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Our final visitor to the den is Canadian-born animal lover Rebecca Sloan Who's offering a green solution to Canine pollution When I first introduced it people didn't Really know what to make of it But it's really grown and people are Raving about it That is seriously a metal tray with a Bit of grass in it it's a grass pea Blanket it's a pea blanket Rebecca's product has the dragon's Attention can her pitch keep their Interest Hello dragons my name is Rebecca and I'm The founder and director of piddle patch The fresh grass toilet your dog will Love I'm here today asking for 50 000 pounds In exchange for 10 of my business Dog owners want the best for their dogs And thankfully there are a lot of Products to choose from that is except When it comes to the important task of House training your dog currently the Most commonly used solution is the puppy Pee pad This is often a single-use product and It's mass produced in factories using Harsh chemicals and Plastics Pedal patch is the natural solution and The UK's first and only soil free real Grass dog toilet I'd like to take a moment and show you a

Quick demonstration So when you apply liquid To a puppy pad It sits on top And you're going to be able to see and Smell that until you throw it into the Bin In contrast when you pour liquid onto a Piddle patch it absorbs into the thick Root system And this is something that will really Help to ensure that there are no smells And you don't need to throw it into the Bin anywhere near as frequently as you Do with a puppy pad Thank you very much for your time and You've got some samples in your box Thank you excellent An environmentally friendly puppy Training toilet is the product Rebecca Sloan is pitching it's available as a One-time purchase or on subscription She's seeking 50 000 pounds for a 10 Stake in her company Peter Jones is the owner of three dogs And he wants to get straight down to Business Rebecca you've described eloquently how It works when they we but what happens If you get a really big poo on there Like you would do it To be too graphic what Are me ones because a lot of the puppies Get upset tummies if your puppy does

Have an upset tummy the best thing to do Is to very carefully remove it so I've Got to lift it all up I'm sure you can Have someone do it for you yeah But does this feel lazy people it is Absolutely not meant to be a replacement For dog walking it's useful especially If you live in somewhere like a High-rise apartment it's not always Possible to get your puppy down 10 Flights of stairs there but I get that But I don't think it's practical Because if you if you're in that Situation your dog is going to poo And not just we right and then you've Got a right old mess to clear up because You're down on your hands and knees Scrubbing grass And you're not going to get rid of that Stench or smell this is really something That if you're looking to keep it uh Clean and you're looking to reuse it it Is possible with the right care okay so I just want to pick up on the cost as a One-time product it's 32 pound 50. If you're buying it every week it's 27 Pound 50. That's just crazy amount of money to Spend on A grass bed Basically your invention it costs more To manage what comes out of a dog than What goes in it Cash is tight for most households they

Can't afford the luxury of things like This So your Market is so tiny It's people that love their pets too Much and have got more money than sense But it's not a business opportunity So for that reason I'm out An unusually early exit as an Exasperated Peter Jones immediately Poo-poos the canine concept Stephen Bartlett is also the proud owner Of a pooch and it appears he's sniffed Out some potential in Rebecca's puppy Product How many times could my little Pablo do A wee-wee on the pad versus the grass Most of my customers on subscription Change it every two weeks however some People actually get considerably longer Okay so do you see this as a Transitionary product there are two Markets for it a lot of people buy it Specifically For cleaning their puppy sure and there Is a secondary Market of dogs that often Live in apartments and they might use it On a more ongoing basis I completely Understand this because I've got this Problem I'm the only dragon here that lives on The top floor of an apartment with a Balcony and we take our dog out twice a Day but that doesn't stop my dog needing To go at 1am in the morning sometimes I

Completely get it and I need one Rebecca Um I've just got a puppy so I know the Problem don't get me wrong I love the Idea and the first thing comes into my Mind is how can you commercialize it how Can you sell that for 9.99 So what stops me from having some sort Of a film that you sold with holes where The grass comes out they're going to Absorb the way that the moment they weed You just wheel it up and put another a Little bit like like the map yeah but What I'm saying is if you have that Holes in it that you put on the grass so The dog could smell the grass But you understand the reason she's Doing this is because she wants to get Rid of single-use training mats Okay let me change the scenario if I had To create Synthetic grass onto a onto a waterproof Phone That was machine washable and I could Retail that for 15 pounds would that be A winner There are people who will be looking for Those Solutions But ultimately they're Still Plastic Solutions but to a dog Whether it's synthetic or real grass do You think that'll make a difference Absolutely they've got millions of Sensors in their noses of course I can

