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Foreign [Music] Baker and I live in Avon Ohio with my Beautiful wife Sabrina and I have three Lovely children I played in the NFL for 13 years I was rookie of the year I was An All-Pro that was my job then but Barbecue is my passion So how we doing over here fantastic After my NFL career I opened up my own Barbecue restaurant and that's where my Revolutionary product was invented it's Convenient it's delicious and it's all Natural there you go you ready Touchdown it's important for us to get This investment today because we've Spent every penny on this dream and We've almost wiped out the profits from Our restaurant my family's met a lot of Sacrifices particularly my wife Sabrina And I want to be able to show her that At the end of the day it's going to pay Off being in the NFL for 13 years things Don't always go according to your game Plan and it's the end result women that Matter [Applause] [Music] Thank you Hi I'm Al Bubba Baker from Avon Ohio Owner of the d-bone baby back rib steaks I'm seeking three hundred thousand Dollars in exchange for 15 equity in my Company and this is my lovely daughter

Brittany she's gonna make you sharks Ribs and a microwave in two minutes Now I played a little football in the NFL for 13 years that was my job Barbecue is my passion Sadly I married a woman that doesn't Like ribs because they're too messy so I Vowed to find a way for my wife to be Able to enjoy ribs but how do you make Ribs less messy you take the bones out After 20 years I found the perfect Method and the d-bone baby back rib Steaks were born we are the only people That have removed the Bones from an Actual slab of red leaving the meat Intact so that everyone can enjoy ribs With a knife and fork I debone baby back Rib steak is not pieces of meat formed In the shape of a rib You know what I mean you tell Bubba Boneless meats are the way of the future And the future is now make no bones About it sharks it's time for some ribs All right bless me with the bubble baby Back Bubba who'd you play for well I played For the Lions I was a rookie of the year In 1978. I played for the then St Louis Cardinals and then I came back and I Retired in Cleveland in 1990. that's a Long career man great career This is absolutely delicious yeah it's Very this is really really good thank You thank you so basically I just want

To be really really clear I buy this I Throw it in the microwave for two Minutes and it tastes like this you got It Often when we go to restaurants Cowboy Ribeye bone-in ribeye some people Actually believe that the bone just Tastes better that's a great point we Cook the product with the bone in it and When the product is fully cooked then we Remove the bones then we quick chill it And then it's packed it right away is There anything proprietary about how You're removing the bone or you're Genetically altering cows so they grow Up with nowhere Okay so why couldn't I just do the same Thing well um Literally Right here Kevin is the patent for the Product And right here there's the patent for The process wow Could I see the process Pat They're gonna take them both so nobody Else can make boneless ribs let me be More specific no one else can make a Fully cooked rib with either one or more Bones removed from it wow And how do you get the bones out if I Tell you that I gotta kill you kill him No you don't you got a baton you got a Patent for It Bubba you can tell yeah Tell me rub it on to sleep there's the

Patent then there's the know-how and What I say to people who are gonna go Try and reverse engineer and figure out How to do it I say good luck to you Because it took me 20 years to do it I Got to tell you something in the entire History of Shark Tank I've never seen a Patent on a food product ever before Thank you because we worked it Now what are your sales and how many Locations are you in okay our sales are 154 000 over what period over a Year's Period We're selling in about 48 stores you Said it took you 20 years to develop This and you've only been in business One year what happened to those other 19 Years Well at one point I'll be honest with You I um I hate to use this word I quit And the reason that this young lady and I are Partners is we had an incident Where she was in track and uh like most Dads I was pushing her she said hey I Don't want to run track I said you Cannot quit me she said well you quit on The bonus Reds oh yeah It wasn't for her I wouldn't still be Doing what I'm doing Okay guys I actually am an investor in a Restaurant chain with 450 locations that Sells a ton of protein and this is their Second largest selling item ribs here's The big problem with your deal right now

