Could This Kid Be The Next Richard Branson? #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Before he answers I I was going to Suggest that I was going to suggest that I was going to suggest that you and I Work together on it nope no no all right So what do you think you and I work Together Oh I know if he's not going to work with Me I'll make you an offer I love you sixty five thousand dollars For twenty percent For 20 so what would you like to do Richard if you're gonna invest uh how Would you help my company Oh you're going to interview [Applause] Wow when you said you wanted to do Everything I remember I had this Magazine and somebody wanted to buy it Went to lunch to sell the could sell the Company let me be honest I see a young Richard Branson in you you've got a Wonderful story to tell you're very Articulate the product itself is great We'd love you to give it a shot with us

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