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[Music] My family's from New Orleans being from New Orleans we're lovers are Seafood as A matter of fact no other food group Existed to me you ready what makes my Seafood so good it's the Gourmet herbs And spices that gives me my secret Recipe you gotta try here you go we were In New Orleans with Katrina hit we had Two restaurants there and all in one day Everything changed everything was lost All that survived were two fries me and My dad hit the road all across the Country boy this is good this is good This is the one right here my dad Heavily invested in our business he gave Me his entire retirement him and my mom Sold their house and have been immersed In this business since we are all in Financially spiritually everything is Riding on jokes and we wouldn't have it Any other way Thank you [Music] Hi I'm Joe Dowell and I'm his wife Miranda Dowell and we're here from Atlanta Georgia seeking an investment of 150 000 for a 15 stake in our company Joe's Gourmet fish fry we are here to Introduce you to a product that will Change the way you eat seafood forever Now anyone can make the best tasting Seafood at home with Joe's Gourmet fish Fry it is a delicious all-in-one Seafood

Breading mix that's crushing any other Breading mix and it's not just for Seafood you can bake or air fry with it You want crispy fried chicken yeah try Joe's how about Savory Fried Green Tomatoes try Joe's scrumptious crab Cakes anyone I'll take one try Joe's Over the years we have one simple truth When people try it oh they go buy it With that being said who's ready to try It oh we gotta try it buy it definitely And have the whole world experience Their own emotional reaction to Joe's Gourmet fish fry [Music] All right you got us so excited to get Down to business try this this is the Real deal what you're about to taste is The truth folks what we got here is just To show you how versatile the breading Is we have shrimp some zucchini a piece Of halibut even a scallop oh my God the Chicken is fantastic oh yes that's what We were waiting on that right there the Shrimp is so good you complete me [Laughter] Can we see That so it's called fish fry which You've applied it to both vegetables Anything you can fry right anything and It's on the packaging the different Applications you can use it on or you Could add Not Just Fish Fry there you go Absolutely

Okay what are your numbers one bag cost Us a dollar 22 to make Quickly to the consumer for five dollars When we sell it to a wholesaler it's From 225 to 275. and our retailers sell It anywhere from 299 to 425 what are Your lifetime sales today we've sold 409 Thousand dollars worth of products and This year what do you think you'll do This year this year we're going to Finish out at about 270 and next year We're projecting 450. and the reason Being we've only been in Walmart this is Our seventh week guys yeah and the sales Are climbing we're super excited and Have you done any any on-site Absolutions absolutely what we do every You will find us selling somewhere we go Out there with three pallets of our Product and we don't leave until it's so Still do that today it's clever Absolutely every week how did you and Miranda come up with this well I'm just A blue collar worker you know I started Off what's this thing is just well there You go I started off in manufacturing But I found my passion when I started Waiting tables you know I enjoyed Serving others so I saved up my money Called my dad and say hey I got a great Idea why don't you give me all your Money Yeah surprisingly he did and uh so we Went into business opened up my first

Restaurant and that's where I met this Lovely young lady yeah so we met before At the restaurant so I went in to sell Him some advertising but the funny story Is you guys as soon as I walked in his Restaurant I met him he said you know What I think you're the woman I'm going To marry I didn't think again for eight Years after that no seriously I saw him On the corner in this little tent that You see on the back with his dad the Other Joe Sally needs fish plates and he Walks up to my car and he says are you Married and I'm like no and he said you Know what you're about to be and two Weeks later I had this ring on myself Yes So guys how long were you doing the Business Um the restaurant business well the Restaurant's done very well we end up Opening up six restaurants okay wow good They still going absolutely not oh Being from New Orleans Katrina hit and Kind of shut everything down oh my God But the only thing that was saved in There I had these two fries that was in Storage so I took a tent grabbed those Two fries and I went to any Festival any Concert from Chicago to Miami and Everything in between selling this Finished product and how long were you Doing that just hitting the streets uh That was about 15 years about 15 years

15 years are hitting the corner I got Some fries in the car right now I'm Still frying fish Sergio were you selling the product in Grocery stores or were you just driving Around to festivals frying food and Selling it so I'll tell you Out front but then he had people with Like Tupperware and baggies and he's Like I don't have time for those people They want to take it home and they want To fry it themselves and I'm trying to Make some money out here and the light Bulb went off and I said dude this is Our business let's bag it and sell it How long ago was that Miranda this is Our third year so I went out to our Little local grocery store they've got About eight locations and it just Started selling is it still New Orleans We're in we live in Atlanta now so Basically since those eight stores we're Now in 800 stores we're in 315 Walmart Stores we're going into 52 Kroger stores We're in 142 Publix wow in HEB and that Is really hard to do all right how much Of your money uh do you have invested in This business Um it's a total of 50 000 from the Family well my dad owns uh But but here's the deal guys we are a Very strong knit family if you knew me Back in the day my credit was Zero I'm Right there with you so in order to get

This thing rolling he was our front guy All right guys I'm just looking at it And saying to myself okay how do I get There as an investor you asked me for 15 Here for 150 000 that imputes a million Dollar value okay as an investor how Many times am I paying to get to that Million value 25 times there are no food companies on The planet Earth trading at a 25 Multiple for fish fry okay well let me Tell you this what you're missing is the Consumer well I'm not missing them this Is how like you say you little soldiers Your money soldiers yeah this is however Died I don't want them to die I wanted To come back with prisoners so the Consumer is this that is where our Expertise is well Joe Jr you're not Worth a million bucks buddy I'm sorry Are you kidding me You'd be making a great bet Kevin yeah Absolutely to give you 150 000 I'd have To get about 50 of your business that's What it's worth today I'm not saying you Won't grow it but I'm out What I'm going to share with you my Thoughts for me it tasted fabulous But not every business to me is right For an investor I think you're doing Great I think you're an amazing Salesperson and you're killing it at the Fairs but I wouldn't feel good investing and for

That reason I'm out thank you okay so Kind of from my perspective it's got to Be a product that not just that I love But I can demonstrate my idea of cooking Is taking a hot dog wrapping it in a Paper towel putting in the microwave and Saying damn this is good it's just not a Product that really fits who I am so I'm Out but I congratulate you you guys Cried you guys hustle you're a perfect Example of if an entrepreneur is Relentless anything is possible thank You appreciate it thank you thank you You know to Mark's point I love you guys But you're smiling we're throwing a lot Of stuff at you Here's what I don't know how do I invest A hundred and fifty thousand when your Dad owns 85 percent of it well he has Given all authority to Joe to make the Decision absolutely I can't make you an offer under which You're still going to be smiling [Music] Hi Robert I can't do it I'm out But you still have one shark left I think we've all been wrestling with a Couple of things here yes the valuation But here's why I love you You're standing on corners and when you Stand on Corners you are getting paid to Have a focus group you know what your Customers like and don't like I still

Don't call it eight years trying to sell My hats and when you stand on the corner Of the Apollo Theater trying to tell a Hat in Miller Harlem they tell you what They think about your hat and your mama You know right you know it so I get it I've got an offer for you 150 000 for 25 Say yes say yes Say yes 18 you have a deal We'll do 25. all right you got a deal I Just tried it and guess what I did I had To buy it baby All right thank you [Music] Miranda you just sold fish fry for 600 000 valuation now that is selling A deal with Damon is amazing he went all In and we are so grateful Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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