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What’s going on guys Thomas Garretts Here and in this video I’m going to show You how you can literally copy and paste Motivational videos on YouTube and earn 500 per day and the best part is you Don’t have to be speaking the motivation I’m going to show you how you can find Motivational speeches for free that you Can use and I’m going to be showing you Every single step required to make these Videos from starting your channel Creating the videos monetizing those Videos and even uploading those videos Onto YouTube literally step by step and All I ask of you is to Simply watch the Video so you don’t miss any of the steps And smash the like button that’s all I Ask it’s all completely free to do but Now assuming you already smash the like Button let’s get into the video alright So like I said I’m going to show you how To make 500 just by copy and pasting Motivational videos on YouTube and Before we get started I just want to Show you that there’s actually proof That people are doing this and making Much more because right here is their Social blade earnings for above Inspiration one of the motivational Channels that I’m going to show you how To make the similar videos and they’re Making upwards of twenty five thousand Dollars per month let’s just say that It’s somewhere in the middle of this

Even which it’s probably a lot higher That’s where I get the 500 per day Because 500 per day is 15 000 per month And they’re making way more than that And you can see down here on the Estimated daily earnings thousand dollar Days are very common and even much Higher so it’s very possible to do this You just have to know how to do it and Like I said I’m gonna show you how to do Everything completely step by step so Just make sure you pay attention take Notes if you have to but now when it Comes to actually starting this Typically I would say for starting any YouTube channel you gotta find your Niche and create your channel but you Already have your Niche and instead of Creating the Channel first what I want To do is show you how to create the Videos first and I’m going to show you The rest at the end just so you can get Started as fast as possible because the Truth is 99 of people won’t even get Started so you’re already watching this Video you’re ahead of most of those People and if you actually take action And start creating the videos you’re in That one percent okay so with that being Said let’s just get started with Actually creating the videos and I’m Gonna do that by looking at videos that Other channels like this are making and You can see insanely high views right

Like 32 million 13 million 8 million It’s crazy but the problem most people Have is actually finding the audio the Motivational speeches to use for these Videos and there’s a ton of different Ways to do that but my favorite way is On a website like and this They have the Wayback machine where you Can literally go like to any website Like Amazon and then look at their Website way back but what we’re gonna do Is use the internet archive side of it Where you can literally search in things Like motivational speeches and find a Ton of different stuff okay so that’s What we’re gonna do here and we’re just Going to type in motivational speech and You can see they have a bunch right here But you can also just sort it by Relevance or views and then see what are Like the most popular ones and that’s Where all these popular ones that a lot Of these people are using on YouTube are So let’s just grab a couple from here Like for example we could grab the Martin Luther King one open it a new tab Get the Les Brown one because you’re Going to want to grab a couple different Ones and we’ll grab the gym Roan okay so Now if we go over here you can see they Got all these different files here for The download options you can show all or You can just grab the MP3 right here but Also make sure that when you’re doing

This you want to actually write down the Speakers for each of these because if You go to like above inspiration here And we click on this video here and go To their description right here you can See speakers right so they just write Down the speakers that way you’re giving Them credit you know what I mean and It’s not like you’re acting like this is Your own stuff so you just want to do This the right way and you also don’t Want to use the entire Clips every Single time you want to chop them up a Little little bit and just do it the Right way okay so now we’ll go back over Here and you’re going to want to click Let’s do for the MP3 one right here and Then you just go to these three dots and You hit download okay and you see right There it starts downloading in the Bottom left corner and now this Les Brown one you can see there’s multiple Audios here okay so when you go to the Files right here and you go to show all You’re going to see all these different Ones so you could just go to the MP3 for Each of these and then download each of Them okay so I’ll just open up a couple Of these just for example and then we do The same thing pause it go here download And then we can go to this gymron one Same thing here you can see a bunch of Them right here so it’s very simple to Find these okay so I’m just going to go

