Duncan Bannatyne Gets Called Out By Drinks Entrepreneur ๐Ÿ˜†| Dragons’ Den #shorts | Dragons’ Den

When you have a person who's not Drinking whether they don't drink Alcohol they're driving their choices Are Coke from the gun or what's in the Fridge Generally they're quite high sugar Children orientated drinks so we also See growth very much into a spa Environment where ladies are concerned About the amount of sugar they take so They it appeals to them so you'd sell That in spas then we've just taken on We have a small spiral no somebody That's got spells yeah I operate 34 spas And the ladies come in and drink red Wine you know they're not really looking For a non-alcoholic don't sugar drink Is that because you don't offer a good Enough one Yeah Sorry Duncan banatine skepticism is coolly Deflected by a confident Georgie

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