You're asking for 2 million valuation on This thing you're not making any money The only value here is in the pet This reminds me of a story that's so Relevant to you I love stuff the first Season of Shark Tank a guy stood right Where you are he had a folding neck Guitar he wanted to build out a Guitar Company the only thing of value was a Patent on the folding neck technology You know where we are today where are You at they are licensing that Technology on fender bender guitars all Around the world he's going to be rich Listen to what I'm saying to you a Patent on a food product that's Interesting and the only value in the Patent is to license it to one of the Suppliers of protein I want to take you To one guy okay that supplies a you know What pigs hate this guy All around the world pigs are walking Around saying stop the sense of Slaughter because of this one guy So my offer is very simple I'll give you The three hundred thousand dollars it's Contingent on getting one of the large Meat processors in America to license The patent But I want 49 That's the deal [Music] Foreign Sharks are still in Kevin has made an

Offer of three hundred thousand dollars Contingent on a licensing deal with a Large meat processor But he wants 49 of Al's company It's the first time Kevin actually has a Decent idea when it comes to something Like this it's the first time we've Heard his stupid idea making any sense That idea is so brilliant I'll do the Exact same deal but I'll only take 30 Percent Bam Kevin this greedy Savage his deal is Horrible he's never done a deal like This if you talk to the guy that owns Plenty now let me clear it up for you Yeah okay bro I think you're paying a Very expensive price for somebody to Make a phone call for you that you could Do on your own I'm out Bob I would have pitched you that I Should bring you to some of the big box Stores some club channels like BJ's Costco but I happen to think so many Offers on the table are better so I'm Out But I'm kind of the same boat I think You need to fatten up the hog some Before it's ready to go for me the Business would have to be a little bit Bigger that's why you're limited kind of To the licensing play so for those Reasons I'm out Al you've got two offers yeah Both licensing deals Al is this the path

That you want to go down To the guys at Voyage Aaron Fender all Around the world I'm the man I want you And I to debone this pig together Got the real deal you got the discount License guy day one you're not taking a Check and he wants to take 50 of your Company 49 I'm worth every cent that 49 Percent What are you gonna do Um Kevin I love the fact that you have Made us an offer But I think I'm going to take down The pig right in front of me thanks a Lot great deal thank you thank you Congrats guys He was a great salesperson he's a great Pitcher And he still knows how to cook a rib [Music] Studying Damon's background I think he's A guy that enjoys making change and That's what this is going to do to the Barbecue industry it's going to change Barbecue as we know it Next up are entrepreneurs with what they Believe is a better version of a common Wardrobe staple [Music] Hi sharks I'm David and I'm Randy our Company is bombas and we're here today Seeking two hundred thousand dollars in Exchange for a five percent equity stake Bombas are athletic Leisure socks

Engineered to look better feel better And with a mission to help those in need The mass-market athletic stock hasn't Changed in decades same basic colors Same Styles same cardboard feel until Now we spent two years on research and Development and came up with seven Substantial improvements for the Athletic sock the result is the most Thoughtfully designed and comfortable Pair of socks you'll ever wear but the Story of bombus goes Way Beyond Re-engineering the athletic sock we Learned that socks are the number one Most requested clothing item at homeless Shelters that really stuck with us so For every pair of socks we sell we Donate a pair so we hope you'll join us To make better socks for a better world We brought some socks with us today for You guys to try on [Music] Thank you sure there you go do I get These two these two are for you sure Thank you sir appreciate it We'd like to take a quick moment while You're trying them on to take you Through our seven substantial Improvements we started with Peruvian Pima cotton this is a natural fiber that Wicks moisture breathes stays warm in The winter and cool in the summer up by The toes we got rid of that annoying Seam that's always causing irritation

Creating our invisito in the midfoot Area we created our proprietary Honeycomb arch support system and added Our Ultra comfortable performance Footbed and back by the heel we created A y-shaped stitch to create a natural Cup around your heel and added a blister Tab for the ankle socks so David Randy From a big Runner I gotta tell you Specialty Sports socks Are everywhere how are you different our Primary difference is that we tested Socks from everything down to your cheap Mass-market multi-packs all the way up To your 18 to 22 dollar Niche athletic Running socks which is what you're Talking about we found out the major Things that made those socks feel so Much better and brought them down to a Nine dollar price point and on that nine Dollar price point we're still able to Donate a pair for every pair of purchase I threw them a fine-tuned athlete I can Open up to three bottles of wine in an Hour and I like to do it with socks on But I have a question philosophically About this idea of giving something away Every time you sell you have to double Your sales to give me the equivalent Returns that I get from a company that's Not doing the same thing Because the Goodwill that you're putting Out what's your wholesale we sell Exclusively online what are your sales