Right here show all and I’m just gonna Download one of these and I’m taking the MP3 okay and then hitting download so Now if you want like I said you open up Like a document or something and you can Just write this speaker name so you can Type speakers type in Dr Martin Luther King Les Brown Jim Rome so just do that Make sure you have those written down For when we do upload the video but now This next step is where we actually Create the videos and this is the most Important part there’s tons of different Video editors out there in my opinion Because when we’re making these videos If you’ve ever watched these videos they Basically have stock footage plain and Then a voiceover in the background which Are like these motivational speeches and You don’t necessarily have to do it this Way but me personally I like matching up The voiceover with like the different Type of stock footage so if they’re Talking about success you’re going to Show someone who’s wearing a suit or Something like that they’re talking About working out you’re going to show Someone lifting weights you know what I Mean and there’s tons of ways to get These stock footage from different free Websites and then if you use a regular Video editor you just upload them in There right it’s not very difficult it’s Just an extra step so in my opinion the

Best way to create these videos is by Using a tool like in video and this is a Tool I’ve showed how to use multiple Times and this is a tool we’re going to Use in this video because it has some Super cool things about it the most Important thing is it’s the video editor As well as stock footage that can get Uploaded and put into the video Automatically but before you get started Within video you have to create an Account and they do have a free account Right here however there is a watermark On that video and if you get the Business account which is only 15 a Month if you pay yearly there’s no Watermark and you get tons of Premium Media literally a million plus of Premium media and it’s insane now if you Have no money at all and you have to Just get started with the free account You can but that Watermark will cost you Much more money than this 15 per month Trust me however when you do sign up for In video make sure you use the code Garrett’s 25 to get 25 off your entire Order so you won’t even be paying 15 per Month you’ll be paying 25 less than that And that’s completely free but that is My affiliate link I do get paid a Commission but there’s no extra charge To you it actually saves you money so Just make sure to click the link Down Below in the description and use code

Garrett’s 25. for whichever account you Sign up with I personally have the Unlimited but it’s up to you what you Want to use and uh just make sure you Have that started but now once you have Your account set up this is what it will Look like okay this is the home page a Lot of times I use the text to video Editor but in this one we’re just going To use the regular editor and then You’re going to want to go to landscape Right there now right here on the side You can see your uploads okay you’re Just starting out so you’re not going to Have all this other stuff but I would Suggest creating a folder and then using That folder for motivational stuff right So just call it motivational speeches And then now you can click on that and Then upload all of our speeches Direct Directly into that one so it’s just more Organized you know what I mean so that’s What I would suggest doing okay so now You’ve got the speeches here so for Example just click the plus button for The Les Brown one right here and now you Can see part of this is cut off right so What you want to do is you want to go to This view all scenes and then you can Just click on that edit duration and Then whatever this folderation is I Think it goes like I don’t know oh it Says right there two minutes 16 seconds So we’ll do two minutes 16. all right so

Now what you’re going to want to do is You’re going to want to listen to it Okay so just for example let’s listen to A couple seconds I came back the next Day like I was seeing him for the first Time I say hello Mr Butterball how are You okay so hello Mr Butterball how are You so let’s just go to video right here And find someone saying uh man saying Hello that might be too specific but We’ll see what we can find and you gotta Remember that these are like Motivational like intense speeches so You could make them more funny and show Like funny looking Clips like this guy If you click on here he’s just like Smiling and waving right I probably Wouldn’t use that one but you could it Really doesn’t matter I would probably Use something more intense looking like Right here click it and you can see That’s super cool way more intense right And uh yeah so I would probably do that And then you can trim it right here and Pick the spot you want so I would Probably do something like that and then Add it and then see how that looks okay So let’s watch it again I came back the Next day like I was seeing you for the First time I say hello Mr Butterball how Are you He looked at me okay so right when he Says he looked at me that’s when you Want to add a new clip he looked he

Looked me with rage he said go Okay he looked at me with rage and he Said go get me some coffee okay so now We’re going back to where he starts Talking so we’re gonna decrease that to There now you’re gonna find man looks Angry and points okay again that’s Probably a little too specific but we’ll See what comes up okay so I mean this One’s decent but you can again just look At them and see which one you like more Yeah I don’t know it’s up to you I’d Probably just use this one just for Example so we’re gonna hit add and you Go right here and then you just increase The size he looked at me with rage he Said go get me some Coffee so right there go get me some Coffee right there you want to add in Probably a video of coffee you could Also add coffee with guys smiling Sometimes adding more text doesn’t Necessarily help but sometimes it does To get you the exact video so yeah we’ll See what we can find here so that that Probably work so now you want to just Make this bigger okay I said yes sir [Applause] That’s pretty good all right and you get The idea right obviously you would add Some more speeches and make the video Longer but like I said I think you get The idea I just don’t want to make this Video super super long but if you have

