UK Tesco as the throwing Boots we're everywhere So are they sorry so are they John what You're saying what you're saying is You're able to open a door for them They've already owned I'm just saying It's the distribution part which got Catapult your business So what I'm offering Is a hundred thousand pounds For ten percent Okay thanks thanks To Suleiman asks for the same 10 share Of equity as Peter Jones but by upping The cash offer to a hundred thousand Pounds it's a more attractive valuation

Of the business Does Sarah Davies have anything up her Sleeve that can pique the entrepreneur's Interest honestly I think your biggest Potential here is the US market And that's a journey that I've been on Personally and I think that's something That I could really help and support With and honestly I think that's where You need the help and support more than Here in the UK because you seem to have Everything sorted out yeah yeah Um so I would like to make you an offer [Music] And I would like to offer all of the Money [Music] For eight percent of the business Okay thank you Sarah U.S connections combined with a smaller Eight percent equity demand put Sarah Davies firmly in the fight to form an Alliance with the skin care business Only Deborah meaden and Healthcare Heavyweight tej lalbani have yet to show Their hands will they make it a clean Sweep of offers I love it and I don't know what there is To not love about you And I love you and this enough to make You a very racy offer So I'm going to offer you all of the Money But I want five percent of the business

Thank you Deborah thank you [Music] Antonio and Johnny hi Look I'm really excited about this Especially you two and especially what You're standing for in terms of creating A product with the real health benefit And I think the way you've aligned Yourself in terms of the the NHS and the Nurses providing that you know there's a Lot of synergies in terms of what I'm Doing with brands that I have and I Think I can really make this explode So I'm gonna make you a very compelling Offer as well I'm going to offer you all of the money For five percent Okay thank you Deborah meaden and taslo albani swoop in With matching undercutting bids of five Percent making up a Full House of offers But have Johnny and Antonia already made Up their minds about who they'd like as Their partner in cream Can I just go back to you Peter It was all of the money for 10 yeah Would you consider matching Deborah and Tasia's Offer If I did we have a dividend policy that Would allow me to get my money back That was one of the things that I'd like To come on to actually next yeah Would you be willing to come back down

To three percent once you've had your Initial investment paid back He's got a lot he's got to come from ten Percent to five percent yeah sorry we're Asking for it I will ask him for a lot Here I'd say yes Okay Decisions decisions can we can we you Ever asked us if we I'm assuming you're Not interested in us well if you guys Are happy to match what's on the table And well I mean I I feel a little bit Left out that I haven't been asked no Sorry sorry you took it I think um Yeah a match okay thank you thank you I'd be happy to go with that Yeah look I mean it is important to Choose who you think is going to be the Right partner long term and uh I'd like To work with you guys so um you know I'd be happy to do that okay thank you Thank you I think this stopped being Just a business conversation about 10 Minutes ago didn't it I've been about What's the right thing to do and how can Any one of us support you on the journey That you're on that we clearly all Believe in so you've got five Eagle Offers and you go and choose the dragon That's right for you okay thank you sir You need to go and talk to the wall It might be a while The entrepreneurs clean up as the equity

Demands tumble down 75 000 at five Percent With all five dragons now Deadlocks at Five percent going down to three percent Once they get their money back Having the creme de La Creme of Investors Vie for your business may be An enviable position but it poses a Dilemma Just Sorry GCSE maths wasn't the best Okay and so before we even say this we Just want to thank you all because I Know like we all owe you like a massive Amount of respect But um We've decided to accept your offer yes What great stuff guys [Laughter] Is the cat that got the cream as he Partners up with Johnny and Antonia who Secured the 70 000 pounds they were Asking for have been negotiated one of The most impressive Equity climb Downs In Dragon's Den history blindly that's Really hard He was quite clever there what was the Point in asking me to go down that was a Hustle wasn't it Seeing the likes of Peter and Deborah Your natural inclination is to want to Take their offers because they're the Ones that you know the best and we did

Our homework before we went in and we Knew all about tasia's business and I Think he's precisely the kind of person To help move us forward for the next few Years

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