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Next into the den is Mustafa Mehmet from Kent Mission I want to make a mark and a difference And be a leader at something rather than Just do a regular job I've always kind Of been that driven and that ambitious And he'll do whatever it takes to get Investment in his Innovative product for The beauty industry So if they really start giving me a hard Time I'm just gonna fight back and Stand My Ground stick to my guns Will mustafa's business idea put him in The Drawing line Hello dragons my name is Mr Mehmet I'm The founder of a company called welljo London limited and I'm here today to ask For seventy thousand pounds in exchange For 35 of my company new startup company Welljo London limited is a unique All-in-one natural non-toxic gel nail System Aisha is going to demonstrate the ease Of application as I'm doing my pitch It's completely chemical free and the Idea of it is to provide a faster Healthy alternative to the gel nail Industry with only an application time 15 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes with Conventional systems on the market Already the industry today just in the Gel now Market is worth 453 million

So it's it's vastly escalating by 35 Every year and it's become the number One Beauty selling product it's Overtaken lipstick cells we have sparked An interest on Facebook we have 2396 followers but you're looking to Potentially invest in a company that Wants to make a change in an industry And lead by example with a new natural Alternative product So Remember the next time ladies you have Your nails done don't just be gel be Well gel A polished pitch from kent-based Mustafa Mehmet which he hopes will nail him a Seventy thousand pound investment See your nails In return he's offering a 35 stake in His business supplying gel manicure Products with a natural twist Simple proposition but Deborah meaden is A little perplexed But I'm fascinated How did you get into Nails uh forgive me But you don't know you don't look like The target market no um so I used to be A car sprayer before a car sprayer car Sprayer and panel beater and I use the Customized cars brilliant went from Spraying cars for McLaren Mercedes Ferrari Aston Martin to wanting to Understand why when I spray a panel does The paint even stay on the panel

So I studied rheology which is the study Of paint and to me this is just another Paint system and my Surface is a nail Rather than a car door or the paint on Your walls Okay but fill in that Gap at what point Did you sit there and think I know what I'll do I'll create some Nail gels I mean how did that happen so I went to the salon my sister she was Getting her nails done I've been there For about 40 minutes the back of my Throat was getting irritated I was Feeling quite I go out for air because Of the environment and I was just Looking the way they achieve an end Finish they use three to four different Components to end up with one finish So I thought I could re-engineer this And make it a better product I think That's absolutely brilliant Um is this your product have you Actually created this is my developed Product But how much quicker is this and the Existing is a 15 minute application so On average Um if you do a manicure and a gel Application it takes an experienced Manicurist half an hour up to 40 minutes So more than twice as fast yes you can Double your turnover from the same Premises yes some of them actually use It as an Express gel

Alongside their existing gel products You've commonly said this is quicker Than anything else It is and I know it's not But now technicians who've been in the Industry for 20 years have told me it is But it's not Big there that loads Loads it's one coat cure out that's that Is your product so so there's there was That claim so Is your point of difference the Environmental bit [Music] My point of difference is the Environmental bit is completely Non-toxic and expect to mothers can wear It So I'm the only one that can literally State and it has it written on the Bottle that is suitable for pregnant Women [Music] Differ calmly covers all the bases and Seems to be keeping Sarah Willingham on Side But is Deborah meaden convinced by his Claim that the product is non-toxic and Natural So Mustafa it's taken out all those Nasty Bad stuff in the existing product yes There are no Carcinogenic materials in there so it's

Not a solvent-based product so you've Got the fats that can back that up yes ESPN SGS tested Um which SGS is an independent body that Test chemicals they do their own due Diligence I've got the documents to say it's Non-toxic actually I might read the Document is that mine and by the way It's very non-toxic is very different to Natural no natural yeah I'll find it oh sorry it's um because It's spitting too sorry Thank you This is something that you'd like to Start this is something that I'm really Passionate about because if you start This yeah as a startup yeah I mean how Are you going to pay yourself Um Through investment um about 70 pounds is Not going to get you very far It will get the product out on the Market to do Beauty shows trade shows Show me an order I haven't got an order I've got an interest They said but that's why I'm an expert You know would you respect that but You're going to struggle you will Struggle and I think 70 000 is not Enough You're gonna need Three or four hundred thousand to have Any chance

Of getting this out there you've got to Run out of money I don't believe apart from money that I Can add any value to this Do you own the right to the formulation Or is it I own Um 50 of the formulation which is the Important part it's been co-developed With a laboratory in China so half of This is owned by somebody else By the laboratory It doesn't hit me as an investment for For me personally and I think you it's Something's got to hit with you and You've got to get excited about it it Almost seems too good to be true as well So there's quite a lot going on Um and if another dragon invests and it Becomes successful then I'm just going To end up being well gel But um I'm going to say that I'm out So when you talked about It completely it says here it's not Carcin carcinogenic so that is Absolutely right I wasn't expecting to read words like Harmful if swallow dissolved through Skin or inhaled causes eye skin and Respiratory tract irritation Why would I read words like that on a Really safer natural product So most products if they're swallowed or Put on the skin for a long length of Time would would irritate the skin

Depending on someone's allergies not at The level of natural I thought we were Talking about a safe natural product you Use neoprene gloves chemical goggles Should be used in combination with a Full face shield today they're generics Of most paint products so you need to Wear gloves you need to wear eye Protection use words of this is a Non-toxic product when it is a toxic Product they don't say on a non-toxic Product keep individual calm get medical Attention immediately I assure you that Is just a generic format for any paint Product on the market whether it's Water-based you didn't say this is safer Than the other paint products you said It was non-toxic so on the nail Not the skin It's not it's non-toxic no This is actually saying that heated up To a certain heat and if there's any Mist or if there's any spillage or it is Toxic like petrol is at a fuel station If it's heated up at a certain Temperature everything's got a flash Point I'm sorry you're now changing the Story that started completely natural And non-toxic and you're now saying well Actually yes but you know in the real World out there everything has I'm just Trying to address what you've asked me It's not what you told me it was And the bit that you you misled me on is

The bit that really really had my Interest Um I'm glad I read that but I won't be Investing I'm out [Music] The entrepreneur may have stood his Ground but ultimately he failed to Convince a disillusioned Deborah meaden To invest in his startup Thank you very much good luck he leaves The den with nothing but a belief that He's been misunderstood Deborah made some harsh comments about It being Um you know not non-toxic in relation to The skin the products for nails you know It doesn't damage the nail I'll stick to my guns I shall carry on In my journey to get it into the market And just get it out there really Foreign

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