Any questions feel free to let me know I’ll answer them all but now you want to Go up to the top and hit export and you Go to 1080P and Export all right so the Video finished downloading so let’s just Hit play right now I came back the next Day like I was seeing him for the first Time I say hello Mr Butterball how are You He looked at me with rage he said go get Me some coffee I said yes sir All right so pretty basic but that’s all You have to do for the videos right Anyone can do this it takes no special Skills it just takes a little bit of Time to actually copy and paste the Videos onto here but once you’re done Just go right here and hit download Before you actually upload the video you Want to have a couple things done okay First off you want to actually have a Brand new channel so I have a motivation Example channel right here obviously That’s not a great name so there’s Actually a tool that I show in my course That I’ll show you right here so it’s Business name generator so you’re going To use a word like inspiration or Motivation in your channel name because That helps a lot with people finding you So let’s just type in motivation okay so Now right here you can look through These to find like a good name so like

Motivation connect that’s actually Pretty good so just look at all these And find one I actually like motivation Connect so let’s go to our Channel Obviously you would create it and type In the name then but if you have 1 and You want to change the name just go to Your channel right here and then go to Basic info and that’s where you have Your name and your handle and all that So we’ll do motivation connect and this Is actually a new thing where YouTube Has handles now so people can’t copy Your handle so we could see if it’s Available if not not a big deal right And that one’s actually available so That’s actually a really good Channel Okay so that’s that and you obviously Want to publish it real quick but you Obviously want to have a picture and Stuff like that and I usually don’t show This in a YouTube video but I’ll try to Make it quick okay so what I use is a Tool called canva and this is actually What I use for literally all my Thumbnails everything okay so let’s just Go to create a design and it really Doesn’t matter I think they say like 98 By 98 but just do like 800 by 800 it’s a Square image right and I just would Suggest keeping it very basic so just Click on this white background here go To this color thing here and I have my Main colors here that’s like set up for

Pro accounts but canva’s completely free If you want to get an account My Links Down below but you can just go right Here and drag it to Black and then just Add some text okay so hit add heading And then all you want to do is type in An m and this is basically a logo right So make the M really big and then you Want to slide it into the middle right There and then you want to duplicate it By clicking that button and then put a c But what you want to do is you want to Probably get a different font we’ll do One where you can get it really skinny Like that and then one where you can get It really bold like Montserrat extra Bold okay that’s much better and then Make them let’s call it 330 for each of Them okay so motivation Connect that’s a perfect logo and then You just go to share right here and you Go to download let me hide this Download PNG and download okay all right So now that we have our profile picture You hit upload right here and then you Go to right here this is our profile Picture and then right here you just hit Done and then you go right here to Publish okay so the banner image that’s The image also known as channel art that Is shown above your profile picture Right up here and I actually have a Template for creating a YouTube channel Art this is I show all this on my no

Face YouTube course at no face But I created one for this channel real Quick it just took a couple minutes but Basically I just added some text did That right there and then I added some Elements and typed in motivation and Found this cool looking one okay so same Thing here you’re gonna go to share and Then you’re gonna go to download and Then you’re going to want to go to the Page you might only have one page but Right here page two is this one hit done And download and then back over here we Go to upload and then you go to your YouTube channel art and you can see it Shows this is viewable on all devices so You can see that on everything but only On mobile will you see that this is Desktop and then this is on TV you see The whole thing okay but we’ll hit done Right there you hit done and then you Hit publish okay so this was our channel Before we did anything and now that’s Our Channel after that looks super Professional and you’re like a Legitimate Channel now and like I said I Show you how to do all that completely Step by step in my no face YouTube Course at no face I’m not just Saying that to keep like just beating a Dead horse but like it’s true I show Everything and so much more in there but I show it a lot in this video too like You can probably do this on your own

Just from watching what I showed you Okay so now we gotta actually upload the Video so you go right here to create and Then hit upload video go to select files And our file is right here now when it Comes to a title there’s a lot of Different ways you can do this there’s Tons of tools out there like bit IQ Morning thing which I use a lot and Those are great like don’t give me be Wrong I would show you how to use those In these videos but it’s just getting a Little long in this specific video so What I suggest just starting out is you Really want to look at other like Popular videos so let’s say this was Only a Les Brown video right let’s say It was a longer video and you only had Les Brown in it I typed in Les Brown Motivational speech look at these Popular videos and then just kind of Model that right so you can literally do The same thing it’s not like you can’t Use the same title but just change Things up a little bit so let’s go like This okay so let’s see just kind of read These see kind of what you’re planning And then go back here and be like one of The greatest speeches Ever given Les Brown Motivational speech okay so me Personally when I do my videos this is Kind of how I do them a lot of people

