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Foreign Bikes Jr I'm from Los Angeles and I've Created a program that revolutionizes The fitness industry It's a fitness program that makes Fitness fun for people of all ages Shapes and sizes When my wife and I created the program We were homeless This is the motel that we actually Stayed at when we lost our home being Here motivated me to go I gotta get out of this my wife and I Have risked everything to make this Program come to life right left run back To the right left come on I want to Prove that I can make a name for myself My own I've had a lot of Heroes in life I know that we have a great idea and I Need the Sharks to help me bring this Idea to the world [Music] Thank you Hi sharks my name is Billy Blanks Jr and I'm the creator of Billy Blanks Jr's Dance with me I'm here today asking for A hundred thousand dollar investment for 20 stake in my company You know I grew up in a fitness family My father is Billy Blanks the creator of Taebo and the biggest Fitness selling DVD in history But growing up in a fitness family I Always felt like it was a little too

Serious you know the boot camp thing I Wasn't about screaming in people's face I I danced my whole life on Broadway and I always felt well dancing keeps me in Shape I have a great time dancing why Can't it be fun Billy Blanks you just Dance with me is an all-inclusive Workout for people of all ages shapes And sizes it includes all styles of Dance from hip-hop to Bollywood to line Dancing to the Tango to hula dancing African you name it we do it so I want To show you guys what dance with me is All about all right I brought my wife And my uh co-directed the program share Catherine blanks and I got some students Here everyday people okay Now I want you guys to dance in your Seats a little bit if you can all right Just move with us arms yeah I like that Bar I like that come on Mr Wonderful Just Groove with us all right so the First step we're going to start off with A little bit of Hip Hop roaming like This roll it out come on now if you're At home I want you to get up and dance With us too all right come on roll it Yes so this is the roll we're gonna go Hip hop style now we're gonna move on to The next one we're gonna go shoulder Shoulder down what's up shoulder Shoulders down what's up come on up What's so let's go to that come on David What's up now double time here we go

Shut up shuttle down what's up Come on yes we're gonna move on to a Little bit of disco I know Mr Mark Cuban Used to teach disco yeah all right come On come on come on down here get out There right here go Mark go Mark right Here [Applause] [Music] I think I lost 20 pounds well that was Fun high energy thank you very much so You know from the taebo experience that It's very expensive to launch a product Into the market I'm assuming that's why You're here for the hundred thousand Dollars right actually I'm here for my Instructor certification program I have DVDs two DVDs out right now they're at All the Walmarts targets Best Buy and With Lionsgate I have just signed a Contract with them for four more DVDs to Come out in the next two years okay so Let's get some clarification here those Are your consumer products and now You're looking to create an instructor Certification program so these are two Separate businesses then right it's two Separate businesses what it is is uh you Know I have peop the emails that I'm Getting are people going I've been Working out to the DVDs now how do I do The live class what I'm trying to do is Train the teachers to teach the workouts So somebody can do it in New York

Someone can do it in LA so tell us about The business model there what happens is The instruction will come they pay 250 Bucks uh they take the two-day course And then from there they're certified For one year but Billy how do you scale It how do you make it go wide when we go To each City we select 10 master Trainers that when we leave they Continue to host certifications my goal Is to have a person in every city by This time next year and what's the Revenue of the combined business uh Right now I don't know what they just Released the DVDs just released you're Asking us to invest in this call it the Wholesale business right but you're not Giving us any part of the retail Business see if I give you a hundred Thousand dollars I want you to work your Ass off you know every minute of every Day so we both get a return on our Investment Billy look for me Mark hit The nail on the head I think the brand Is you you build one you build the other They've got to be combined Can you combine it Yeah I would combine them I would Combine them because to me it's that Important if you guys believe in me I'm Not sitting here trying to keep Everything in my pocket Billy can you Tell me more about tybo with your dad I Was not familiar with that at all yeah

Tybo uh was something my dad created That was a karate kickboxing workout It's the highest selling Fitness DVD in History did he invest in your business If it's such a big brand he should be The biggest believer in the world Very good question uh you know some Family structures are different family Structures where the parents make money And the parents share that wealth with Their family When you earn it he's making me earn it So without his backup how have you made That work by yourself uh well my wife Who was dancing here with me today uh She's been a support system and also you Know for me you know when we built this Workout my wife and I were homeless You were homeless yes Did your dad know you were homeless I Mean are you estranged from your dad uh Not to ask you a personal question You're not that close to him is what You're saying not that close but now Things have seemed to change a little Bit in a better direction do you have The rights to use the name Billy Blank Jr in all manners your dad's not going To come out of the woodwork and say look I'm Billy Blanks forget the junior part Seriously a single question right it Hasn't been an issue he knows about this Contract we had the same agent so it Hasn't been an issue thus far

