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Next into the tank is a healthier Version of a favorite guilty pleasure [Music] Hello sharks my name is Alfonso Tejada I Was born in Bolivia live in Miami Florida and I'm here today seeking 300 000 in exchange for 10 of my company Always Foods We are the creators of the greatest game Changer in the history of pasta I think We can all agree the past is a worldwide Food favorite but no matter how much People love to eat pasta they try to Stay away from it yeah because they know It's bad for you it hangs out with a Pretty rough crowd Bad Dudes like Calories carbs sugar and gluten I think It's time we say adios to pasta and Hello to Paul meaning [Music] Not only looks like pasta but it can Also taste like pasta and it doesn't Associate with any of these offenders Actually Paul mini punches calories in The face [Applause] This is Muay Thai with sugar [Music] [Applause] And says farewell to gluten Wow You're such a baseball meeting how many Contains only there's only 15 calories 3 Grams of carbs has no sugar and is

Gluten free but most importantly tastes So good wow how many is magical because It's made out of hearts of palm which Means it's 100 natural high in fiber and You can enjoy it without having to worry About adding any chemicals or weird Ingredients to your diet not only is Palmini better than pasta it's also Easier to make because it's already Cooked all you need to do is open rinse Add your choice of sauce heat and enjoy A healthy and delicious low carb low Calorie meal in a matter of minutes Regular noodles Very bad they passed away but palmini Palomini's here to stay so yeah he's Ready to try something let's try yeah Great presentation Did you bring your vacuum cleaner Feed me yeah we're gonna feed you with Three different sets of palomini that Way Different sauces and different flavors Amazing what are we eating here okay the First one is a salad salad yeah with Shrimp it's a little bit spicy a whole Plate of this would have 200 calories [Music] Don't like that one the second one is Parmesan garlic Alfredo and the third One is just regular spaghetti with Marinara and meatballs it's really good But I will say I love hearts of palm Same see I thought you were taking

Hearts of palm and powdering it and then Making it into the type of noodle but This is actually the hearts of palm it's Like cut like a noodle it's a vegetable Yeah exactly it's really hard to do so It took us two years to be able to Develop this and right now it's patent Pending because the machine literally Took two years so it doesn't taste like Pasta it doesn't taste like some people Some people think that it tastes I love It yeah it's not bad I feel a little Disappointed I love pasta no I love Pasta too but sometimes after I finish Eating pasta I feel bloated and this you Can eat as much as you want it's 90 Water so you could open a can of hearts Of palm and eat as much as you want or a Spiralized zucchini or cauliflower rice But I think we all thought you were Doing like quinoa There's a lot of good reasons to eat This instead of pasta right what's your Background how do you know food service So I went to business school graduated Summa laude from the University of Florida then I moved to Bolivia to work In my family's business we sell some Agricultural Machinery in Bolivia while I was there I noticed that I had a Really good access to quinoa back then In in 2009 nobody knew what quinoa was So I thought it would be a good idea to Start importing chemo to the States

Because I knew it was going to explode And I'm offering you the both the quinoa Business and uh well how big is it this Year we've sold so far four hundred Thousand dollars we sell mediums Yeah okay how big is the Paul meaning I got my container three months ago it Sold about 2 000 units and I ran out of Stock so what's the dollar amount fifty Thousand dollars in palmini in these Three months [Music] Much as this this is what you're selling That's right now 9.99 on Amazon and it's Way too expensive this is effectively Hearts of palm shredded in a different Way there's no other Innovation here Except for the processing Machinery so What's to stop Del Monte or any big Company from just making that machine And processing hearts of palm in this Way okay first of all it took us two Years to make the machine okay it's Patent pending it's patterning right now On the machine to be able to cut the Hearts of Palms with everything the big Guys come in and then they can cut a Chip any shape they want I eat and use Hearts of palm fairly regularly they're Very difficult to deal with whatever Your process was it has to be really Good because these are all very uniform How can you prevent the big guys from Doing this though how can you prevent

Big supermarkets just selling them Because they want to get one of you Sharks When you run with the elephants there's The quick and there's the dead right and If you're quick enough you can stay Ahead Chop a carrot you really can do it no But there's different processes Delivery I love how passionate you are This is a huge huge Trend I think that You should get into this alternative Food space I like cauliflower crust Pizza someone should be making carrot Pasta I haven't seen a whole line yet so You should be the manufacturing guy I Don't see you blowing the doors off with This because everybody can copy you so I'm out That's so wrong you have no idea how Hard it is to make like okay so so maybe That's why you valued the company 300 000 for 10 means that you're saying the Company is worth three million dollars But I don't think that Del Monte any of Them are going to even blink their eye When this gets hot and they're just Gonna do something very similar or even Better I don't believe it's worth that Value uh so I'm out Alfonso let me tell you where I'm at I Love pasta I don't need as much of it Because of those bad guys calories Trying to watch my weight but I don't

Believe in a sliced up vegetable Substitute for pasta I don't see it I'm Out Okay I just want to say one thing Um I am convinced that this is going to Be what Splenda is to sugar or what diet Coke is to cook like eventually we're Because we were just we're just Scratching the surface no way Wait a minute Hello hi all right I freaking love this Yes I think this is awesome 15 calories 1.5 grams of fat and no sugar this is Genius and I would like to be your Partner in taking this Everywhere and Mark loves it so much too So much that he said you know what let's Do it together a lot of work in this as You know a lot of work I mean you've got To fix the packaging No be quiet I'm sorry sorry Well because you're getting two Fantastic sharks three hundred thousand For 30 percent wow Did you see that yeah there was all that Love and then wow but you understand how To pay to play WoW right I'm going to Tell you something people always think That there is like an elevator to the Top right there's no shortcuts in Business everybody has to take the Stairs but if you had the two of us That's an Express Elevator to the top Can you do the 300 000 for 18 no 18.

Okay let's do 20 percent Come on Wow you gotta love it it's a Really good product I I I'm telling you Mark I promise it's Worth it we're saying the same thing As they think so 300 000 25 oh second Gotta say yes right now Let's do it [Music] I love it it's so good I'm so happy here All right now will you have US Open for Dinner and cook us pieces for everybody I'm super excited it's a little bit more Equity than what I wanted to give but if It's Mark and Laurie I would have done Thirty percent let's keep it between us Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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