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Now have you ever woken up in the early Hours turned on some obscure tv channel And found an infomercial for a home Fitness product Well could that be where the product of Our next entrepreneur donna care foley Ends up Not if she has her way she thinks it'll Fly off the shelves especially with the Help of a dragon My name's donna and i'm here today to Ask for 50 000 pounds investment for 25 Stake in my company the running mat Limited I've been in the fitness industry now For over 18 years and seen many products Come and go My target market is the outdoor fitness Industry which has over 9 million Participants in the uk alone doing boot Camps personal training running and Outdoor fitness classes For the past three and a half years i've Been running a successful business Called no lippy bootcamp which is a Ladies only outdoor bootcamp business And it was training my clients i needed A particular product I've got a personal trainer and her Client coming in just to show you an Example As you can see it's now impossible for a Personal trainer or boot camp instructor To carry an exercise mat and exercise

And run at the same time i needed a Particular product that was light easy To carry and where my participants could Run and exercise too After trying to purchase this type of Product for over a year i realized i had Actually invented a brand new product My product Is the running mat The running mat is a portable outdoor Exercise mat You can run an exercise while it's Wearing it The compact unit Opens up into a cushioned exercise mat It's waterproof It's easy to clean It protects the hands The knees the back and the bum No more dirty clothes no more hands on Wet grass no more line and snow and no More putting your hands in dog mess This is a brand new product there's Nothing like this on the marketplace at The moment I have four designs registered a patent Pending and trademark I thank you very much for your time Today and welcome any questions that you May have [Music] A confident pitch from fitness Instructor donna care foley from Newcastle

To get her running mat business off the Starting block the entrepreneur needs a 50 000 pound investment On offer in return is a 25 stake First to jump in is health club tycoon Duncan bannertine Is this a joke No it's not come on you cannot be Serious You're taking the mig No Look You said you've identified the problem Yes i don't see a problem you've Identified and solved You two trainers came in william's Carrying a big rolled up mark under his Shoulder Two issues first of all that map was Very thick you could put that mat in the Ground and lie down and stop stones Cutting your back you can't with this It's too thin it's not going to solve That problem You you're actually creating in your own Head a problem that doesn't really exist I just think that the amount of people Who train like that is mini school no It's that well definitely not in the Northeast and I live in the northeast my office is in The northeast i've got five health clubs In the northeast i just can't see it i Think i think you're having a joke

Not a tall dungeon Fitness expert duncan banertine's Damning verdict on donna's product could Spell disaster for her hopes of Investment But will peter jones see potential in Her running mat I must admit i don't understand Why you wouldn't Put a rucksack When you go to these boot camps tara Does one twice a week and when she goes Out at the door She's got her little sports rucksack yes Bottle of water Towel yeah and a mat so how does she Run or sprint and do any type of Exercise while it's carrying it Carrying what the exercise man when she Takes it off you numpty but why well That's the whole point of the exercise Man She doesn't go to the rucksack and then Do the whole hour and a half that Doesn't go what i'm saying is she puts It down on the side why would you put it Down well because she doesn't want to Wear a rucksack right how this works so Well Is um when my clients are doing boot Camp Um i'd say okay let's let's go we can Run from a to b And we don't need to carry all the stuff

With it we can go from here to ben use Different areas and do all our exercises Put it back on run up and down the hill Five or six times do another bit of Exercise with a mat on and then off we Go again fantastic you have created A boot camp exercise regime that Requires one of these And then you invented this so that this Can be used in your boot camp exercise Regime [Music] Donna's fighting back to defend her Product from some harsh criticism Will kelly hoppen hold a more favorable Perspective than her male rivals Hi donna i'm kelly um I actually think it's Very clever because i do train every day And I know that if i'm in a park and it's Beautiful weather forget the the mud you Want something And it's a problem because you're taking Water with you and everything It's i don't think it's only for Personal trainers i think no definitely Not you know it's for anyone you want to Exercise outside but yoga is also a Massive market someone that does yoga This actually bought one because she Likes going to the park and doing yoga Actually in the park The problem is you you know your patent

