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[Music] Foreign [Music] To help you do your business [Music] The American toilet Squatty Potty a Simple stool that's been carefully Designed that allows the user to squat In a healthy position While still enjoying the comfort and Convenience of their Western toilet we Can make a crapload of money here and Help people poop something about you That I'm not believing And It's making me more nervous as I listen I'm definitely out I have found the Fountain of Youth Because I am 61 years old Unbelievable seriously I hate it My business is face yoga face yoga is a Really great natural solution to regain Your youthful appearance yes some Exercises together okay thank you please Stand here thank you and then 10 seconds [Music] I feel younger you are remarkably Entertaining truly I firmly believe that You'd be hugely successful if you did a Comedy routine but on this business I'm Out As a guy I hate going to the mall and

Trying on clothes but online shopping is Even worse M Taylor sells men's custom Shirts by measuring you with your Phone's camera my concern is that that's Not reflected in the valuation given the Fact that we have 1.4 we think we can Get to Ramen profitability so what's Wrong and profitability ramen Profitability means the business makes Enough money to buy noodles for Everybody working there oh and mine well I'm coming from it's called a wing Dinner probably wing dinner wing dinner You have more protein in your deal miles You say hey I made a mistake I'm doing This I'm moving to China I did this the Projections are wrong you're explaining In a way but what bothers me there's no Shame Factor at all just seems like a Party chatter almost awesome Awake at night worried about what your Next mistake is going to be I've been Worried about China it's like you don't Worry to me for that reason alone amount Ah you know can't please everyone Chairs they may be killing you All 33 is here to save the day baby now This is a chair if you had come in here Today and you wanted to sell me a chair You're the perfect guy but you weren't Here to sell a chair you were here to Sell a business correct you said you're A five percent owner correct I for some Reason feel it lacks credibility I think

That's a good lesson for other Entrepreneurs you can't send a Salesman Well with all due respects this is my Life right now and to you know it's a Bit of an integration to call me a Simple salesman on this deal Barbara's Very good at pissing everybody off well That's fair and you're you can do that I Wish I could believe that you're Building a category but I don't see that As a category I see it as a a chair it Was a new design element but it doesn't Get me all excited so for that reason Sharks I know we just met but I want to Talk to you about how you poop Game of Thrones I invented wait for it Plop star the world's most discreet and Portable toilet odor eliminator so Sharks which one of you wants to partner With us and start a movement there are Several things that I know one I'm a man Who likes to leave his Mark Unbelievable I'm out with prejudice Here's what always disturbs me it's your Approach to business right I see you as A cautious respectful intellectual guy Very bright assessing analyzing figuring Out how you're going to do it you get it Right you're going to get all the pieces In place but you forgot to take it out To Market and see if there's even a Demand there I don't believe there's a Demand for this product so I'm out

Smart plate is the world's first Intelligent plate that instantly Analyzes your entire meal with up to 99 Accuracy Martin can you demonstrate how That app actually works so you get a Better feel for it I'd love to do that What's firing right now is the food Recognition portion we don't have the Weight sensors in these aesthetic Prototypes yet what do you thinking Barbara Certainly okay all right Barbara I know That you have a lot of investments in The food space yes a lot of your Portfolio is in the space there's Consumers that are out there and they're Doing all this manually we automate that Pro we automate that process we feel so Badly because you're so heartfelt yeah Your presentation really was just Terrible I'm sorry to say just terrible And confusing amount we all know that The best cure for what ails you is Chicken soup here comes spoonful of Comfort to the rescue a care package Ordered from our website delivers a Ready to go meal right to the doorstep Oh wow Did the customers ever order again that Was the problem I believe that this is a business that's Going to fail The business isn't fancy enough to Support everything you're doing the idea

That you put 1.3 million dollars plus Into this business blows my mind too Complicated it's nutty it'll never never Work I'm out and I suggest you go out too Boost Oxygen is 95 pure aviator's Breathing oxygen compressed into Affordable and portable aluminum Canisters it's an all-natural product For health and wellness and Kevin if we Sucked all the oxygen out of this room We'd all be literally dead to you right Now You ready one two three Sure we're asking for is a one million Dollar capital investment For a five percent equity stake in Boost Oxygen Dollar I'm out more importantly I saw a Beach house last week that was exactly a Million dollars and it was beautiful What beach oh it was cheap and I'm not Telling you because you'll probably try To overbid me but here's the skinny I'd Much rather have that beach house for The million dollars so I'm out Fear is pretty awesome and we all know That beer tastes best fresh from the tap After all that's how the Brewers Intended their beers to taste but drab Beer is a thing of the past with physics The world's first and only portable Draft beer system wow

After all tasting is believing cheers Bring us a whole lot of them Thank you Sharkies to go in six deep Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers like night And oh that's a good beer oh that is Good I'm trying to find out you know What if it seems too good to be true It's always too good to be true I'm Wildly enthusiastic about the product But I'm not wildly enthusiastic about You I feel like you're too slick you Have every answer And my gut is ringing there's got to be Something wrong you're too slick for me I don't trust you so amount His and her bar is the most fun sexy Interactive food product around town and Bring you and your partner closer Together okay that's what I'm talking About I'm nervous Barbara's gonna jump Me You know I probably need this product More than any other woman on earth I Haven't had a sexual thought in probably 30 years oh God all right but I'm going To try this product but I want to dress Something other than the product I've Noticed a lot of people start businesses After they're fired as though that's Also a rock or a message that you get Like oh I should be working for myself It doesn't mean that at all it's Supposed to mean I should get another Job I really wish you the best of luck

But I'm out Who wants to cash in on our chicken This batter is extremely tasty it's got Some zip to it thank you thank you you Really fooled me we are currently in Talks with a mega fast food restaurant Chain that is very interested in our Chicken really are you going to give Them the recipe No I do want to tell you before you Speak because I've been listening very Carefully I think you're here way too Early but what bothers me is you're Confused if you were to come in here and You had orders or some proof we actually Do have those orders we just can't meet The demands with the space and the story No you have the compliments and the Intent but you don't have orders We have the orders we just tell them Like okay Right now because we're in the Processarily it's just all too confusing And you know what it's a ridiculous Number you're asking I'm sorry I'm out What if there was a way we could know Our partners subtle desires when they're Not always made obvious now there is the Love sync button lets you and your Partner know when Matched turning missed opportunities Into more romance I think there's a fair Amount of skepticism up here about this To be honest with you I think it would

Work right for enough people but this is A business you haven't said anything at All about the business other that you've Done a Kickstarter that doesn't tell me You have anything to invest in here's The business so once we launch the app We Will start growing our user base slowly At first to start get feedback and and Uh right that's not an asset right You're stumbling all over it I'd give This a shot if I could okay the price Point is too high the plus to make it is Too high but here's the real problem With your business plan It's Ryan and I'm going to tell you Ryan Why you're a problem you don't listen You're so in love with your idea that You're tripping over yourself to express Your love again and again and you really Have and adequately answered any Objection that has been raised here you You jump skipped onto your new app That's a problem because the Entrepreneurs that don't listen never Make it I don't care what kind of Product they have in their hand and so That is the scariest thing in the world And the scariest place in the world for Me to put money so sadly as much as I Actually like what you've done here I'm Out for that reason

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