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Next into the den is Erica brodnock She's an entrepreneur who's used some Difficult personal experiences to come Up with a product range she's hoping Will improve the emotional well-being of Children Let's see what the dragons make of it Hello dragons my name's Erica brodnock And I'm CEO of Charisma kids and Mum of Five Charisma kids is a fun safe engaging Brand that helps children to manage Their mood and build self-esteem Today we're asking for sixty thousand Pounds in exchange for 10 of our company Five years ago I was diagnosed as having Bipolar disorder and told that the only Option was medication every day for the Rest of my life I refuse to accept that and I found some Amazing alternative tools and techniques That enabled me to completely turn my Life around Having got my life back on track I Started to look at the effects that my Illness had had on my own children I'd done some research and I found that My children weren't alone One in four experiences anxiety and Depression with one in ten children Being diagnosed with a mental health Disorder All children can benefit from being able To build self-esteem and manage up their

Emotions Over the last 12 months we've built a Range of products that have teamed Personal development tools education and Play in a way that's never been done Before we've been receiving really high Claim and we've already won an Innovation award and we were named as a Top 20 startup of 2012. With your help we'd like to complete the Build of the online platform that is Moodville Gale it and launch it to Market Would it be okay for me to give you a Dollar each Yeah yeah Thank you very much We've recorded 10 positive self-esteem Building messages on each of the dolls We're kidding so are you you're a hero Just like me oh thank you You can do it So come on dragons jump on the trust Chain and take a ride round mood drill With me and the Charisma kids Thank you very much for listening A charismatic pitch from Erica brodnog From London she's looking for sixty Thousand pounds for her doll and app Range designed to help children Peter Jones is the favorite dragon You can't get much better than that can You The mood in the den may be jovial but

Piers Linney looks confused Erica hi I'm pears hello It said quite a lot I still don't get it So this is moodville And in moodville there are areas such as Fear farm and angry alley and then they Go Back Into Love Lane gratitude Gardens And as I say they take a ride around the Trust train too They're able to fill in profiles which Link back to both schools and their Parents and so children are able to make Mention of how it is that they're Feeling on any given day what their Favorite things are and also if there Are things that they don't like so that People are aware of what it is that that Child needs especially for when Babysitters are coming around so and the Children ask how are you feeling or is Somebody is a parent looking at what They're doing and saying right they're In the Gratitude Garden or I don't know The Moody lawn whatever it might be and Then saying oh they're not feeling very Happy and then go and interact with them Offline It's a combination of both is The answer yes Yes thank you how do you make money I Can see charms down here you know 24.99 For a wow star okay so Um we make money By selling the platform into schools and Um they subscribe to the platform we've

Got schools that are already interested In taking it in Um and Um after that the the app will offer the Opportunity for um parents to subscribe To charms that will reward their Children okay so I'm a parent the Schools subscribe for this they're Paying you a license fee for Access so Are you saying that if my if my child Does something great at school I have to Buy charms no you're given a certain Amount of charms you can actually buy More charms if if there is more good Behavior and what we're doing is saying That positivity breeds positivity if a School issues a child with a wow star at School the child is then feeling well About that a parent is then notified That their child had a WellStar at School and they can then reinforce that Positive You're waiving monies by selling the Platform so is this a in addition to Life since in merchandise as well as Publishing is this a therapy or is it a What is it or is it it's a toy it's a Toy that has the added value it doesn't Sound that much fun Erica's still a long way from convincing A skeptical Piers Lenny to invest but Deborah meaden is harboring much Stronger views Erica hi I'm Deborah hello Deborah you

Come across really well you look great And I can see the thinking behind it Um I don't like it The minute you can say do you know what It's okay I don't have to watch that Chart I don't have to interact anymore Because I can gather the data that I get From that interaction on the screen I Think that's worse not better see um the Children are playing on the computers Whether they're playing this game or They're playing another game I think That by playing this game they're giving Their parents information that they need In terms of looking at how they are Feeling that will then spark Conversation yeah but parents who are Happy to go on a computer to find out How their children are I it it just Feels intrinsically wrong you see the Problem there is that I don't think Schools should be Paying a license fee for toys I think it gets even worse than that how Much does that cost That the interactive doll is 39.99 39.95 The actual commercial way that you make Money is to take those children that you Have got engaged in schools and then you Go and you sell that's not true a doll For 39.90 that's not true at all because Schools is one channel it's not the only Channel all right park schools now let's