To date and when did you first start so We first started in October of last year And in the in the nine months since we Launched we have 450 000 in sales that's Not bad what will sales be next year we Think that we'll close the end of this Year at 1.1 one million dollars we think We'll close next year at 2.7 and the Year after that 4.9 great sales for Online An average margin is 54 that's shipped To the customer including the giveaway Putting the giveaway and what is your Month-to-month growth so our Month-to-month growth has plateaued this Year But we've also been spending the last Two months on fundraising we've been Able to Circle nine hundred thousand Dollars in outside funding at what value Uh four million dollar valuation guys Why are you worth four million dollars Well it's worth what people will pay you For it you can get bozos or you can get Me you get both within the Godfather of Bozos right here Guys the four million dollar valuation In a total commodity of socks is Ludicrous and I think reality will Strike because you guys are still sock Cockroaches you're nowhere you have no Market share yet you have no retail Exposure you could have said that I I Think if you can raise it if you can

Raise any company any of any company you Got to start somewhere if any of these Sharks give you money at that valuation I will forbid it it's ridiculous I'm out Thanks for your consideration time so 400 000 in sales Impressive thank you thank you here's The challenge Will it work as a standalone online Business for the long term or is it Supplementary you haven't convinced me That this will work as a stand-alone Product sale Let me address that so in the 450 000 That we've done today we have spent zero Dollars on advertising or customer Acquisition so all of those sales have Come from people telling other people About our product That's the concern word of mouth is not A scalable Strategy right so word of mouth was our Proof of concept right that is what okay So what's the next so the next step is Well taking this money and hiring people The customer acquisition specialist who Is going to raise our base daily sales From 500 to three to five thousand Dollars a day to build our Baseline hold On Partnerships That's not a good answer for me I don't Think you've done a good job of tell me What it's going to look like and what The key Advantage is going forward I'm

Out Great stock though thank you Before all the sharks are out you want To change your valuation metrics or open Offers if you guys want to well let's Let another one drop out to see what Happens When I heard you just now say That you wanted to use the money to hire In people I hate when I hear that here You are too smart guys And I feel you should be doing Everything to run everything that you Can right now the two of you so I really Don't like that strategy Come up You've plateaued and you know when You're viral I.E word of mouth right now's the time Nine months in you should not be Plateauing right and I get now you want To spend money because you have to My biggest problem is when you look at Warby Parker when you look at Toms They're very high margin much higher Dollar items a nine dollar sock when It's all said and done with a five Dollar margin there's just not enough Margin dollars in each sale and each Customer and that's always going to make You have to run faster and further For those Reasons I'm out Thank you thank you very much okay now We're down to one shark happens to be

The fashion Guru You know that scene in those movies in The ER where they're bringing the Patient and the car to slowly Paddle Circle That's happening right now so you have a Chance now to readjust your valuation Before you hear from the last shark who Happens to be in the fashion industry You think you should do that or are you Going to go down with the Be Beat Four sharks are out Damon is David and Randy's last chance to make a deal for Their athletic sock company bombas you Have a chance now to readjust your Valuation before you hear from the last Shark who happens to be in the fashion Industry do you think you should do that You've heard from four other Well-educated people in business they Obviously don't agree with that Valuation do you have a different Valuation that you would like to offer So we we came here today obviously with Your background wanting to strike a deal With you so based on that we would we Would probably be willing to go down to I mean how about two hundred thousand Dollars at 10 that gives you a two Million dollar valuation yeah it cuts Our valuation in half but we think you Can bring a ton of value to this

200 000 for 10 is your counter So you've cut the valuation in half down For four million to two million Specifically for Damon well it's only a Damon John deal I mean it is To say that he doesn't bring value to You know an immense amount of value so Guys I was about to be out would I like That valuation only because it looks Like you do want to get to work 200 000 for 20 percent Very sobering to hear reality strike Very and I was out already I had already Was thinking about the next person Walking through that door sure and that Small indication of you wanting to make A better deal we're here to make a deal Okay I am offering you 200 000 for 20 And then we'll just get to work So I think I think we really respect Your offer I think that the challenge with that and I understand that you might want more Equity is that we need the additional Equity to go out and raise Capital Without giving away 40 of the company What are you raising the capital for We're raising the capital too higher and Spend on marketing and you know build Out our team inventory and product as Well inventory and product I'll Finance You'll finance that outside of our Finance the inventory regardless of how

