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Next to enter the den a South African Expat James inglesby and his business Partner and fiancee Venezuelan born Diana Ziegler with a range of items they Believe are both luxuriously appealing And Planet friendly our products is very Great because we created something that Is not only sustainable but it actually Works Drink or apply It's not really good though if we have To sit here working out if it's a drink Or something you apply While the dragons wrestle with what the Product range actually is James is more Concerned about being stumped himself my Biggest fear is that they find some Strange number that I don't know and Just throw me off or I forget yeah We are feeling very nervous [Music] Good afternoon Dragons I'm James and hi I'm Diana we are the founders of nerias London Today we're here to ask the dragons for 50 000 pounds for a 10 share of our Business We create a truly luxurious Spa Experience using premium shampoos body Washes and conditioners best of all They're genuinely sustainable and Plastic free like Melee Millennials we Are taking more conscious purchase and Or in

What and what Diane and I just Discovered during this journey of trying To find more conscious purchase ideas Was that the average UK household uses About 216 plastic bottles a year That's it okay you're here Um there must be a better way to do this Oh So we set out to develop and formulate Our own products they had to be clean Beauty Of course They had to work on Diana's hair And oh gosh Come on Diana get with the Progress to be fair you're in a second Language aren't you Diana as well so After all of this we have amazing Reviews from loyal customers to date We've sold over 3 000 units Turnover about 35 000 pounds so we will Offer one of you with Dragons or all of You dragons to be part of this journey To sustainability and premium hair and Body care on the gift boxes you will Find their hand gel and their hair and Conditioner shampoo [Music] There may have been some nerves on show But James inglesby and Diana Ziegler Finished their pitch well done you got Through it it came back A little bit but it came back no that's Good Let's see king of 50 000 pound

Investment Question the toiletries twosome You've come up with a range of hair Premium body beauty products what's your Background I used to work for Unilever And I've been formulating and creating Deodorants toothpaste all sorts of bits And pieces my real strength is product Development I do that now as a Consulting job I also do that for some Other brands fantastic okay and tell me About the story behind because I picked Out of the box your products and some of Them look good This looks like a little bit of a Shambles yeah what's behind that so we Wanted to take all the plastic away from Our products and this label is made of Walpole so you're going to start this Integrated and you can put it on compost And it will just eat away they end up Like this they end up like that yes You start off like that and then over Time they start breaking down So if you open your boxes they'll see Like a warning card telling people that This is something that is naturally Going to happen And how long does it take to get to that State because it turns up looking lovely Yeah it takes what three four weeks Maybe longer I personally wouldn't mind It but I know there are other dragons Who would mind it but to be honest some

Of my other labels go a bit dodgy yeah Honestly I just want it to look lovely When I get it but it's not particularly Aesthetically pleasing it ends up like That I'm not sure people will appreciate The fact that yeah they're buying a Product that ends up like this a Customer seems to like it we've had over 360 orders on Amazon and we've only had Three returns The entrepreneurs may be embracing Sustainability but they're eco-friendly Labels are proving divisive Will the positive vibes from the dens Most Ardent environmentalist mean she's Also inclined to Green Light their Branding I think they look beautiful your Packaging looks great because I'm fed up With receiving Organic sustainable products in plain Brown packaging everybody's gone for the Look at us we don't even use ink Um so I like that bit at the bad side of It this sat on a shelf somewhere I don't Know if you're you're a whiskey Our customers actually like the boxes so Much because those are made from Recycled corrugate they're corrugated Right no they're beautiful I can imagine A customer getting that and thinking That is lovely but that that is a very Different experience to having that on a Retail Shelf

There is nothing on the outside of your Packaging that tells me what it is Deb ramidan deemed the entrepreneurs Marketing minimalism a wasted Opportunity to broadcast their brand Now Stephen Bartlett wants to put the Spotlight on the pair's projections In terms of your growth going forward Then year over year so what are you Forecasting yeah so Yes very quickly we planted a 250 000 Pounds uh year one and then year two 500 And year three we're going to get up to Year five we're going to be doing six Million So year one what's the gross I'd say 55 The number of the actual number for Year One That's a good number to ask me Off the top of my head uh so be Minus 20 of Um so it's going to be 125 000 pounds Profit and then net is going to be minus 250 minus uh 50 50. yeah I feel like You're not very confident with these Numbers no no I I know the percentages That overall numbers are a little more Of a difficult one you can admit you can Say I don't know my numbers because if I Interrogate the strategy that's going to Make those numbers come true I I feel like you'll get yourself tied Up in a little web of nonsense yeah