Talk about children in their home okay So children in their home are playing on Games all the time and then they end up Buying a range of products that come off The back of Um said games These products have the added benefit of Giving positive messages allowing Parents to record positive messages on For their children and building a Child's self-esteem and confidence or The negative benefit of parents buying Something that they believe is going to Be good and help their children and then You you hook into that and try and sell Them something for 39.95 no because they Don't have it's not a prerequisite that You you play on the platform and then You have to buy the toy that's not what Our business is based on Um in in its entirety you don't need to Waste your time on me you absolutely can See I'm not going to change my mind and Invest in you I'm out Harsh criticism of the entrepreneur's Business model from an incredulous Deborah meaden but Peter Jones has been Watching with interest I feel you've been given a hard time Foreign It's hard isn't it listening to other You were You've held yourself together

Incredibly well I don't agree With the route that Deborah was going Down My issue with with what you've done here Is that I think you have come up with Something that actually is very very Good I think that the confusion is You've tried to come and Pitch it and Turn it into a business and I think You could tweak that very very easily In terms of the fact that what you're Trying to sell You don't sell Okay so you don't make the money On selling these tokens and these whale Stars and the school because I think This is a school product that you're Trying to push You focus on the license fee Rather than the parent having to pay For all of these things like the dolls And these extra tokens outside of it and For me if you'd pitch that I kind of get It And that's where I'm in a halfway house Between exactly where Deborah's there Saying I'm sorry Peter you're not in a Halfway house I absolutely totally agree With that if you just come in saying I've got a great toy for I've got a Great program for schools to engage with Children I'm going to make no money out Of it we are agreeing totally it is this

That causes me the problem I guess all I will say um in response to That is that I came with an idea for a Business what I'm seeking from the Dragons is support in taking that Business to Market in the most effective Way that will And generate a commercially successful Business but then also help as many Children as possible Can he respond from the entrepreneur as She shows she's willing to budge on that Divisive business model Kelly hoppen has an altogether different Concern All children need confidence all kids You know kids get bullied at school I Was bullied at school I know what it was Like but I think for me I'm just I'm Looking at this and I think it's Fantastic it just scares me a little bit In that you're giving information about Children to Um People that perhaps were not their Family And that you are perhaps Helping them in a way that is not Endorsed perhaps by a psychologist I Mean how do you know what you're doing Is correct is what I'm trying to say we Have a couple of psychologists on the Team we've got a clinical psychologist On the team that has given us a letter

Of endorsement that we have available For you to um to have a look at as well As a research psychologist that Specializes in play and the only people That would have access to the child's Account would be their parents but they Would just get the information so they Could pass it on to whoever they saw fit In terms of babysitters or what have you And schools I don't like it it's like Big brother watching the doll itself I Don't have a problem with because yes That is going to give a child confidence The fact that it's linked into this this System that you've created I don't like it I really don't that on Its own fine hate this at the moment We're in a stage of development Um the online platform has been started But it's not complete Um so there is the ability to make Changes to that there's no point in Trying to sell it to me because no I'm Out Thank you The news of the business has some expert Backers couldn't persuade Kelly hoppin To invest Now two dragons are out and it's time For Duncan bannatyne to have his say What concerns me is this encourages a Child to go on a computer And many children I've got computers in Their bedrooms to go upstairs and

They're a little bit bored with this so It switches something else like Facebook the fact is that it's Encouraging shield on the computer and So I can't invest in it so therefore About I think there may be an application as a Therapy but you know dropping out this Stuff selling people things unless That's part of the package for the Therapy people know what they're getting What they're paying for in a package but Other than that I just it's too much I Don't get it uh so I'm out Four dragons are out leaving only Peter Jones left in the race Will he back up his support for the Product with Hard Cash If I just take the doll out of this Business plan I still quite like what you've created And I don't also have a problem with the School funding it we get enough money Plowed into our schools and actually I See this more as a social Enterprise That's Outside of the den would get my Wholehearted support and actually Probably would get a bit of money from Me And that's the only reason why I Congratulate you for coming up with it Congratulations on the journey but it's Not an investment for me so for that

Reason I'm out Good luck Erica You're amazing I know despite a brave attempt to defend Her product Erica couldn't convince the Dragons her idea was investment material Charisma kid certainly provoked some Strong opinions But only cash counters in the den and She leaves with nothing I completely believe in my product I Think that Deborah's wrong in everything That she said and Charisma kids is a Force for good

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