Use like these little things to separate Stuff but me personally I just use a Dash and then I do parentheses at the End that’s just how I do it it’s totally Up to you however you want to do it but That’s just one of the ways I do it okay Now this is where a lot of these Channels they don’t monetize it with Affiliate links and that’s with Something like I did within video it’s An affiliate link so I get paid a Commission that’s by using affiliate Marketing and that’s the business model That truly changed my life and you can Actually go to websites like ClickBank And digistore24 and find free affiliate Products that you can promote and earn Commissions just by putting links in Your description okay so for example you Want to go to and start Here create an account it’s all free and Then just once you’ve logged in so let Me log in quick up at the top here if You can see that it shows Marketplace Right there and there’s a couple good Products that you could find for this Niche like motivational products you Could go to E-Business e-marketing you Could go to self-help spirituality they All have great products that would work For this Niche me personally I like the E-Business and e-marketing one because People looking to be motivated they’re Going to want to make money right so

This product right here super high Gravity score and you can earn thirty Dollars per conversion you can actually Earn a recurring rebuild and I like this Product because everyone can be Interested in it you know what I mean Not just women or not just men anyone Okay so basically what you do once You’ve decided what product you want you Just hit promote here and you have your Account right there and tracking ID you Don’t need you just hit create hop link Now right here this is your affiliate Link they call it a hop link but that’s Your affiliate link but you don’t want To put just this link right here into Your description so go to a free website Like and if you scroll down Right here and then paste your link in There and hit shorten now this big long Link we had turns into this little link Okay so just copy that and if you want To see then make sure it works we could Just paste it real quick and this will Take you to paying And we have right here question mark hop Equals T Garrett’s so that’s my Affiliate link if someone puts in their Information and purchases I earn a Commission okay so now we just go back To our video here and then we say wanna Get paid to use social media click here And I use to get these arrows

And I always use this Arrow but you can Use any Arrow you want and just copy That and then you go here and then you Go back to bitly and make sure you copy That link but then you just paste in Your link there and this is something New so to make external links clickable You have to create a verification so Just click verification and then just Verify however you want to do it so it’s Super easy to do it so just make sure You do that but just for example I’ll Just delete that so it’s not an actual Link but now for the thumbnail you want To go over here look at the popular Videos okay so they got pictures of Les Brown and then like motivational quote And again I’m not going to show you how To do that in this video just because It’s getting super long at this point But you can do it all in canva and it’s Super simple to do but now once you’ve Done that you want to go to no it’s not Made for kids and tags they’re really Not as important as they used to be and I personally again use tools like vid IQ And morningfame for to get all of my Stuff planned out the title tags Everything but they’re just not that Important anymore but you could add a Couple like motivational speech Motivation you know make sure you spell Everything right but you could do Les Brown so just add in a few if you’re not

Using one of those tools oh and I almost Forgot before we move on make sure you Add your speakers to your description There so just copy them from this Notepad or whatever where you wrote them And put them in here and everything Looks good here so you just want to go To next and next no copyright issues Found next and then right here you want To go to public you can also schedule it Out if you want but basically go to Public and then publish and that’s how You create a video and set the entire Channel up and start making money super Fast with affiliate marketing and this Is just the start by the way you can Start making so much more money once Your channel gets monetized and you Start making ad Revenue it’s truly Insane the possibilities of YouTube and Just like I said YouTube changed my life But it was because of affiliate Marketing with YouTube that truly Changed my life and there’s a link down In the description below to the same Challenge that I started as a 15 day Challenge for seven dollars that I Started and that’s truly what opened my Eyes and allowed me to finally quit my Nine to five job and live the life I Live now and if you’re not interested in That side of things and you want to Learn more about YouTube and doing YouTube without showing your face

Definitely click the link down in the Description down below or go to no to learn more but if you have No money at all and you want to just Learn more about YouTube you can watch My free YouTube course on the screen Right now and that’s all I got I love You guys and I’ll see on the next video

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