Much it is regardless of how much that Is but I I would have to question what You're doing with the mark and Everything else because that's a black Hole of advertising sure so um I will Finance the inventory Foreign So our counter to that would be two Hundred thousand dollars at fifteen Percent with a two hundred thousand Dollar line of credit Is that just so crazy okay guys Um I'll tell you what I'll try to meet You somewhere in the middle I'm going to Finance the inventory two hundred Thousand dollars for Seventeen and a Half percent That's it no line of credit I'm I'm Financing the goods I'm already I'm on The hook for the goods right now Can we uh can we take a moment and call Our CFO uh no CFO gave you the bad advice already to Ask for that valuation It's you guys and I don't want to talk To anybody else As partners I'm going to talk to you Guys and you're going to talk to me I can't believe this You have a deal [Music] Thank you thank you all right guys great Decision great decision thank you Congratulations

You can thank me now Thank Mr Wonderful Yeah it's a surreal moment I mean we've Been building this brand building this Company and now to have Damon as a shark Backing bombas means that the company is Validated for us in a new way More patterns or do you like more solids My name is mosiah Bridges and I'm Moe's Mom tramika and we live in Memphis Tennessee It just speaks to me and I like to look Good and I like to feel good Moe's Always been a snappy dresser even when He was four and I allowed him to dress Himself looking good he would choose to Ride his bike in a suit and tie [Music] You've done a great job my grandmother Was a seamstress for a long time she Taught me how so and after that my Wardrobe got a major upgrade I love fashion so much I decided to turn My passion into a business it's a high In fashion accessory that will have you Smiling and styling we can put these on Our website my passion I know is Damon John and when I grow up I want to be Just like him I need an investment from The Sharks to hire manufacturers my Strongest suit is designing and I need a Team to buy my fresh IDs off of if I Don't get a deal from the Sharks I'll be Very sad I need to keep this dream alive

Because my passion is your fashion [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Bow ties and I brought with me my lovely Mama joke hi sharks I'm tramika Morris And we're here today seeking fifty Thousand dollars in exchange for 20 of Our company Sharks I always I mean always like to Dress nice even when I was little I Would wear a suit and tie just to go Plan the playground but the problem was I couldn't find any bow ties that I like So my grandma she showed me how to sew And then Moe's bows became Now we've actually brought y'all some Amazing bow ties to have feel and see The quality of product we offer bow ties Are classic but most bows bow ties we Like to call them a classic swag but by Investing in Moe's bows today means Investing in the future because we don't Just make bow ties Mo's story has Inspired people young and old to tap Into their passion yes I give everyone The same advice figure out what you like Doing and find out how you can make Money doing it figure out find out Figure out find out it's that simple Now that together we can make a lot of Money and make this business really Really Successful by helping people look

Good and feel good in my bow ties so I only just have one question who's Coming You're so Charming are you selling any of these Bow ties Mo yes how many and to who I Sold uh 2002 wow wow you had make 2 000 Bow ties yes you're seeing my grandma But you're doing it all in your house Right now yeah you're running a Sweatshop How old are you Moe I'm 11 years old wow How long did it take you to sell the 2000. we've been in business for two Years most started when he was nine this Year we've sold a total of 1500 ties at A total of fifty five thousand dollars In selling time 55 000 wow what are you Selling them to we're selling online and We have 11 different stores across the South how do people find you Mo they Find me uh from different trunk shows my Mom posted in a Facebook and magazines I've been in the Oprah Magazine so he's Gotten a lot of publicity how much does It cost you to make one and how much do You sell it for would it cost for me to Make one is six to ten dollars and they Range from 45 to 55. Mo why did you decide on bow ties Because I really like to dress up and Also my dad and my granddad they were Really dapper mean and bow ties make you Look good and feel good I feel like I'm

