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Foreign Hi My name is Joe Curley I'm the managing Director and the end of JK worldwide and The designer of the playaway case I'm here today to think of 60 000 pounds Investment in my business JK worldwide Plus the advice and guidance of the Dragons My journey started three years ago when My husband and I took our two young Children on a long-haul flight and we Found out just how stressful it was Actually traveling with children Since then I've made it my mission to Create the ultimate travel product for Children This is it it's the playaway case The playway coast is a really practical Luggage item that offers practical Luggage base for clothing this reduces Down on hold luggage feeds for parents The front of the case removes very Neatly revealing the hidden board game That children can play in the car or Actually in the airport Once on the plane the main carcass of The case fits in the overhead cabin This is the play Pod And the play POD comes complete with Loads of activities Playing cards based on man-made Attractions from around the world the Activity pads the Crayons the dice and

The counters to play the game We've also created all of our own Characters they're the pioneers All of them are endangered species or at Risk we've been going through two years Of research and development And what we've actually achieved is our First container of product arriving in The UK yesterday We've got quite a diverse business Opportunity here in terms of Licensing And in terms of sales and distribution And we have a signed letter of intent For distribution to the whole of the US And Asia with the fifth largest supplier In the U.S Thank you for your time we would welcome A dragon on Border Adventure because This is the biggest one we've ever had So can I interest anybody to have a play Would you like to Yeah a compact pitch from Joe Curley From Ipswich please don't He's looking for 60 000 pounds to get Her children's luggage business off the Ground Hey look at the clay pod on the front on Offer is a 20 stake for any dragon who Comes on board Duncan bannatyne is on the case with Some questions It looks very study it's good you've got A container load just arrived absolutely And we ordered in 1400 units right out

Of which we'd already pre-sold 1100 Units okay so who are this all to small Independence and groups like fennec okay So what did they cost you to make but it Cost me 19 pounds 33. and the trade Price is 33 pounds 33 And we're retailing them at 79.99 the Company GK worldwide yes I want to look At its balance sheet does it have debt Um we have a 19 000 pound overdraft And I have input 160 000 pounds in the Form of a director's loan 179 000 pounds is a lot of debt And it's a lot of debt To make before you start making a profit And that could be one of the issues It's a mid pitch turbulence for Joe as Duncan Valentine Unearthed some serious Financial baggage Now Piers Lenny wants to know just how Child friendly the product is I joke oh yeah I'm Pierce Um Someone's trying to work out just sort Of fundamentally I mean my daughters Would get bored of that board game very Quickly absolutely so that's that's one Issue with it I agree with you children Will get bored with that so we've Created sticky games you know the Covering that you have on your mobile Phone we've created nine different games That will go into that recess and you've Got the characters so what you're adding

There though is is a whole different Facet to your business well what we Looked at was when we started the Business we wanted to license some Characters but the the cost of the Characters was was prohibitive for us so We created our own Because of each of them being an Endangered species and because also They're Pioneers it offers inspiration And education by stealth seagulls Endangered What is it it's a big seagull that's an Albatra Endangered in Camden I can tell you that For a fact yes no that's our albatro Okay As Lenny may not know a seagull from an Albatross but he can spot a good Investment a mile off While he mulls over the proposition Peter Jones wants to discuss the product Design Oh Joe yes hi Um I mean congratulations you've created A product Um which is great but let's get back to Reality it's just a case Um now I know that to you being the Inventor you will continually argue About this main piece that comes off are Kids going to open it up like this And sit there like that And it's going

See what we've done with that is by Putting the clips on the side it Actually opens as a book What I'm saying is that I think that You've created something that all of This Goes in here And it's the same as any other case and When I go on a plane with my children as I do they take a case like this yeah but They take the things out of the case That goes into the hold but they've got The thing that they want it's the Specific tablet iPad or game and as a Result of that I would prefer and farm And my children would prefer to have a Rucksack okay and that's the reason only Reason why I can't see an opportunity to Invest in this business so Joe I'm sadly Going to say for that reason I'm out A case of tough love for Joe as Peter Jones takes himself out of the Investment equation Which way will Kelly Hop and go I don't like the product I feel like the Board game on there great as it is the First time you open it by the next trip They're bored with it absolutely and I Take that on bulb which is why we Created the the sticky game it doesn't Matter if you've got 10 sticky things Eventually that how many are you going To make Um it's just not something that I would

Invest in I'm afraid I'm out okay Joe hi Um children don't worry about the Practicalities of travel that is their Parents problem absolutely what they Want is they want what they want to play With on the airplane when they want to Play with it and I'm afraid I agree with Peter I don't think that's enough It's not good enough to hold their Attention that game certainly isn't so The child and you know the child usually Wins in these situations because if they Don't if they're not entertained or you Can they may like make life difficult With travel so I might as well tell you Really really quickly I'm out thank you Okay I mean I'm going to ask myself would I buy one Because I have a daughter that's Probably just about in this age bracket And the answer to that is no and if the Answer no I'm afraid it's not something I'd invest in so I'm afraid I'm out too Okay okay Joe is Thor dragged down with only one To go can Duncan bannatyne see beyond The company's debts and offer the Entrepreneur a cash lifeline I I don't agree with Peter's assessment That this keeps falling down because I Think it can see up quite easily The problem is The debt You know if I invest in this

You've got addressed with Loan account You're going to take that out what am I Ever going to see a return having the Director's learner's Equity wouldn't be A problem it was never an intention to Take that out where did you get 160 000 Investors my family my friends Um basically Um my mum and everybody who saw the Product and and liked it So if that 160 000 was converted Into equity Okay I've been willing to make you an Offer Of the full amount sixty thousand yeah Yeah but I want I want 35 percent of the Company Okay and and Duncan could we Um for that get your advice and guidance And help us with marketing and getting The product tailored to Market Of course you know any any business Investment I I get involved in all all Aspects of it yeah yeah so yes of course Yeah Then I'd love 35 fantastic fantastic What I'd rather have a small part something Large so good thank you very much indeed Well done Joe has done it she had to give away More Equity than she'd planned to but She's bagged herself a deal with a Highly experienced multi-millionaire in

The process Uh yeah it was a dark horse Mr banatai Well you know it's got it was 60 30 by 35 below there Is a real turning point to have a dragon On board with your business is massive Um it's the difference between getting To the stratosphere or just making a Business tick along and uh I think with Duncan on board we're going to make the Stratosphere It's good on you I can see your face on it at the airport That was definitely worth the money that Was a ridiculous investment don't ever Come back into the den [Music] Good riddance Foreign

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