Den Erupts In Laughter Over Novelty Figurines | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Sisters Pauline and Christine Clayton Brought their novelty figurines The Bonks nobody needs a bunk but there are Millions of people out there that was Loveable [Music] This is Bonk in the bath quick Bonk and This is a really really good book The Sisters thought their Saucy Novelties would have them laughing all The way to the bank we know our product Has great potential because of the great Reactions we get from people so anyone Up for a bonk But the dragons soon poured cold water Over their ambitions Yes we got the joke at the start and yes It's fun but it's not an investable Business it's crass full stop It's just not a product that sends out The right message and I don't want to be Associated with it to think of this as a Business I think we're laughing at you

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