Sorry about that So it starts 250 for a year one 500 750 A million and then it'll go to year five Six will be six million um five million Sorry and how did you get from one Million to five million between years Four and five and I thought it was six Million was going to be the turnover I Also thought you were going to double Year on year but double 500 not 750 and Double 750 is not a million and double a Million is not five million and I think You know where I'm going I've got zero Confidence in anywhere that's coming out Of your mouth because we've had a lot of Codswalloped for the last few minutes [Music] Sarah Davies loses patience as James Fails to nail his numbers and it appears Peter Jones's tolerance has also been Tested I'm sitting here thinking about being Polite but I have to say This is a shambles frankly At the moment this pitch has no Substance for me I don't even know what Nerius is I don't know really what the Brand's Saying I really need to know quickly what this Business is all about Saying that is quite different is that These are all custom made so nothing That you see here has not been made by

Us each one of these fragrances has been Smelt tested by Dinah that's still not Good enough if I'm launching a hair Product and I've got a team of people That are putting a product to the market I would bloody well expect them to smell It before they launch it So let's go deeper let's find out what This is all about We wanted to create a brand that was all About it will actually perform because I Have such a sensitive allergies so to a Lot of chemicals And having those I want to remove my Lifestyle to have a more like a vegan Shampoo you know like we tested other Like natural shampoos but they actually Didn't work great so I've got the Journey but how am I seeing on your Product what it does how are you gonna Tell me as a potential consumer the Reason why I need to buy your product I I mean the main reason why you want to Buy our product is first of all the Fragrances and the experience that we're Going to create for you so like as you Can see here how we've set up all the Ingredients this whole Spa experience no James you haven't you give me a box with A product in it yeah that's there's no Experience here yet and the brand isn't Telling me what the experience could be You have got to find a way of shortening That answer to Peter's question why why

Buy me yeah you know and it took you Ages to do that and you've got to work That out I'm afraid you haven't quite inspired me Enough to think that I want to to get Involved I'm sorry I'm out It's a huge blow as a failure to Succinctly sell the USP of their Business makes the den sustainable Dragon Deborah meaden take an early bath And now it appears Stephen Bartlett has Been visualizing a rather unexpected Scenario Um question I'm at home I'm in my boxer Shorts Yeah Tuesday it's raining outside bit Bored pick up my phone open up social Media website scrolling down the news Feed Boom I see you what does it say Creator looks like a spiral Spirits at Home okay if you're telling me that You're framing your business as a spa Experience then I look to the product And I think well that's not what you're Delivering for your customer And so for that reason I'm gonna Unfortunately have to say that I'm out James Dino this has to say what it does On the tin if you're going to have a Chance of launching a new brand So I would say at the moment this Business is totally uninvestable

So I'm out James you're clearly from the industry And have put the Blood Sweat and Tears In to get a business off the ground my Concern is you haven't demonstrated to Me today that you have a solid grasp on The business and have the business Acumen there for to take the business to The next level So I won't be investing in that much Four dragons have now washed their hands Of an investment James and Diana's last Chance of a deal rests with High Street Heavyweight to kasoliman could the Eco-friendly brand be perfect for his Portfolio Okay retailers want sustainable brands They want them and I am looking for Sustainable Brands because I've got a Home for them Yes it ticks the boxes Um look guys I am very tempted To make you an offer I am tempted If I could get this into three four Retailers tomorrow If it had the correct message But I know you've gone so far with The Branding you guys have got your own Agenda set up I would want to change too much take too Much of the company and that would be Fair to you

So I'm not going to invest today and I'm Out No thank you so much James Diana thank you thank you guys I Really appreciate all the feedback thank You so much what a pleasure thank you Bye guys bye To kasuluman keeps his pounds in his Pockets and the Eco entrepreneurs leave Empty-handed they're green credentials May have been commendable but their Toiletry concept just didn't wash with The dragons a lot of work to do that a Lot of work today hearing the truth is The best thing and we can take on all That feedback and turn it into something Better really I hope we hope

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