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Before discussing the seven PS of Marketing let’s discuss what marketing Is and why we need this what are the Important terms and factors by which we Can easily understand the marketing Concept we only can understand marketing As an activity of showing advertising Any company’s product in the best Possible way we can understand it by Some examples Have you ever noticed many types of ads On your tape showing different kinds of Things like some of them for daily soap Some of them for shampoo and some of Them for mobile phones and wristwatches And so on and they always try to Represent their best way to connect to Their target audience or whenever you go Somewhere outside your house you noticed Some ads paint on the wall or some Banner and big hoardings on the street Or some pamphlets which contain the Details of some products it’s all the Form of marketing which people generally Use to advertise their services in these Days people use social media for their Marketing and advertising as Facebook Ads Google ads email marketing and many More medium companies used to follow to Target Their audience and customer so Here we will discuss further Marketing In all parts of marketing let’s start Our video but before starting this video Stay tuned with us by subscribing to our

Channel as you already know marketing is Already discussed Above So further let’s Move to the next topic of the seven PS In marketing a seven piece of marketing Are generally known as the seven Important tactics which are product Price promotion place people process and Physical evidence the seven PS of Marketing make up the necessary mix of Marketing the business must have to Advertise a product or service so Further let’s discuss service marketing What is service marketing and how can we Easily understand this Service marketing mix this is the most Proper and sophisticated way of tactics To promote Company products and Encourage customers to buy their product Whatever your product is in this term You have to understand the need of Customers first what they want actually And how you can create much interest in Your product that’s the only thing which You have to do while representing your Product because in service marketing the Most important thing which works for you And your favor is if the customer is Satisfied with your services and your Behavior your way of representation then You easily can convert that lead into Cells One more thing which is really very Important part of this term that is Uniqueness you have to represent you are

Providing something which is not Provided by others or you are best in All of them that should be on your Priority list but before any type of Discussion you must have to understand What is a good service which someone can Provide service means it’s not only About physical things but also you can Provide service by providing good Customer service or providing by giving Good guidelines or anything it’s all Known as services but one thing Services Can’t be stolen or taken from someone You have to manage your own thing by Yourself and furthermore there is the Last term known as product marketing in Which you have to manage the market Product as well as a service facility Now in the service marketing mix we can Understand it by the original four Tactics one product we can understand it By an example First a company wants to see a train Travel experience of us or anything Which is provided to us second services Are intangible which we only can imagine Whatever our product is we can think of Our Target product as an asset and after That can give our facility around them Two price price also plays a very Important role in our marketing sector Because when our price is low we can Target a large number of customers while When we have high cost value for our

Product we can only give Services only To The Limited customers so whatever our Product is we have to decide price first According to your product and your need Three place the place where you are Providing Services also plays a very Important role because if you give your Services in all possible areas your Service marketing will be good the ease Of access that a customer has a service 4. promotion this is the hardest way to Represent your product and services to Your target audience in this section First you have to decide who is your Target customer after that you’ll have To decide your product and Responsibilities and the rest of things So before considering anything further This is the most important thing which You have to understand first and try to Find out the needs of your customer so That you can provide them the necessary Services they need Five people the people with whom you Interact or the person with whom you are Connected can also affect your services Let’s take an example to understand this Point Let’s assume that you are a manufacturer Or brand promoter or the one who is Directly connected with other people so You will also play a very important role In this section because if they are Using your product obviously they have

Some feedback about your product like It’s a good one or a bad one or need Improvement or any type of positive or Negative feedback at least they can Inform you so this is also a very Important part of the marketing Six physical evidence under this section We discuss the place where we provide Our service or the place where our Service is delivered or any tangible Element that provides service about it 7. process this is the very important Part because before the execution of any Marketing Services you have to manage it First by calculating each and every Process what you should do what you Should not do and many more things so You have to decide first what the first Process you have to execute and what the Next step it generally can be understood By standard operating procedures or Stops So these are the seven PS of standard Marketing now let’s move to the next Topics 7ps and seven C’s what is this This is actually defined as 7p standing For product and 7c standing for Customers so let’s discuss this term Also Here we will discuss the seven PS in the Most customers Manner and convert them Into seven seas As product equals customer price equals Cost Place equals convenience promotion

Equals communication people equals Caring process equals coordination Physical evidence equals confirmation Now when we discuss the service Marketing mixed sweet spot we have to Understand all these seven tactics Should be successful then we only can Succeed in our mixed marketing if we Want to execute our service and Marketing successfully we have to Balance all these elements whether it’s Price or place people or any other Element in the seven list Let’s understand it more conventionally With some good examples let’s take as an Example a seven star hotel product the Product which is basically what we are Providing that hotel rooms and Accommodation Price this is also a very important Factor that determines the price we have Decided for our hotel rooms for one Night or two nights and with which type Of facilities Place the location of the hotel also Matters because if it’s in a prime Location people easily can find out About you may love your services too but If your hotel is far away from the prime Locations many few can reach you or Contact you so the location always Matters first Promotion this also plays an important Role in creating your brand value how

Well you are promoting your services or How easily people can connect to you Through your promotion that’s a big Thing for anyone people the manager the Hotel staff and their behavior and how They treat their customers also affect Your reputation and business too Process what is the Strategic process of Your services we are providing hotels so With the process of our check-in Routines what’s the process of our Checkout routine what’s the process of Payment method and many more things These are the small things which people Generally ignore but these small things Play a major role for succeeding any Business or organization Physical evidence in this section we can Take examples of feedback such as what The customer thought about your services About their experience while staying Your hotel and how hard to find you and Your website these things also matter if You like the video then please consider Liking the video and subscribing to the Channel so that I can make a video for You thanks for watching

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