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Whilst the pandemic has generated Significant challenges for many Entrepreneurs it has created new Opportunities for others business Partners Gary Giles and Alan Watts Believe they're perfectly placed to Capitalize on the recent growth in home Working Right now I'm feeling a little bit Nervous if I'm honest about it but at The same time I'm railing to go and we Just want to do something positive for The world Oh I like it Like a Lego set Gary and Allen's product isn't Child's Play but it might make it big in the World of construction I think it's Potentially revolutionary for the Building industry I know a couple of the Dragons are particularly keen on Recycling and I think we've got a Product that ticks boxes that very few Other products do [Music] Hello Dragons I'm Gary Giles founder of Organ and I'm Alan Watts head of Production and we're here seeking a 50 000 pounds investment for a five percent Share in the company So what is Ogle Well it's a rapid building system that Takes waste like this Turns it into L's like this

Which we then turn into anything from a Humanitarian shelter To a garden room like this Building with Ogle gives you lots of Advantages over traditional build Methods particularly it's ease of use And its speed of assembly Now I'm going to build part of the wall While I pass you back to Gary Let's be honest we're all addicted to Plastic What we've done is built something here That is 80 waste material Recycling needs a hero and its name is Ogle Well and builds the wall um if they open Your boxes we have some samples [Music] To assemble construction system with Planet saving potential is the is the Offering from Gary Giles and Alan Watts If you cut the other piece they get the Yellow piece but that's on the floor and Then match the yellow to the yellow who Is seeking 50 000 pounds in return for a Five percent share in their business I'm excited won that one you know if You're gonna make it a race can you can You cut that please Judicious editing but when it comes to a Money making opportunity Always demands the full picture and he's First with the questions Alan Gary hi hi

Well it looks like what you've proved Here is quite interesting Can you take me through the process of How it works how you collect the waste Where you collect it from the material Is is waste polystyrene the waste comes From several different sources currently Your TV your your fridge when they Deliver now they have to take the Packaging away That goes to a recycling plant and That's where that material generally Comes from So look I mean the construction industry Is shouting out for Sustainable Building Materials so what is the cost versus the Standard materials cost with a cheaper Is this compared to a brick system or Yeah compared to a big system because a Square meter of double skin with Insulation in the middle of it is about 180 pounds a square meter that will Still work out of as a sale price Roughly about 140 pounds That's a good start yeah Gary and Alan appear to have devised a Sustainable and cost-effective Alternative to bricks and mortar Now Sarah Davies wanted to discover more About the pairs planned to convert their Big idea into big bucks Guys I think it's wonderful okay so have you Come in today with a this is our

Business model we've got a plan yeah This is what we're going to do or is it A case of you coming here and saying We've got this awesome product we kind Of need to know the best way to take it Next the garden building Market in the UK is worth over 100 million Companies are looking to have their Employees at all okay This is a solution And it's the model that you'll go out And build it for them or is the model Primarily you want to sell them as kits Ready for people to build their own Personally I think it's a DIY product I feel quite excited by that because I Think that opens the market up a lot Alan Gary First Look I think it looks Ingenious yeah yeah we think so Right that's good I'm pleased that You're proud of your product But What other products are out there that Are 80 percent Recycled I I we know no other recycled building Um anything like this And have you got the patent on how this Comes together yeah we're at the uh Um National stage of patent we have Three very small objections that's all We're dealing with now with the European Patent office yeah small objections can Become big ones though

We finally it's against those objections Last week but um we have the letter There if everyone's have a look at it I'd actually like to have a look at it Yeah Peter's talking to you sure yeah I love what it solves Um and also the application it looks Really really good But there's one Dragon that's got very Good experience in this Marketplace I Would like to listen and hear before I Decide to invest sure but okay initial Reaction is very positive Um so I'm gonna Tell you where I am Can you see a future where the Production of polystyrene reduces and we Start using alternative sources which Then kind of is a issue now I accept What you're saying I mean over the years There's been lots of alternative Packaging come up with but polystyrene Packaging for certain things is still The best method of packaging it the Ingenious bit for me is actually the Recyclability but I'm afraid you're Talking to a bit of a purist because Allowing us to produce more and more Polystyrene and finding an end use for It doesn't stop the use of polystyrene You know in fact recycling in about five Years time will be a start being a bit Of a dirty word because all the talk is About stop producing the stuff you know

It's it's so so there will be supply Issues and that will knock its selling Point out as far as I'm concerned so I'm Really sorry but I'm I'm not investing I'm out An unanticipated blow for Gary and Alan As the dense doyen of sustainability Predicts the demise of polystyrene the Raw material around which the pair's Business revolves Will Tech Titan Peter Jones share her Analysis Gary I started off by saying I think It's ingenious I'm finishing by thinking It's ingenious but I've also really Listened to what Deborah was saying as Well and I think that really makes sense To me because I've been that sort of World of the technology and I see the Televisions and we see the the packaging Already diminishing almost monthly yeah Which is a wonderful thing yeah um So I'm going to wish you well on your Way and say sadly today I'm out Alan Gary Great idea that that we've established But at the end of the day I need to know Whether your product is commercial it Might be a great idea it might be crazy Price So ideally this is for garden sheds or Outer buildings what would this one Because About about 12 rumbles five how much 12

000 plus that To me it sounds expensive Okay and I think the real issue for you Will be the fact that not a lot of People are going to spare out 12 000 Pounds for that okay So I'm not going to invest in them out Further disappointment for Gary and Alan As two more dragons joined Deborah Meaden in declining the deal Sarah Davies has been scrutinizing the Pair's all-important patent application So is their invention protectable Right I've had a good read through and I Actually feel really comfortable that You're in a good place with your IP okay The great news is I absolutely love the Product and seeing the patent gave me The confidence that you have the Foundations to build a a really Successful business So I will make you an offer And I will offer you all of the money For 10 of the business okay An offer for Gary and Alan all of the Money albeit in exchange for double the Five percent equity they were originally Looking to give away Prepared to match or even better it So guys I think you've definitely got a Very interesting product and where I Think I can help you is the consumer Aspect yeah and I build consumer brands For a living yep

And so I'm willing to make an offer I'm going to show you all the money 50 000 pounds for ten percent Okay thank you thanks Everyone talk to our wall yeah talk to Your wall see if it talks more sense in The brick one It's decision time for the construction Entrepreneurs They weren't good together The next few moments could prove pivotal For the future of the business [Music] I think you're both great I'm not going to argue about the Percentages but would you consider Going half each in it [Music] Because he both got something to bring To the table I think you're right between us we have Different skill sets in different areas But both with the same consumer Focus so I'd be willing to do that We both have Areas that complement in the business So I'm happy to share We've got a deal fantastic thank you Great excellent awesome well done well Exciting thank you thank you Success for Gary and Alan who leave The Den with the 50 000 pounds they were Originally seeking yeah They're quite pleased

And the support of a Duo of dragons with The consumer expertise to elevate their Building business to a whole new level I'm a bit most likely to take Could fail that I think today it could be a complete Game Changer This guy's limit

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