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Next into the tank is a unique offering In the snack space [Music] Hi my name is Nadine habayev I live in Boston Massachusetts and I'm here Seeking two hundred thousand dollars for 10 of our company bohana Sharks like many Americans popcorn was One of my favorite snacks until I Discovered something better I'd like to introduce you to bohana A delicious a nutritious snack made out Of popped water lily seeds You heard me right seeds of a water lily Plant not those small Lily pies that you See floating on ponds here in the U.S But a giant variety that are native to The north of India these plants produce Seeds and when roasted over high heat They pop right out of their shell just Like popcorn but better because popped Water lily seeds contain 50 more protein Fewer calories than fat and my favorite Part no kernel so nothing to get stuck In your teeth bam when my co-founder Preall introduced me to these beautiful Seeds I quickly said goodbye to popcorn And hello to my new favorite snack now Prill can't be with us today because she Too is about to pop We all grew up in India where they've Been eating water lily seeds for Centuries and today they're one of the World's fastest growing ingredients and

I can't wait for you to try some so who Wants to get in on this wildly Fast-moving food Trend and help bring Bohana to snackers all across America Trying here tell us what we're trying You're my right your left you have our Himalayan pink salt I I like starting With this one because it's a great way To taste the intrinsic flavor of the Seed itself the middle one is your white Cheddar this is our most popular flavor And it's our only non-vegan flavor and Our Soulful spice is the bright red one Which has a little bit of a kick to it It's very similar to puffed rice to me Yeah I mean in taste it's lighter than Popcorn Chase here it's very good and Areas could be it's delicious the Question is is the Taste profile there Can you would you trade this with Popcorn So there is a bit of an intrinsic taste It's it's you know it's a water seed it Has a smokiness that's quite natural to The seed itself they have all nine Essential amino acids and that's very Rare to find in a plant-based food is is Really what makes this very special do I Have to worry about a huge educational Process with the snacking public yes we Know this is something that we are Pioneering we are the first people to be Bringing water lily seeds to the U.S the Aha moment is when people try this

Product every single demo that we've Done in stores that we sell in we've Completely sold out of every single bag That we that we sell in store but they Don't even know what this is right when They taste it they're willing to make That change The the familiarity and similarity to Popcorn is what's really helpful for Someone Same prices of popcorn it's more Expensive than PopCorn by how much it's So it's twice almost twice as much as 3.99 for a bag That's a lot of money but this is Actually the same price as all the other Snacks on the shelf that it lives with So you will not actually find this on a Shelf where you see popcorn or potato Chips you're going to see this where you Find your better for you alternative Ingredient snacks not processed not Extruded what does extrude mean extruded Is when you reconstitute a flower into This shape but I like about you we're Hitting you hard and you keep coming Back I'm the person who buy eyes all of the Snack things that are like high protein And low fat and low sodium so when I Look at this the only thing that's Missing for me here is fiber can you add Fiber to it have you been thinking of Adding fiber to it so one of the really

Interesting things about the seed itself When you grind that down to a flower it Does extrude so we can play with the Nutrient density we can combine Different higher protein higher fiber Nadine tell us a little bit more about Yourself sure you're pretty impressive Standing in your space there I have a Background in marketing I used to work In the fashion industry I worked for a French fashion house which one I love that I was actually living in the Middle East um which city I lived in Dubai I was actually born and raised There so I'm originally Lebanese my Father was based in the UAE and in some Gulf countries for his work and so I was Born there and that's where I I grew up Kind of moving in and out and I lived in The US only when I went to school Actually for my undergrad and then later My mom so you're at the fashion house And yeah so then I went back to do my MBA and so um I ended up finishing at Babson College we launched in April of 2019 18 excuse me this is your first Full year yes what have you done in your First full year because you're asking For yeah before Kevin gets to it might Just beat him to a two million dollar Valuation we've done a revenue of 123 000. over what period of time over the Past 16 months we did about we've been In retail for only about nine months

