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Next to face the dragons a business Duo Pasquale Pio tutaro and Nathan Webb They're hoping to start a cultural Revolution by bringing the art of making Music to the masses We can do this they make it playful it's Fun yeah it's so fun yeah We're both absolutely passionate about Music We understood that the act of making Music only a few people can do it so we Were like how can we make this something That everybody can do Some sort of fat ball musical Balls Music yeah the musical mutineers have a Clear idea of who they'd like to assist Them on their Quest Peter Jones we see That he has experience with distribution Of other products everywhere in the World and also Steven he has a lot of Experience with social media and for What we are doing is very important So the idea would be that we get a Little bit of both of those Hello everyone my name is Pasquale and This is Nathan hi I'm going today to Offer four percent of shares in our Company for a hundred thousand pounds Investment so what we are doing is that We are creating a suite of hardware and Digital products to make creating and Playing with music something that Everybody can do and our first product Is Oppo that kind of looks like a

Regular bullright but the cool thing About Oppo is that when you bounce it Foreign So if I've got symbols loaded for Instance if I just play it a little bit [Music] You can hear that I can really control The intensity of how hard I hit that and Say for instance if I can use melodic Instruments I can control the note as Well Which we think is pretty cool that is Cool I'm sorry sorry Poker Face we Actually have a video of one of our Favorite uses that is that is really Good with it yeah Foreign [Music] So we started this adventure with a Crowdfunding campaign we raised 220 000 Pounds once the product was ready we Started selling to our e-commerce store And since then we generated an Additional 250 000 pounds in Revenue What we'd like to do now is invite a Couple of you guys up to have a play With or both and we'd love to see how You have a play yeah before there we go Yeah [Music] Pasquale Pio tataro and Nathan Webb are Hoping to gain investment with their Novel approach to making music So let's play Let's play the uh the

Track and get you going They're asking for a hundred thousand Pounds in exchange for four percent of Their business [Music] Pretty good they're claim that their Product makes making music easy has been Substantiated by the dragons Demonstration Oh yeah but it seems to be more fun for The participators than the spectators oh Hey man sit down [Music] Very good With a bit more practice Peter Jones and Stephen Bartlett might make modern day Mozarts but for now they make way for Tuka Suleiman who wants to explore the Origins of the Innovative instrument Great pitch and really I want to go back To your journey Of how you came about it who's the Brains behind it so we so we both um met At the Royal College of Art right where We were studying uh product design Together so this actually started off as A um as a college project and it's kind Of steamrolled from there so as it Stands now right have you got an IP yes So and right now we've got accepted Payday in Italy and the US Well And what is it uh retail for 89 pounds And you've sold 350 000 pounds worth uh

It since in the last seven months so how Many are selling each month at the Moment last month how many did you say This last month we have sold about 900. What is that equate to in Revenue It's about 80k Who you've done well yeah yeah we're um We've worked hard A unique and protected business with Healthy sales appears to be music to the Investors ears Stephen Bartlett won half of the Entrepreneur's target Dragon Duo got Down with the product but he wanted to Know if the product will get down with The kid There was a word you said twice when you Started your pitch which was the word Cool And I've seen so many products in my Career that fit into the core category But don't also fit into the commercial Opportunity category at the same time And you can see something it can be Called but then it can be a gimmick and A fad and it can fizzle out right how Does this become a business with Longevity [Music] It's an interesting question uh so so The thing about our boys uh it's much More than just a musical device we Really see it as innovating the way that Normal people consume music so right now

You can sort of either really listen to Music or you can be a pro musician There's no in between ground and we find That that kind of ground really the Place that we want to fill and we think That this could really actually be a Cultural movement and how what's your Marketing strategy how are people Discovering It For the First Time mainly I think that through digital marketing Yeah so Facebook Tech talk yeah it makes Perfect sense for tick tock specifically Because it's visually compelling that Will drive organic sales of people just Through curiosity and we were all Curious when we saw it we were really Excited to see your video which I Thought wasn't very good actually Thank God me and Peter stepped up and Did what we did because honestly Peter Peter nailed it I have to say even your App your app was like five out of ten For such a cool visual product it was Really quite ugly and dating we're very Aware of that we're constantly evolving The app and we are going to give the UI A bit of a spring clean and uh and and Sort of make it more fun The entrepreneurs acknowledge that they Netcat Now Deborah Maiden wants to learn more About the duo and their dynamic What do you like to work with you two Guys ah what would you say about him no

