A Unique Entrepreneurial Journey: Overcoming Dyslexia and Asperger’s on Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank | #Shorts

Join me as we dive into the inspiring and unique journey of an entrepreneur who overcame dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome on the hit TV shows, Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. In this post, we’ll explore the challenges faced by this remarkable individual, and how they managed to turn their disabilities into strengths that helped them succeed in the fiercely competitive world of entrepreneurship. Discover what it takes to persevere in the face of obstacles and how one person’s determination and passion can lead to incredible achievements. Don’t miss out on this exciting story of resilience and triumph!


The world of entrepreneurship is one that is tough to crack, but for those with a unique perspective and a problem-solving mindset, it can be a lucrative and fulfilling endeavor. This rings true for Martin, a building maintenance engineer who struggled with a common issue in his line of work. Being dyslexic with a hint of Asperger’s, Martin often found it frustrating to mark where to drill the hole positions accurately when putting up shelves and fixtures. But he didn’t let that hold him back. He developed a solution that proved to be revolutionary and caught the eyes of the investors on Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank.

The Struggle

As a maintenance engineer, Martin struggled with finding a way to mark where to drill hole positions accurately. He found it frustrating to mark the position exactly, and it took more energy and time than it should have. Many can relate to this problem, especially in the construction industry, where precision is fundamental. However, Martin’s unique viewpoint on the issue led him to develop a solution that would change the game.

The Solution

The Marksman is the invention that Martin came up with to solve his problem. It’s a bracket that sprays a burst of chalk to show where to drill, making the process of marking hole positions significantly easier. The best part is that the Marksman does not touch the surface, so there are no smudges or messes, and it won’t clog or dry out.

A Breakthrough for Construction

Martin didn’t stop there. He developed the deep hole Marksman, specifically for the construction industry, which could mark positions for drilling deeper holes. However, the deep hole Marksman can’t mark shallow holes, making the original Marksman useful in both situations.

How to Use the Marksman

Using the Marksman is incredibly easy, as demonstrated in the video that caught the attention of investors on Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank. You attach the Marksman over the position you want to drill a hole at, press the trigger to release a burst of green chalk and voila! You now have a precise marker for where to drill.

The Investment Opportunity

The Marksman proved to be such a revolutionary solution to a common issue that Martin was invited to pitch it to the investors on Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank. His unique entrepreneurial journey caught the attention of the judges, and he successfully secured a deal, allowing him to take his invention to a more significant level.


Martin’s story highlights the true spirit of entrepreneurship, where a unique perspective and problem-solving mindset can lead to breakthroughs that can change the game. The Marksman is a testament to that, proving that even with challenging conditions such as dyslexia and Asperger’s, achieving success is possible.


  1. Can the Marksman be used for both shallow and deep holes?

Yes, the original Marksman can mark both shallow and deep holes, while the deep hole Marksman is specific to deeper holes.

  1. Is the chalk used in the Marksman refillable?

No, the Marksman uses non-refillable chalk cartridges, but they last a long time and won’t dry out or clog.

  1. Does the Marksman work on all surfaces?

The Marksman works well on most surfaces, but it’s best to test it on a small area first to ensure the chalk spray won’t damage the surface.

  1. Is the Marksman easy to use?

Yes, the Marksman is incredibly easy to use. Just attach it over the position you want to drill, press the trigger, and you now have a precise marker for where to drill.

  1. Where can I buy the Marksman?

You can buy the Marksman online or at selected hardware stores.

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