Watching standing right before me Demon John working with his mother making his Clothes his first hats in the kitchen What do you think Damon is that your new Protege it could be I'm new in 30 years I wasn't doing that type of business at That age so congratulations what do you Need the fifty thousand dollars for we Want to use the fifty thousand dollars To go home and secure manufacturer you Anticipate a large amount of orders or Are you saying that you already have Orders and you want to take the money to Utilize it for that absolutely both we Currently have 11 stores we have about Five more stores that are waiting any Big box players any large fashion Players interested right now he's Reached out to Macy's and Dillards and Some of the big box players but right Now it's in specialty boutiques I'm Going to make the assumption that you're Trying to build a brand Moe's bows I get It because these are expensive this is Not a cheap bow tie Moe you're teaching Kevin a very valuable lesson in pricing Elasticity do you know what pricing Elasticity is no what that means is when You have more demand than you can supply What do you do you raise your prices When you go to manufacturing do you not Lose a certain amount of cachet around It because today it's hand crafted most Bows if you have it manufactured

Is it still hand crafted I believe so Well the the company that we're working With in Memphis it's a lady that used to Own a sewing Factory they're sewing They're cutting so I see and how many Can they make a day at least 500 a week What will your grandmother say mo when You fire her will she be upset well my Grandma she's just funny she's just oh Okay yeah she's and 80 years old You're making an 80 year old woman work 10 hours a day Well she loves me she loves me feeling My teeth so much are you gonna are you Planning on expanding the line to other Haberdasheries and yes I'm planning to Have my own clothing line by the time I'm 20. 20 okay good nine years why do You believe that you need an investor Instead of growing the business steadily On your own and making all the profit For yourself because I believe I am an MBT the next big thing and because I've Been doing this did you just say MBT Next big thing and we feel like with Your funding and with your connections We can grow faster we can really get the Brand out there we want to take the World of male accessories and kind of Turn it upside down we want cool socks We want fun bow ties fun neckties Guys I'll get it started um I Mo you are The next big thing thank you I'm excited

For you but it has advanced as my Passion senses I don't know if I'm the Guy to help you I'm out Okay thank you No I I appreciate you coming out here Today thank you but uh I don't think I'm The right partner for you there might be Somebody else on this panel who might be A better fit and for that reason I'm at Thank you Barbara Kevin Damon I'll tell you what I'm smelling right here why I smell a Royalty deal [Music] Two sharks are out but Kevin may be Interested I'll tell you what I'm Smelling right here why I smell a Royalty deal oh my God because your Margins are so high they're incredible You could afford to pay me three dollars A tie if I give you the dollar there's Your first offer I'll give you the fifty Thousand dollars I don't want any equity In Mo's Bows I want three dollars every Time you sell a tie Here's my take on it it's a family Business And you're doing very well so it's not Like you're standing alone you're Surrounded by people that love you Support you and they're working for you And you're hardly grown up I honestly don't think you need

Anybody's help I think you're on to Something here your margins are great You're selling them if you could keep The publicity going I think that is Amazing and you being who you are why Wouldn't everybody write about you yeah Right absolutely for those reasons Amount So in 1989 I was over ten thousand Dollars for 40 of my company my company Was only a couple of hats I made right Ten Years Later That would have been worth to somebody Else 40 million dollars I'm glad I didn't take that money I strongly suggest That you don't take on investors at this Time So I will guarantee to Mentor you but I Will not give you the money at this time And I think the mentoring is way more Valuable than the one so in regards to The deal I'm out we've got some Mentoring I'm in And don't do this to you you know here's The thing Mo I believe in you from the Beginning and the way I'm showing my Belief is I'm writing a check everybody Else talk you also will have Mr Wonderful as a mentor instead of myself No no you can also Mentor I will I won't Be able to do that because you it will Show that you're not listening to me I Want to take you down wow listen to that

Wow he's telling you not to take one so Once you do ten thousand times think About sending this guy thirty thousand Dollars every time you do made on that It's a very it's a very very difficult Decision What are you going to do Well we appreciate [Music] It We're going to have to decline yes Damon we would love to uh to work with You as a mentor and take Mo to to the Next level where where he could go do You agree with that Mo Well you're thinking about taking Mom Doesn't like it I was the CEO but I'm The CEO of Mo so There you go good luck guys thank you Guys so much congratulations all right And I'll be speaking to you all right Perfect I worked out with Jamie John as my Mentor for example I'm on my way and you Know what I like about him he said he's Going to do clothing by the age of 20. Nine years he's not thinking tomorrow Tomorrow he's going to develop his Business I think he did him a huge Disservice I think you're an animal oh Listen I think that would have worked Beautiful Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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