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Next to face the dragons is Gaynor Saunders who was raised in South Africa He's got quite a relaxed approach when It comes to who she has her sights on in The den [Music] I don't have any particular dragon in Mind today I'm quite a great believer in the Universe and the things that happen are What means to be so I'm going in with an Open mind and I believe that the most Important thing is that the correct Dragon will see the potential Foreign Dragons my name is Gaynor and my company Is it's all about shoes And I'm asking for 50 000 for 10 of my Company Which I believe will transform and Recycle shoes I've achieved a patent for my modular Tracking system or gliding mechanism Which is incorporated into the base unit Of the shoe so how it works is the Mechanism Glides it has a lucky Mechanism so you slide it and then lock It into place it's easily removed and This is what makes the shoe completely Recyclable Every year 23 billion shoes are Manufactured and most of those will land Up in landfill The biggest benefits is that you get to

Customize the shoe to any outfit and Occasion so it's the possibilities are Endless but also obviously the recycling Ability of it is Um I'm here to look for a dragon they Can see the licensing possibilities of The product thank you any questions [Music] Oh look at that yeah that match is nice That is your color exactly shoes that Can be customized with movable and Changeable straps is the eco-friendly Offering from Gainer Saunders She's offering to hand over 10 percent Of her company in return for 50 000 Pounds pressure the traction will lock It into place The first dragon to see if the shoe Proposition has legs is the Den's very Own green Queen Deborah meaden Gainer I love all of the words and I Love the reason you're doing all of this Because the shoe industry yeah massive Impact on the planet at the moment so Whoever can break the whole Environmental Eco thing in a way that is Wearable and wantable is gonna win I've got to say at the moment it doesn't Feel like you because my goodness this Is virtually impossible to wear It's uncomfortable it's clunky it's Heavy it might be that this is such Early stage but I've got to tell you I Couldn't possibly wear that no that's

Not made to wear yet that's just a Prototype Okay now can I just talk about this Because this is actually the thing isn't It yeah that's the patent yeah that's The patent so what is going to change in Terms of that because unless you can Make that less rigid whatever you put it Into is going to be uncomfortable yeah It's that technology put into a shoe not That plastic but just the concept in the Shoe but if you can generally produce One that is not as rigid as this Have you done that yet No no yeah I am very much into my shoes I go on Holiday and I almost have a suitcase Just for the shoes so I was thinking This sounds like the solution but if I Look at these shoes here right they are Structured around my foot I don't see How you could achieve this on your Tracking system okay the sandals would Be the main sellers how do you achieve This shoe on that same base that would Have a very small one in the side of a Um court shoe where you could put Colored straps or glittery straps and Change the look of the coaching see I Haven't understood that and what I feel Like looking at that little collection Of shoes there Is that one base would give me those 20 Pairs of shoes yes the sandals are the

Easier ones to do with that for the Holiday yes so it's not what you've sold Us there A bit naughty that The thing is I've picked it up because I Understand my shoes I wouldn't Necessarily expect these blocks over Here who are not as familiar excuse me With the intricacies only works if You've got platforms Now there's a man in touch with his Feminine side I'm very pleased to hear That because if you look it can't Possibly work where you've got a base That that Slim it only works if we've Got something as thick as that so your Shoe is impossible to contain that System It's an early setback for Gainer as the Dragons uncover her Footwear idea is not As wide-ranging as it first appeared And it seems tej laalvani is struggling To see the capabilities of the concept [Music] The thing is you've come in with a Product that's not really finished and Is difficult to say because this is like It's a it's a solid massive wooden Product so what is the feedback so far Have you spoken to any of the big shoe Manufacturers well I'm working with one Of the top manufacturers in Venice they Work for all the big Brands so I Appreciate that's not the best example

Of a shoe that you have in front of you But it is just trying to show you the Concept more than the actual product how Much have you spent on this so far The patterns and all the development is Close to 300 000. wow wow Where have you got this money from I have funded it myself so you've spent 300 000 pounds and you still haven't got A working product patent fees are Expensive Okay now I'm concerned that you have Spent that much money The problem with this is you spent the Money on a patent that at the moment you Haven't demonstrated this will work And I lean towards the eco-friendly Stuff so I'm always looking for the Chance to get involved but I'm sorry This ain't it okay so I won't be Investing I'm out Deborah meaden turns on her heels and Becomes the first dragon to walk away From an investment Will shoe loving Sarah Davies follow in Her footsteps As soon as you start to try about shoes I looked at your feet and I'm staring at Your feet a little bit and I thought I Don't know about incorporates the Technology why on Earth would you come In not wearing your own technology And then I own my box And I get it because you couldn't walk

From the lift to the middle of the floor Yeah we've not made a shoe yet no no but You shouldn't have given us these I agree as soon as I tried to put this On my foot it's made me realize that no Matter how good your patent is and how Much money you spend on it I honestly Don't think you're ever going to succeed In making this work So I'm out I don't think you've got anything that's Demonstrable to really show that works Okay I feel that you need to get Something that's that's properly Workable that can that you can show an Investor So I'm just going to say I'm sorry I'm Out okay Okay now you're a first in the den for Me You spent three hundred thousand pounds On a pattern and your only value in your Business at half a million that's a very Fair deal But now I know why It's not worth anything You can't use it on eighty percent of Shoes And the only benefit you could possibly Claim is it's Eco and you're recycling There's no other benefit I'm sorry to say I'm out Three more dragons decline a deal in Quick succession

Leaving only retail giant Tuka Suleiman In the running but it seems he's also Having difficulty getting to grips with The Footwear proposition My view on this is very red in the den Somebody comes along with an invention And you've got to imagine what it could Be But I do have a An idea of where this could go The classic shoe I bet you will struggle Big time But let's talk about this Can this be made in rubber yes so it Could be made in the other softer Materials yes you sure yes I'm proud Right I'm interested when I said you couldn't Make this in a soft pliable you agreed But you just agreed with them it can be Made in the ladies shoe but they have Made Kitty shoes for that and it's more Scratchy on the kitty shoe so it does Work Foreign This is a real real wild one But it's my dream to create an Eco-friendly children's shoe company Sorry can we get a temperature check Please If you take the children's shoe And I wanted to convert that into three Different shoes is that possible it is Possible yes okay we're actually working

With the university on another model That does exactly that so basically you Could have multi-color you could have Free shoes in one yes But I'm going to give you a lifeline I'm gonna make you an offer I'll give you the 50 000. but I want 45 Of the business To help you on your journey to get your Money back Against All Odds Tuka Suleiman offers The full 50 000 pounds Gainer has asked For but in return once four and a half Times the 10 Equity she wanted to give Away I came in to get a dragon Yep I'll take your pressure yeah great Well done thank you I'm excited well Done never saw that one coming Gainer Leaves the den with a 50 000 pound Investment in her shoe company and a Dragon to boot I'm elated I'm gonna do a Little dance I'm gonna go out and throw In the kids and probably be screaming Like a crazy person in the street took a What have you done if they can do what I Wanted to do we can make some match Products especially for kids they would Love that Tsuka has great investment knowledge And I think he will take the Peyton to Next Level because he's gonna open doors For sure I'm not as mad as I look

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