Copa Di Vino’s Fate Hangs in the Balance: Will They Strike a Deal with Kevin on Shark Tank US?

The future of Copa Di Vino, a thriving wine company, is currently uncertain as it awaits a potential deal from one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Kevin Harrington, on the Shark Tank US. The entire industry is holding its breath, wondering whether the company’s founder, James Martin, would be able to convince Kevin to invest in their business. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of Copa Di Vino’s pitch on Shark Tank and explore the potential outcomes of this high-stakes business deal.


Copa Di Vino, America’s first premium wine by the glass, has taken the market by storm. Founder and CEO James Martin has revolutionized the way wine is packaged, using innovative technology to create a product that makes enjoying wine easier and more accessible than ever before. What’s more, Copa Di Vino’s packaging system has changed the game for businesses, particularly stadiums looking to offer premium wine by the glass.

However, the fate of Copa Di Vino now hangs in the balance as James pitches his business on Shark Tank US. Will he manage to strike a deal with Kevin O’Leary, and secure the future of this exciting new start-up? In this article, we’ll explore the background of Copa Di Vino, the technology behind its innovative packaging, and the current state of play for the company.

The Story Behind Copa Di Vino

James Martin, the founder of Copa Di Vino, was a geologist from Oregon. After discovering a passion for wine, he decided to move to California to become a winemaker. However, he quickly realized that the wine industry was challenging to break into, and that most wine was sold in bottles, making it less accessible to the average person.

James came up with the idea of packaging wine in glasses, making it easier to transport and serve. He spent years perfecting the technology, creating a package that had a shelf life of up to a year, making it ideal for businesses looking to stock premium wine by the glass.

Copa Di Vino’s Revolutionary Technology

Copa Di Vino’s technology is what sets it apart from other wine-by-the-glass products. The company uses a special packaging system that allows wine to stay fresh and drinkable for up to a year. The technology is a game-changer for businesses, as it allows them to stock high-quality wine without worrying about spoilage or waste.

The packaging is also incredibly versatile. It can be customized to match the branding of a business, making it an excellent option for those looking to market their wine offerings. The glasses are made from a durable plastic that is shatterproof and disposable, making them ideal for outdoor events, sports arenas, and other similar settings.

Copa Di Vino’s Successes

Copa Di Vino has achieved remarkable success in its first six months on the market. The company has already generated half a million dollars in sales, with revenue streams coming from licensing, bottling, and launching its own brand. The product has been tested by top laboratories, and it has received excellent reviews from wine critics and consumers.

The company has also attracted the attention of major retailers. Copa Di Vino is in discussions with Kroger chains, Ralph’s, and 7-Eleven to stock its product, making it more accessible to consumers across the country.

Will Copa Di Vino Strike a Deal on Shark Tank?

Copa Di Vino’s appearance on Shark Tank US has generated significant interest, with many wondering whether James will be able to secure a deal with Kevin O’Leary. The Shark Tank investors are known for being tough and demanding, and securing a deal can be challenging.

However, if James can convince Kevin of the value of Copa Di Vino’s intellectual property, then a deal could be on the cards. The real value in this business lies in its technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the way wine is sold and consumed in the US.


Q1. Can Copa Di Vino’s wine really stay fresh for up to a year?
Yes, the packaging system used by Copa Di Vino has been tested by top laboratories and can keep wine fresh for up to a year.

Q2. Is Copa Di Vino’s wine available to buy in stores?
Copa Di Vino is in discussions with major retailers, including Kroger chains, Ralph’s, and 7-Eleven, to stock its product.

Q3. Will James Martin be able to secure a deal on Shark Tank?
It remains to be seen whether James will be able to secure a deal on Shark Tank, but his intellectual property could be the key to winning over the investors.

Q4. What makes Copa Di Vino’s packaging system different from other wine-by-the-glass products?
Copa Di Vino’s packaging system is unique in that it allows wine to stay fresh for up to a year. The glasses are also customizable and shatterproof, making them ideal for businesses looking to stock high-quality wine by the glass.

Q5. What is the real value in Copa Di Vino’s business?
The real value in Copa Di Vino’s business lies in its intellectual property, which has the potential to revolutionize the way wine is sold and consumed in the US. Shareholders could potentially make profits off every bottle sold, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

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