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Thank you [Music] [Applause] Hello everyone my name is Sarah Lee and Today I'm asking for 35 000 pounds Investment for 20 equity in my product That you do doll You do though is the first ever make Your own doll that has been part of a Boy band or a girl band or anything like That until how the doll made of you at Home by yourself using your computer and Printer and scanner Comes with Obviously the blank dog you put anyone's Face on it at all by using transfer Papers Inside the Box it also comes with Some clothing Perch houses and skirt and it's going to Be a boy or a girl to unisex or both if You're that way inclined and a t-shirt As well not only do you personalize a Doll you also personalize a t-shirt And make your own doll from doing my Testimony there's two strands I found to The actual product one is the gift Giving part you know the map people I've Seen received there's been my own little Mini me and going oh lovely the other Side of it is the ego Mania part of it And recently I've noticed lots of people Are buying it and making mini miniature Dolls of themselves and making them look Really out there really really different

And so to accommodate that on the Website and I've created an online Fashion boutique we can buy extra Add-ons for your doll I'd like to basically show you the Product up close and personal I'm handing these out Are there any questions [Music] In a bid to help secure 35 000 pounds for a 20 stake in her new Business graphic designer Sarah Lou has Given the dragons their own versions of Her novelty dolls a tactic which has Just backfired as they've now become Completely distracted by the Effigies of Themselves You see what Theo's done to mine What's up on it what do you think that Is that better what have you done to it Can I how good is that Is that a mustache fit or a bogey oat Mustache See those are fun Sarah Let's Get Serious for a minute how much are they And they retail at 19.99 what yes 19.99. are you joking no not at all 20 Quid yeah they're selling at 20 quid as We speak how many have you sold and I've Sold 810 um in three and a half weeks I Have quite large company I've got Top Shop involved shots run so yeah I've got Topshop paid and all done dusted Um I want those.com gadgets.co.uk need a

Present dot Co dot UK and therefore Bought them from you and give you the Money yes all paid for and I've just had An order this morning for another 200. What price Um at um average of eight pound Thirty So how much money did you make out of Those six thousand nine hundred pounds [Music] Sarah has recaptured the dragon's Attention with impressive early sales Figures James Khan wants to drill down further Into her finances Okay so if you walk into Topshop they're Selling this as a kind of a regular Product are they no basically they've um The audience are run up to when they do Their Christmas order so basically They're not in the shops right now but It has been paid for everything they're Um they go out in the next couple of Weeks and what does it cost you to to Buy this at the moment and have been Made in-house at home uh five pound 71. So these have apparently been made at Home by yes by my auntie My family and friends Oh really yeah this is what I mean it's Very I've I've just started up and like Things have happened so quickly that I Don't even know where to begin to like Take a breath and take it you're just Having these boxes manufactured locally

Somewhere yes yeah but if you bought This in China or Taiwan I mean of course You virtually nothing yeah that's true Sarah is coping well under the scrutiny Of the dragons Expert Deborah meaden has something on Her mind Let's talk about the numbers because When we're looking at return on Investment the value somebody puts on Their business depends on how quickly we Can get the investment how quickly that Investment actually dies and I think You've got quite a short window of Opportunity here so what does your model Say this is going to do how many are you Going to sell and when basically um at The end of my third year that's when I That's when you would get a return on Your money which I expect you to double That at see that's really interesting Because I don't think that's what's Going to happen I think by year three this will be done And dusted but there's um as it is is What we see it as now I'm trying to Create a brand out of it have you got Other ideas already stacked up yes I Have lots of variations I mean like the Basically many replicas of us and how Much scope does an individual person Have we've got Valentine's Day we've got Father's Day we've got I want to make The make your own boy band and girl band

That kind of thing It's a robust defense but retail magnate Theoper fetus is about to drop a Bombshell I think the packaging Um is over engineered because as a Retailer trust me I did not want to Stick Something this big up to take that much Space on a wall meter okay for this Product so yeah that's a problem okay The you know the packages should be half That size and then you look at the look At this and say well actually the Quality is rubbish It really is amateur time it's meant to Look homemade oh trust me it works okay And those are the reasons I can't vacuum So I'm out Sarah's pitch has suffered an Abrupt Setback will the other dragons share Theoper fetus's concerns Sarah oh I've had a bit of fun with it I think it Is fun but the butt for me is that I Think you have so many issues to deal With the things that Theo pointed out And I think when you sort all of that Out and the expense of doing all of that That 35 000 has gone pretty rapidly And that's the reason why I wouldn't Invest in you so I'm out thank you Chances of securing 35 000 pounds for 20 Of you do dolls are slipping away will

Deborah meaden be next to walk away from Any deal [Music] I actually agree with everything that They are and so I should Theo is an Extreme experience Absolutely have got it you know I Completely agree as well and I think You're on the risk of this actually Being a one Christmas Wonder However I still like it and it's fun So I am going to make you an offer but I'm going to need a healthy chunk of the Business to even take my time to do it So I'm going to offer you 35 000 pounds and I want 45 of the Business Okay It's a surprise offer and a steep one Deborah meadam wants 45 of Sarah's Business more than twice what she was Originally offering But James Khan and Duncan bannatyne are Still in when either of them improve on The offer Can see the um The opportunity Um And I would like to make an officer Sarah Um I think I'd like to Copy the whole amount

Um for 40 of the equity Because I think you don't need any help But too I think you're doing a great job Thank you you know I think you're going To fly So I think we're both going to make a Lot of money together So I hope you don't agree that you don't Need any help [Music] Unexpected twist a bidding war has Erupted in the den with James Khan Undercutting Deborah meaden by five Percent but both dragons still want a Huge chunk of Sarah's company will Duncan banatine enter The Fray with a Better offer No I'm trying to make this work But the more I look at it and look at um James's offer I think it's it's a great Offer And I don't think I can beat it So I'm gonna have to say I'm going to Decline so I'm out Thank you Sarah still has two rival offers on the Table Can she now gain the upper hand and Negotiate the warring investors down on Their Equity demands [Music] Deborah would you like to add anything So

Make me better off or not no to be Honest I think I think I've made you a Very good I tell you why unlike James I Think you do and I think you know you Need a quite a bit of help in this Obviously you'll get some of my time but I've got absolutely the right Person to put onto this and I think we We was down a fair shot at making this Happen pretty quickly and your Background and experience as a retail Background My background is very much what makes People work so you know I think I'm not Just buying into this particular product I'm actually looking at you know the Concept of a brand and a range and to be Honest with you you because I think you Will make this work What I do say Sarah is don't make it About the percentage can I go and think About the [Music] It's an agonizing decision for the young Entrepreneur Will she sacrifice a massive 45 of her Fledgling business to secure the support And cash of marketing expert Deborah Meaden All be tempted by the better offer but More hands-off approach from James Khan Foreign And you wouldn't think to go less than 45 at all not even by two percent one

Percent half percent Okay Um in that case Um James Thank you very much for your offer Um I'm going to decline and Deborah I'd Like to Etc excellent well done look Forward to that I reckon we're going to Have a lot of advice Sarah has done it It's early days for you do dolls but she Can now move forward with the financial Support and business Acumen of Deborah Meaden Well done Sarah Luke how are you well How are you more to the point okay I Think you have to think about it quite Hard but you you were going to take one Of the two offers weren't you yeah it Was just really really quite hard Because Um both of them are great Um obviously Deborah it's got more of The experience that I needed Um and yeah hopefully it'll I'll build a Brand out of it and it will carry on Going well very well done you can phone Your aunt now and uh tell her the Business is going on to a new level and We'll see how you get on thank you very Much

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