Since the beginning of this year we Spent the first phase really testing out Our Market online on Amazon and our Website Um some specialty sources they think It's a lot more expensive and it has Kind of a unique taste that you have to Adapt to but it's a slog right it's it's Not a straight path and it's very Difficult I just while I the product was Good Um it's going to take some getting used To I just don't get excited enough about It so for those Reasons I'm out I'll make you an offer Just like that Barbara yeah I've been Listening hard this girl's hot yes very Good but there's only one Lebanese Irish Guy here this is what I like about the Product I love the fact that it's more Digestible no choking aspect I like it's More filling than popcorn I've been Sitting here eating it and I feel like Every kernel I eat is probably three Times more filling than popcorn so I Think I'd eat less of it for a healthy Snack I had such good luck with a Brother and sister here on their Business named pipcorn and they have 12 Million dollars in sales 3500 stores They would help you with whatever you Need because they're about three four Years ahead of you okay but all that Being said it's a young business it's

Not a proven model so I'm making the 200 000 offer for 30 percent Greedy it's not greedy at all I think That's a very fast Savage Rohan I was could you please so Here's the scenario I it's a tough one Because you got the Indian side and got The snacking side which is guiding me Into doing this deal with you but given The stage you're at at the moment and Given that I don't see the clear leap at Least from the American palette to this Much as I love the Indian side and I Love the snacking side unfortunately I'm Out Okay so who's in anybody here well Listen I love it I will buy it but to Give an offer at this moment because It's lacking fiber I'm gonna be out I'm really struggling with it because I Think you're spectacular and I got the Whole Lebanese Heritage thing on Lebanese too or Lebanese Irish that's Close the trouble with this is your Sales are tiny you're you are definitely Not worth two million dollars I mean Normally I would squeeze Barbara's head Because she's greedy and and just Damaged her deal I'd love to do that too Barbara but find somebody else no I just I think she's a good partner for you I Don't need you as my salesman don't mess With me Okay so maybe you know because you're

Gonna get me off because she's pissed me Off you should have said that Barbara I Don't care I'm not afraid put it in Kevin put it in Egyptian are you ready For something wonderful Here's an offer oh wow [Music] I'll I'll give you the 200 000 as a loan okay I'll and I'll only and I'll only take Eight percent equity Much less oh just to mess with Broderick Because she said bad things to me oh my God what a baby Because you don't have no one gives Ventures to take it don't even wait I will loan it to you I'll give it to You for three years I'll charge you nine Percent on it uh I'll take eight percent Equity on the ride with you give you all My team to push it's actually a better Deal 30 is sheer greed I hate great I Can't stand that that's thank you that's A very generous offer it is because Nobody would loan you money except Mr Wonderful is that true no one will loan Your money not at your stage not at your Stage Unfortunately tough call for you who are You gonna go with I mean of thank you both very much for Your offers Um it never sounds good when an Entrepreneur says thank you very much

For your office let us think letters Should have been much nicer to me you Wouldn't have the still lemonade oh my God let her go Um So obviously you know we want to We value our Equity we value our Equity A lot we think that there's a lot of Value here and it's going to be huge Um So eight percent you know is obviously Very attractive you're allowed to Counter Yeah there's a vast difference between a Loan and a partner no I'm a shark I help All my businesses that eight percent is Gonna be worth a lot is there any Opportunity of you two doing a deal Together I don't even like him he hates that I Know I don't need Barbara I don't need Anything she's got I'm way better I like To like my partners and then they grow To A Love Affair that's what I Accomplished with everything talk to my CEOs great okay Nadine you got to decide Right Um Um That's so hard that's uh obviously don't You love The Dilemma of course it's an Amazing Dilemma to have but you're a Smart lady what does your gut tell you What are you feeling us

Barb This is an opportunity to really value Our equity and Um so I think I'll take Kevin's offer oh Yes Thank you that's what happens congrats Bye [Music] We are so excited to start working with Kevin he is a super smart shark and he Realized that you know what our company Needs is money and he also valued our Equity and so I think that was the right Decision Piss off Mr Wonderful oh my God I'm so Afraid of you oh my God you go don't Forget to subscribe to the Shark Tank Youtube channel and ring the Notification Bell to keep up with Everything that's bubbling in the tank

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