Dr Mist Rubs The Dragons Up The Wrong Way With “Miracle Cure” Spray | Dragons’ Den Canada

Next Claudette Leduc from Lachine Quebec And her Miracle spray that not only Works as a deodorant she says it cures Common skin problems [Music] Hello dragons my name is Claudette Leduc My company is distribute and I'm here Today to ask you for one hundred Thousand dollars for twenty percent of My business I have a phenomenal product and it's Called Dr Mist we currently Market Dr Miss solely as a all-natural aluminum Free deodorant that will work up to Three days even if bathing is impossible It's an underarm building underarmed Odorant but also because of its healing Properties Dr Miss will work on acne Eczema athlete's foot Claudia who's your Friend this is my beautiful daughter Kim Our assistant here for support and some Eye candy Well I think claudette's figured out the Key to a good presentation exactly you Know what Robert is working so far I got A bathing suit actually underneath if I Need to like pump things up the bathing Suit no I'm just throwing that out there Arlene don't listen to her how do you Apply how do you apply this stuff okay Well Kim if you don't mind she will give You a samples Of course it is fragrance free for you Sir can I make anything that smells bad

Today smell better yeah [Laughter] Higher than any other a body of water on Earth Water in a bottle You're selling you're selling water in The water it is not water Dr mist is a Blend of minerals suspended in a special Formula that Claudette says flushes Toxins from the body and unlike most Deodorants it's aluminum free what were Last year's revenues in your company Great question 255 000 really yeah wow What do you guys think of so bigger 250 000 in sales how many people come out Here with great kooky products have no Distribution How many retailers have it listed right Now I've got London Drugs I've got the London Loblaws banners including Maxi Fortinos so how big do you think the Deodorant Market is in Canada I'm going To guess it's 200 million it's a billion Dollar industry billion a year you have No market share in it Wait a minute I've only had this product For a year and a half no you've had Something seven years no I no no no the Inventor had it I'm not the well you're Not the inventor Is Kim the inventor no she's just the Eye candy Kim you're smart you need to stop okay Why didn't you tell us at the beginning

Well because I thought that you'd be Interested in knowing the information First where is he he's in Malaysia What do you pay back to the inventor Nothing Nothing how does the guy give you the Rights for nothing they trust me they Love me I've built their business I love You too but Seriously you don't pay him anything no Royalty nothing no Have you met this man I've spoken with Him once on the telephone I've never met Him [Music] I can't right Malaysia you know there's Airplanes well is there any way to get Any Equity from Dr No in what he owns That I don't know have you ever asked Him no I haven't Claudette hasn't invented Dr mest nor Does she own the patent only an Exclusive distribution deal from a Mysterious man in Malaysia a story that Doesn't quite add up for Arlene There's something that you know what I I Just there's pieces that don't fit for Me Claude I can't quite figure out what It is about you and your story we need The marketing skills for sure I mean You're a distributor but your your Background is not in marketing you're Very pleasant and people love you but That's not enough I thought you were

Here to help her Let's give her the benefit of the doubt I'm just trying to like what I want to Find out the reason I invest you know is To make money that's all I care about What I'm worried about here is this Thing ends up being a huge hit and then When somebody wants to buy it I have Nothing I'm just a distributor you're Just a distributor that's all you are Well you guys contemplated I I've got so Many hurdles in my mind from your story I don't care I don't even understand how She's got sales frankly I don't know how People even know what this product is I don't get it I don't quite think your Story fits the way it needs to fit for Me so I'm out I'm intrigued but because it's a Distribution agreement I can't get Excited I'm an equity Own It control it Kind of guy That keeps me out of the deal I'm out I have no problem with the distribution It's a good cash flow business for you My challenge is the 100 grand Because I think 100 Grand is going to go Like missed I'm out Okay anyone else in Because I'm going to make an offer [Music] I will give you the hundred thousand for Twenty percent of the company

From the date of investment I would look For a five percent royalty payable on All sales You guys can go and think about and talk About at the back if you want did you Have anything else you wanted to [Music] I'll wait to see what happens here first Yeah I know what the offer is Okay so a hundred thousand dollars I Know how to Market it I know how to to Use those funds but he wants another Five percent for each sale I don't know What was wrong with that story there's Something wrong with it I'm telling you You got to take a higher royalty for Your equities meaningless in a company Like this What am I gonna do I can have a Counteroffer we have nothing to lose Think of you oh wait what are you gonna Ask for I don't think you should say Okay He wants five percent it's not ideal Three go oh ask for less and then he Threats you're stressing me out ask for Less Okay I know what I'm gonna do thanks Okay Would those royalties be negotiable at All Take them or leave them Okay do you have anything that you

Wanted Brett's offers a good one so for That reason I'm out Can we ask for more [Music] You can ask for more you gotta learn When you've got the order done good luck You got a deal all right perfect Thank you very much it's nice meeting You great job Thank you thank you very much [Music] Those dots just didn't connect for me [Laughter]

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