Billy let me tell you how I feel I think It's great you take total responsibility For yourself independent of your dad When you get there Gonna feel so much better than that as a Business it's not clear to me So I'm out Billy look I have such respect for your Story trying to come out of the shadow Of your dad thank you But as a value business partner you know I'm not your guy I'm out All right I think you're a great guy Billy I admire all stick-to-itiveness that's Good but it's not an investment for me I'm a Sharks are out damond and Mark are Billy's last chance to make a deal The beauty of coming into the tank is we All are experts in different areas I Have a very tight strategic relationship With Zumba 12 million people do it a Week and maybe this is an asset to them I would offer If Mark is willing to come in with me a Hundred thousand dollars for fifty Percent contingent on Billy blank's name And zumba's approval and willing to work With you that way you can get to 12 Million people immediately tomorrow Mark so are you in I'm in [Music]

And that's your offer that is my offer I love Zumbas but the difference is it's Just Latin Style so there are guys there Are people who go hey you know I don't Just want to do Latin no I'm not making This a Zumba product I'm asking can this Be the Billy Blanks Junior Dance with me through their distribution Life is always about distribution that's It see I just feel that I've worked so Hard to create something that is Different it's completely different What he's saying is this is a way to Accelerate you very quickly now Billy Blanks Jr is making the circuit through All the Zumba classes and doing the Training and if we can make it work That's a contingency you'll get a Hundred thousand dollars plus fifty Percent of whatever we're able to sell Zumba on That's a hell of a deal Really what's your concern I mean They're taking you to 12 million people I'm thinking you should be it's just Because there's right now with you know Literally there are people who go this Is the workout they do with them and and For me in my opinion okay Billy I see You're having a challenge with this and What I'm gonna say is that can I talk to My wife real quick about it she's here Yes because I was I'm about to exit So please talk to your wife all right

I don't think he got it I don't think he Got it either One offer and it's from Damon I want to ask you about it Damon Works closely with Zumba okay and so They want 50 they'll do the hundred Thousand dollars but they want to go to Zumba and see if we can be an extension Of their brand they said they said they Don't understand why we won't do it Because it brings us to 12 men 12 Million people in audience you know We're trying to separate Our Brands so But they're saying you know you know This is a smart deal 50 of the company this is difficult Because you're the brand On why wouldn't zumba just create their Own dance program they might they may Say Dame and beat it but they don't have The him as a brand and he does have Brand value All right Okay so do you accept that offer [Music] I want to plead with you guys uh oh I Really truly believe in what it is that I've built thus far if I'm willing to Bundle in all my stuff at the 50 I'm Willing to do that and to work my behind Off not bundling with another workout Because they've built their brand and so My purpose is I want to build my brand I Believe in what it is your brand I don't

Think you really liked it no I Understand that but I'm saying it's Still coming through it's it's building Their brand no no it's not building Their brand and at this point at this Point I'm going to ask you to trust us We're taking you in to somebody who Could accelerate your brand and help you Get in front of more people far more Quickly than you could on your on your Own we're going to let you look at it And say yes or no I understand I just Want to be in the position zumba's in I Want to be able to get you there Really think of them think of Zumba as a Delivery boy in delivering your brand to A whole bunch of customers is it a deal You would do with these two guys yes I Would yes Billy What are you gonna do Uh You know I don't think it's the right Deal to do All right we wish you the best Billy Good luck thank you guys so much for Having me thank you guys so much Wow I don't think he quite got it though That's a mistake I I'm I want to help Him for himself now he's killing himself Anyways I'm sending you both an invoice For my time on that one Next you know what if I don't do this I'm gonna regret it Where are you going I'm gonna do the

Deal Sharon Sharon Catherine how are you why Don't we sit down for a second I've never done this before I think that you don't understand the Opportunity that we gave you let me Explain it to your wife we are offering In regards to if Zumba will accept if They want to take Billy Blanks Jr Dance With Me program and distribute it in Their pipeline not making it a Zumba Product It's exactly like if you went to Walmart And they said we're going to put you on This Shelf You're not pushing Walmart and if you Didn't like the deal then we don't do The deal and you're back to where you Are now you understand what I'm saying So this is what I'm trying to explain to You you walked away from a valuable deal Like that but a lot of times the only Thing that is more important than the Number is the person you understand and I wouldn't do that to you and your Lovely wife I understand Can you reconsider the deal because you Make me want to help you You don't realize what this means to us That you're coming to us And I would definitely take that don't make Me cry I'm sorry because Thank you guys thank you I will do the

Best for you that I possibly can I Promise you that all right Get my sweat on you sorry Tell them thank you I will do thank you [Music] I'm kind of overwhelmed right now Because it's I just feel like it's the Road to what we've been fighting for my Wife and I it's so proud of you I'm so grateful because I know there are Times in life where people don't get Second Chances so I'm grateful for that And I just think it's going to be a Great deal [Music] Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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