Beauty Entrepreneur Removes Dragon’s Leg Hair in Dramatic Dragons’ Den Pitch | #shorts

In a recent episode of Dragons’ Den, a beauty entrepreneur captivated the panel of investors with her innovative hair removal product for dragons. The pitch was nothing short of dramatic, as the entrepreneur demonstrated the effectiveness of her product by removing a dragon’s leg hair right on stage. The viral clip, which is making waves on social media and YouTube #shorts, has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the product and the entrepreneur behind it.


A recent episode of the BBC television show, Dragons’ Den, featured an impressive presentation by beauty entrepreneur, Susan Eiten Moon, who showcased her innovative hair removal product. Eiten Moon had hoped to secure a significant investment, but unfortunately, she was met with a lukewarm reception from the show’s panel of “dragons”, including retail magnate Theo Paphitis. However, despite this setback, her product continues to generate buzz within the beauty industry. Here, we’ll take a closer look at Eiten Moon’s revolutionary hair removal product launch and explore its potential impact on the hair removal market.

The Product Launch

Eiten Moon needed 150,000 pounds to make her hair removal product a reality. Luckily, she found support in Richard Farley, a successful entrepreneur who was eager to help her bring her vision to life. Together, they created a glue-based hair removal product that promised quick and easy results with only a slight amount of pain.

The Pitch

Eiten Moon presented her product to the panel of dragons, showcasing the impressive results of her innovative product. One dragon, Theo Paphitis, was not convinced โ€“ he felt that laser hair removal was the future of the beauty industry.

The Competition

Unfortunately for Eiten Moon, the hair removal market is already being attacked by a different hair removal system. Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular, as it offers the potential for permanent results with little to no pain. Despite the success of laser treatments, there is still a market for quick, at-home hair removal solutions. Eiten Moon’s product offers a unique alternative for those who seek a cheaper option for hair removal that they can control themselves.


While Eiten Moon failed to secure an investment from the dragons, her hair removal product is still generating buzz in the beauty industry. It offers a quick, at-home alternative to other hair removal methods, and for those who don’t wish to spend a fortune on permanent solutions, Eiten Moon’s glue-based product may be just the ticket.


  1. Is Eiten Moon’s hair removal product painful to use?
    Yes, the product can cause some discomfort, but it is designed to be only slightly painful.

  2. How does Eiten Moon’s hair removal product compare to laser hair removal?
    Eiten Moon’s product is a cheaper alternative to laser hair removal that users can perform at home.

  3. Who helped Eiten Moon launch her product?
    Eiten Moon found support for her product launch from entrepreneur Richard Farley.

  4. Was Eiten Moon successful in securing funding from the dragons?
    No, retail magnate Theo Paphitis and the rest of the Dragon’s Den panel decided not to invest in Eiten Moon’s product.

  5. Does Eiten Moon’s hair removal product have any unique features?
    Yes, the product is unique in that it is glue-based and offers a different approach to at-home hair removal.

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