Hasn't gone through well it hasn't know It's early days Um Stock Sorry it's not going to go through You're spending money painting it isn't Going to happen I think over the next three years i'm Going to sell as many of these products As i can and if it doesn't go through it Doesn't go through The dragons may be out to get donner on Her patent but will they go any easier On the subject of her sales Peter jones has some questions Donna yeah hi How many do you think you can sell Um there's two different routes i can go Down The fir the first route is to sell to Personal trainers and boot camp trainers And also contact um stores to sell it in Shops myself I'm looking to sell eight and a half Thousand just under eight and a half Thousand over the year and what will you Sell them for if you're selling them Into stores you're gonna sell them at a Wholesale price 25 pounds 25 pounds for that yeah are you 35 People um bought them last week i've Sort them to um a store chain of stores For 12 pound 50 each And uh they were very excited about the

Product sorry I asked you the question about what You're going to sell wholesale and you Said 25. i thought no sorry sorry i Misunderstood that you're going to sell Them at 12 pounds into retail at the Moment i'm selling at 12 pound 50. if i Go wholesale though i'm expecting to Sell more like 100 000 products over the Years what which way are you going to Bloody go well that's exactly um That's that's exactly my dilemma what You want advice from me You're running the pitch i don't care if I go wholesale if i go international if I only sell in newcastle It's your problem you're pitching to me Harsh words from peter jones But deborah meaden wants to know whether Donna's got a better grasp of the Finances of her boot camp business Donna hi hi i'm deborah Your existing business that's making Money it is so how much profit are you Producing a year The first year was thirty thousand pound Turnover with just a seven thousand Pound profit year two was a fifty four Thousand pounds with a seventeen Thousand pound profit and the last year It was a sixty six thousand pound Turnover with eleven thousand pound Profit so theoretically you would have No issue with those businesses coming

Together Okay donna I think you're very good And sometimes you know i just invest in Somebody because i think I'm not so sure about the product but i Actually think that this person if there Is a product in there this person is Going to be able to To do it And i think you you come across really Very well Thank you and what's all this have i i Don't know I'm going to offer you All of the money It would be for the businesses combined So i would i would want the combination Of the boot camp Okay with this one Um and i would want 40 of the business We must be a bit psychic here because I'd written down exactly the same offer Um i think you're fantastic um I would also offer you the full amount Uh but i would want 40 Of both the businesses Okay [Music] Two identical offers from highly Experienced businesswomen deborah meaden And kelly hoppin But has donna's enthusiasm about her Product been enough to win round their

Male counterparts I think you should very very very very Quickly Tell deborah you want to go into Business with her and take her money and Run because she won't catch you Kelly mate I i've seen some stupid investments in The den but this takes the biscuit Honestly I'm out An incredulous duncan bannertine is the First dragon to walk away from the deal Which way will piers linney go So donna i'll tell you what i think I think the math i think you will sell Some i just don't see There's a market big enough To get a return on an investment in the Mat if you see what i mean so i'm afraid I'm out okay thanks pierre I don't i don't know what to say i need The map to lie down i think I i'm um It's one of those moments in the den That you do get occasionally that very Rarely happens but when you get them you Have to sort of take 30 seconds out to See if you've missed the point Because You've ended up getting an offer from Clearly you know I mean i used to regard them as quite Sensible people um

So there's obviously something in it That i'm not seeing but i'm with duncan I'm i'm really shocked that you have Nothing you have no patent anybody can Replicate this i don't think it's I don't think it's going to sell Do you know what i'm going to say donna You want to invest i'm going to say that You are Very very investable but your idea is Ridiculous and so that's the only reason Why i'm going to say i'm out Compliments but no cash Now donna has two offers but for more Equity in her company than she wanted to Give away can she secure a better deal Would you two like to work together Is that something that Is a possibility I would love to have um Just come on board at 30 Between years I'd be very happy to share this with Kelly but for me It would have to be 40 particularly if There were two dragons because you know You want me focused on on on making this Work at 20 i'll do that unless i it runs The risk of it just becoming you know Something I would be delighted to work with Deborah but i also would want 40 because It's very early on And it's gonna need a lot of attention

Okay i came in here and i said i Wouldn't leave without a dragon Um and the fact that i've got a Possibility leaving with two Is um fantastic and um i would give 40 Away to to work with both of yous so i Would love to accept Great excellent Brilliant [Music] Donna has done it she's agreed to part With a bigger stake in her business than She wanted but with two Multi-millionaire dragons on board she Can barely contain her delight I'm dead excited [Music] [Music] Do you remember when this used to be a Serious business oh stop it duncan Stop it Belt matt You

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