Dragons Astounded By 19 Year Old Entrepreneur | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Year 110 over 450 000 pounds profit for Year one two hundred and twenty five Thousand pounds Wow There's obviously a huge markup on these Folders has only cost 50 pence to Manufacture and direct sales something Like the fold your A3 could probably Retail at around 4.99 give me some ideas Are you a guy that actually come up with This idea are you going to dedicate all Your time to this or my time is Completely dedicated to this just like It has been for the past one and a half Years I've invested 10 000 so far just For product development I raised these Funds from my last company which I doubt In a little bit of import export from Mainland China and that I made ten Thousand pounds doing that and that Investment went fully into this product Development oh Christy are you talking Like a 30 year old you're 19. you've Doubled in a bit of an important export This is my passion I think this is when Do you start doing important export Um at 16.

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