No I think um he's very very good on Detail he's not only a details man Though he can also think creatively What's rubbish about him Oh he's a pain in the ass uh The what's rubbish about him uh he wants To say it he just can't get it out Because he's just oh and how's your Moment come on I would say if I can yeah Use it why don't you okay I'm just very Direct when I have to give you okay About that it works it works it works And same same thing I think when you're Looking at how things communicate to an Audience he's really good at it in terms Of like the negative thing uh let me Think about it no so there is there is a Reason I asked because at the end of the Day this will stand or fail on you guys Right this is a story that has to be Told because nobody's out there Googling I'm looking for balls that can help me Make music you know is it so so it's Really important the way a the skills That you have within you but also the Way you work together yeah for us that's Really that's a really important part of Success I didn't get to say the bad thing about Him oh he's got it he wants to say he's Dead no No Guys I'll tell you where I'm at yes I Am sorry and

I think you too have presented Exceptionally well I think it's a great Product honestly I can't really fault You So I'm sat there thinking well I should Want to make an offer then shouldn't I All right And I think that the only thing that's Stopping us is it's just not my cup of Tea So I'm going to say that I'm out but I'm Really excited to take this home and try It The musical balls failed to bounce with Sarah Davis and she decides to step away From the investment opportunity To half of the entrepreneurs preferred Dragons double Act is also struggling With the idea Foreign With this I have to go with my instinct [Music] Um And it's really weird because there's a Connected parts of me I wrote down the People we're currently working with and The level of influence of where this Could go Um You know and it does help having contact With the head of universal Does help having a very good contact With the head of Amazon But then I'm just sitting and really

Struggling with it Um Indecisive very indecisive yeah it's a Real honestly it's a real tough one all Right it's tough How much did you come in asking for I Didn't write it down I was four percent Four percent yuck Because this could well just be a Facebook ad business and I genuinely Deeply believe that the thing that makes It transition from being just something Cool people see on Facebook to being Something that is part of culture I think that's a really difficult Not possible but very difficult thing to Do requires a certain expertise an Understanding of how to penetrate Culture and even then it's going to Require luck it's very hard to predict These things I don't think it's going to get better So for that reason I'm out all right Okay Guys I tell you what I'm um I might live To regret it but I'm really sorry I'm Not going to invest all right okay Um So I'm really sorry I'm going to say That I'm out [Music] Huge blow for Nathan and Pasquale as Both of their favorite dragons drop out Of the deal

But is Deborah meaden marching to the Beat of a Different Drum Okay guys I um kind of blew my cover a Bit at the beginning when I got all Excited and said that's really cool they Were halfway through your pitch I love It for lots of reasons Um Everybody Has Music in them they Might not know it but that everybody has Music in them you know and I think the Route that you take next is going to Turn this either into a fad that people Buy Use a couple of times put in a box and Think that didn't catch on or it's going To have credibility and I think it's the Credibility piece that you really have To tread a careful line on Um but I am going to make you an offer So I'm going to offer you all of the Money I want 10 of the business or I'm happy to share Okay thank you thanks for the offer Deborah meaden makes a play for the Business to the tune of 10 but she's Also happy to share the spoils As the only other Dragon not yet out Will Tuka Suleiman be up for a Collaboration You have a very good offer from Deborah And I know if I made you on offer I'm Gonna want more than 10 percent So I would give you half the money

A seven and a half percent Do you want to go talk to the wall Yeah I mean I think we need to though Nathan and Pasquale Retreat to the wall To talk tactics okay Deborah meaden's offered 10 with an Option to split her investment with Tuka Suleiman he's happy to share but won't Go any less than seven and a half Percent each I think Deborah's offering a better deal As it stands all offers are well over The four percent the entrepreneurs Initially presented All right yeah let's do okay you want to Deliver that yeah all right okay all Right Okay So what we were talking about is that we Are willing to put out Seven percent Um and we are also open to the option of Two of you sharing Seven percent Yeah Not me And not me Okay Not me I think you've got you've got Quite a you've got quite a job to do It's good Well let me saying Thank you Matt yeah I mean thanks a lot For your offers anyway

Okay okay you've made a mistake guys but Hey good luck thank you goodbye The curtains come down on Pasquale and Nathan's pitch as they refuse the Dragon's terms of investment and leave The den with nothing Well Plan B I'm totally shocked I thought That was an unbelievably good offer I Think that we did the right decision to Walk away from the 10 percent offer that Counteroffer was our Top Line and I Think that it had we kept eroding that Top Line we probably wouldn't have Necessarily been happy with what we Would come out with so you win some you Lose some I hope they don't live to Regret though because 10 7 yeah that Could be the difference between success And failure yeah hey

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