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Foreign [Music] Chrissy and this is Kerry We're here to seek an investment of 150 000 for a 20 stake in our company the British DJ and MC Academy is a youth Arts organization working with young People and adults delivering workshops And accredited courses in the Arts such As DJing radio representing lyrical Writing and music production Behind us is the base station It's fully equipped and designed with The latest DJ equipment inside it we Found lots of young people didn't find It cool to go to youth clubs so we Designed the base station so we could go Absolutely anywhere and teach So we have three segments to this Business the first idea is called the Wrapping project there are PR and Experiential marketing companies out There crying out for new ideas to Promote their clients products Our second idea is already up and Running our clients have been booking us For corporate events and festivals and Our third and final strands is our Corporate team building experience And we're hoping that you would agree With us and this will be useful for any Organization out there Thanks for your time thank you we're Going to offer you guys a master class

Right please I'm in Peter Jones Okay yeah a passionate pitch from The Young London Duo who in return for a 20 Stake need a hundred and fifty thousand Pounds to expand their music Training Academy these are all brand new tracks That have been created by our artists so What we're going to do is we're going to Play the first track Testing one two three brilliant okay Okay we're gonna do a little bit of wrap Then I said a hip hop the hip to hip it To the hip hip hop you don't stop the Rock until the bang bang boogie say up To the booger to the Rhythm having had The full base station experience Peter Jones is ready to return to Business well done well done that was Really Carrie and Chrissy Just want to separate and get down to The serious nature of whether this Actually is a business where does the Income actually come from where service Providers Peter so we run accredited Courses we do workshops we do events so Give me an idea what do you charge for This okay for an event or a festival the Cost is 1500 pounds a day Our profits are 500 pounds and that's For one booking Who's your biggest customer Mike It's all what's the deal with them just Give us an example of one eventually for

Example okay for example we're doing Wembley Stadium what do they pay you for That 1500 pounds and we'll provide them With the music a DJ tutor and we give People an experience they could even Listen to the music or they can come and Get involved Confident answers from the assured Entrepreneurs now theoper fetus wants to Drill down into the details of their Company's background [Music] Right ladies who owns the business we do And you filed how many years accounts We're on our fourth year now you're in a Fourth year go through the bottom line In those three years well we made a loss Of fifty thousand on the first year Second year was we broke even Yeah third year our net profits was Forty thousand who made a profit forty Thousand excellent And year four you're forecasting 440 000 And that's just the youth sector in the DJ Academy I'm in advanced bookings have You got We've got many Many can you give me value an Approximate figure 25 Grand Thank you I like this I really like it because I Actually sponsor the music project Getting kids off the streets Um my problem is the longevity of the

Concept because this will soon be Emulated people can copy ideas but they Can't copy what we have they can't copy The amount of work we put in they can't Copy our company they can't copy the Passion that we've got and they can't Copy the amount of lives that we've been Changing are you a good salesperson I'm Just passionate and I'm just genuine Want to talk to my heart you know we've Put in three years we've been through The Mills and back and people can copy The ideas if they want but they can't Copy what we are Kerry and Chrissy are holding their own In the den and handling the dragons with Summer plum Duncan bannatyne is intrigued Okay Chrissy Um tell me your background where have You come from I started off finding Songs when I was quite young and sort of Using a lot of the challenges that I was Faced with when I was a child to express Myself did you make any money out of Selling those songs yeah I've been quite Successful over the years but I was Actually the first female MC in jungle Music and then Chrissy mentioned that She wanted to set up a DJ score I'm like Listen I really want to help kids Through music so that's how we we formed Our partnership Oh I finished school with not very many

Gcses so I bought my set turntables when I was 16 and just spent all my time you Know learning mastering the Arts of DJing when I was 21 I bought a recording Studio I managed to sell it with a 20 grand Profit which is quite good and really The rest is history you know we've been Changing lives well that's great you're Going back into the picture again No that that's great because I think It's very inspirational I think it Wasn't inspirational [Music] An engaging response and the dragons are Certainly captivated Deborah meaden is Next to interrogate the young business Women [Music] Hi um you made a bit of profit which is Great year three better profit you're Now forecasting huge profits so I'd like To understand the mechanisms from Turnover To profit okay we've um on our forecasts We've um established that we're going to Have four vehicles to run 730 events in One year okay talk me through to the Profit okay the the actual net profits Will be 490 thousands no no that's a Number you're going to take me from say You're running 730 events you've now got Four vehicles on the road you've got That many people working for me and that

Drops through to 492. would you mind if I take this What do you mind Um okay it really is quite a simple Process we get our tutor we brief them They get the address they go there they Deliver the work sorry I'm not I'm not Getting to and I we need to get to what I'm asking which is what are the Mechanics of the business you've got Four vehicles you're going to use 730 Events how many people have got in your Office we've got five members of staff At the moment and we have 40 tutors how Many will you have to produce 490 000 Pounds worth of profit okay Okay so every sector of our business We've got these Amazing Ideas to create Something bigger and better So and we're really going to make it Happen I mean we're so passionate you Know our idea I think we get your passion but what We're saying is is the youth sector Isn't going to make us Millions but That's what we're here for so we want to Tap into this corporate sector and then We can make all these profits to put Back into what we love Foreign [Music] Perhaps but its profit and margin the Dragons want to hear about as Peter Jones spotted a reason to invest

Igate Kerry I actually see this as a great concept For a social Enterprise And you know what I think there lies the Mistake You've changed it from what is great and Why people will back you into something As an investor I'm conflicted because When I invest in you you know what I Won't want to have any money back I think it's fantastic what you do But it's not an investment for that Reason I'm out [Music] The young entrepreneurs hopes are dashed As Peter Jones walks away from the deal But there are still four dragons left Will theophaffitis agree with his Rivals Concerns Kerry Chris I'm blown over by your Passion And you know what I don't have a problem With a social Enterprise issue you go Out there you make profits and if you Want to give those profits back good for You you've got to make money first Before you can give it away that's my Great belief in life But it is I I own an operator business I don't Think this is an investor business I can't invest in you But I wish I could oh thank you I'm out Well you're both fantastic inspiring

Girls Um you know if you came along and asked For say 50 000 pounds you've probably Got someone taking a punt About 150 000 pound is too much to Invest in that And so for that reason I have to say I'm Sorry but I'm out Okay Chrissy Kerry well I tested you on the Numbers I'm afraid it wasn't as good as I was expecting from the pitch When you stand in front of five Investors and say we're going to go from A forty thousand pound profit to a half A million pound profit All that investor really wants to hear Is how I know you're going to give me more Reasons and words why but you've had Your moment I'm out Three more dragons walk away from the Deal and Kerry and Chrissy's time in the Den looks like it's coming to an end But Hilary duvet does have some Experience in this sector I wholly empathize with where you're Going getting kids off the streets Because I've got some that went down the Same route Um and you know it's probably music that Saved him in the end You've come on here asking for 150k

So you've got to go off with either 150k Or nothing Maybe Oh really yes And With most businesses you do find you get Economies of scale I can't see where you're going to find Those economies of scale in this Business sure Unfortunately I've got to say I'm out Okay thank you I'm sorry Kerry and Chrissy certainly Charmed the Dragons but heads rule hearts in this Den they leave with nothing it's a shame Nice girls whether it's this or whatever It is they'll make it those girls I'm actually quite happy they give us All great feedback they felt our passion They felt everything that we are and We're going to make everything we said Happen It just might take us a little bit Longer [Music]

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