Tell the difference So I think it's genius A massive seal of approval from dog Lover Deborah meaden [Music] Dragon in the den not to own a Four-legged friend does Sarah Davies Have the same enthusiasm for the Entrepreneur's innovation Honestly I thought this was going to be A little bit of a joke pitch and I Thought well it's a bit of grass in the House of the dog to go and have a piddle On And you completely flawed me And do you know I think these tight Dragons sat here who you've just spent Three grand on a dog what's 20 quid Because I really like the production Thank you it's grass in a train I'm sorry this isn't happening I am Taking you really seriously Rebecca Thank you right so how big do you expect The business to get in 2021 I turned Over 117 000 pounds next year the Turnover I'm expecting is 941 000. oh Correct with a net profit of 224 000. The year after that I'm expecting one Million three hundred and forty eight Thousand in turnover With a not profit of 323 000 excellent And I think you've got polarized views Sitting here you've got Peter who thinks

It's the most ridiculous thing and You've got Stephen who would sign up Right now if you would take these Details but I can see a real Market Opportunity So I would like to make you an offer I'll give you all of the money but for That I would want 30 of the business Okay thank you Rebecca's Punchy projections propelled Sarah Davies to make an offer could this Now spark a turf war in the den [Music] There's lots I love about this The sustainability side of it that's Really what interests me because it Drives me mad the waste that goes on Those blinking mats So I too am going to make you an offer But I'm not going to make it easy for You I'm going to offer you all of the money But I want 30 of the business Rebecca so there's certain products you Come across where you know they'll work On social media because you're able to Demonstrate the value of this versus the Alternative within 10 seconds and this Is one of those businesses I think we've got an opportunity here to Build a really big dog brand online the Minute you post a picture of any dog They they swarm in there like you know Flies to a dog poop right

So I am going to make you an offer I'm going to offer you the 50 000. For 25 of your business Rebecca I'm a product person and I think Out the box Automatically when I saw this I said What else can we add on to this how can We grow the sales that's the way I think So I'm going to make you an offer I'm going to offer you all the money But I also want 25 percent Rebecca Given that the Lost offer here is for 25 Of the business I would be willing to Match that offer on the table So why didn't you say 25 in the first Place because the competitive nature Meant that I didn't have to bought 25 And I think 30 was a reasonable offer Rebecca can I just say this is the power Of influencer marketing which has been My business for a long time so I've Managed to influence all the other Dragons to follow me tell it what I'll Do as well if Stephen wants to share Absolutely not We don't we don't need you fine I will Retract that it was declined I don't know I think It's a free-for-all in the den with four Dragons vehemently marking their Territory Sarah Davies Tuka Suleiman and Stephen

Bartlett are all competing for a 25 Share While Deb remeden is holding strong for 30 equity All the offers are asking for way more Than the 10 Rebecca's willing to give Away Will she accept their terms or push for A better deal Thank you very much for all of your Offers I was wondering if it might be a Possibility to do a clawback of equity Once I've paid back your initial Investment What would you be proposing ideally After paying back your initial Investment we could then make the equity 10 percent So from my perspective what you're Asking me to do is put a ton of work in Now massively increase the value of your Business and when I've done that give You it back So I wouldn't quite go to where you are However I would be prepared to drop my Equity stake to 15 if you return my Investment within 24 months Thank you Um Rebecca my issue is right is I don't Want to take the money out of the Business especially in that growth phase Um If you hit the numbers that you sell out

Next year My Equity stake will just drop to 20 Percent if you put that 50 000 into Marketing we can make millions I think you've got some great offers I'm Going to stay where I am Rebecca look what you need is Uncomplicated offer just a straight Offer so I'm willing to give you all of The money fifty thousand for twenty Percent okay thank you very much I really do appreciate all of your Feedback And all of your offers Um I'd like to accept your offer Stephen We're gonna sell so many piddle patches Well done Rebecca I'm heartbroken Thank you very much thank you Rebecca leaves the den with the 50 000 Pound she was seeking and the youngest Ever dragon on her books I believe this is happening that was Overwhelming to say the least I genuinely can't wait to give my dog You've just invested in the grass in a Tray this is exactly what I've always Needed well I get it yeah no we all get It that's why we all made an offer well We didn't all get it all right we got it You barking mad I'm really excited to be working with Steven I think that we're going to turn This into the household name and I'm

Really excited to see what happens next Foreign

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