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Foreign [Music] My name is Alexander Thomas from Serbia And I'm here to ask you for eighty Thousand pounds in return for 25 equity Company name Philharmonic lights Purpose developing manufacturing and Installation for harmonicalized Technology International entertainment Industry Our focus is acros liners are known Numbers of luxurious hotels and Amusement parks We will set nutrients in height Tech Dancers with artistically synchronized And choreographed music With dancers uh It's completely wrong I don't know every time when I when I Doing Peach myself it's fantastic but Here I wish that I can start again Carry on so uh I would like to show you A mini demonstration of your harmonic Lights in action [Music] Thank you [Music] Wow A stuttering start but former Electronic Engineer Alexander tomich certainly Makes up for it with a dramatic demo and I have one of those yeah but will that Be enough to get an 80 000 pound

Investment in his prototype portable Wireless lights [Music] Theo perfetus is first to question the Entrepreneur Alexander how many lights can you Control unlimited with one piece of Security exactly this piece okay million Slides you can control Um maximum distance it's 10 miles range 10 miles guarantee but it should be 18 Miles in a built-up area It must be a line of sight a line of Sight yeah what if you haven't got line Of sight do they not work then it's no Point because anyway you not see light Alexander I feel like I'm missing Something here Um what I'd like you to explain is What's unique what's special about this Just explain my patent choreography is Inside the lights Other competition are using different Methods actually they send from Central Computer By Radio command to all uh Lights okay so I Now understand what it Is that you're doing But listen 10 years ago all of my Holiday Parks had systems where the Music and the lights were synchronized Yeah so that's what you're trying to buy You're trying to take me out of that and You're trying to protect me into this so How much would those systems cost versus

This system uh That that Will cost uh I think that definitely more expensive 150 pounds for example to build my Lights and a competition to have same Range thousand and 150 pounds But what the situation using uh fixed Installation then really you should Continue to use a competition because This is a lower cost Alexander's mobile lights may be cheaper But the admission that venues would be Better off using a fixed lighting rig Doesn't go down well in the den Duncan bannatyne is not looking Impressed I'm sorry but you know the abilities to Synchronize music with lights music with Fireworks and music with fountains has Been developed For years so there's nothing new here at All uh well all I think that you're Doing here really is is shown That you can do it personally you're Right yes I usually am yeah but it's not Right Alexander this is sorry I didn't Touch you but this is really important What Duncan's saying he's putting words In your mouth and telling you that your Product is not new it's not Innovative And your pitch is telling us that it is So either tell him that yeah Or agree with him if you agree with him

I might as well I will explain uh uh do You agree with what he said no because Uh it is new because uh there is no way That competition will do 100 lights of Its same reliability as my lights can do Alexander Yeah I say what I am I mean you might be A fantastic engineer a fantastic Electrician or whatever it is that you Are But you have invented I come up with Nothing new here I'm not going to invest and I'm a yeah A first blow for Alexander and a damning Critique of his product Wants to know more about the man behind The invention At Alexander how did you end up in the UK well I came here For honeymoon with my wife and uh and You didn't go back I didn't go back and Pick a reason why because a war started In Serbia the war so so uh so what this Happened 1999 we're waiting that Everything is finished so so we can Return And our first child was born and then You start to be more difficult how did You manage to to survive and keep Body And Soul together uh Well it's uh I have a quite few skills So I find a job and that's it Also What is reason why I stay here

Because I find a It's very difficult to explain English People but it's You feel like in home A heartfelt exchange perhaps but it Takes more than that to impress these Dragons Can Hillary duvet find a reason to Invest Can we go back to the business the Commercial yeah some numbers for Yeah actually to put your lights into What I my plan is first year To sell five units just five then second Year to send 20 of this and following Third year uh 40 of this unit I'm struggling to find your Market You know I I can't find you the market That would be sustainable And that would be regular I just don't think you've got this quite Right Amen Okay Alexander listen there's been some Great inventions in this world Which have made no money There's no point spending years and Years of your life developing something That nobody will buy But I love your lights I think so I'm Going to say those words yeah well done But I'm out thank you Alexander unfortunately there is Something available that is cheaper and

I think you'll sell a few of these but I Have I I'm not convinced that you're Going to have a massive market and the Type of Market that you think so for That reason I'm out yeah okay thank you [Music] Three more dragons out and Alexander's Time in the den looks to be coming to a Close Will Peter Jones offer him the financial Lifeline he desperately needs Alexander I don't buy into the scale of The lights that you're talking about in Terms of Demand But I do buy into what you've created Here It clearly works beautifully And I would urge you to talk to Companies that are out there that are Already doing these things This could be a very good small business For you and for that I wish you the best Of luck but as an investment to make Money I understand I just can't get There thank you and that's the only Reason why I'm out so thank you Alex Thank you A disappointing end Alexander leaves was The dragon's good will but it was their Money he really needed Well still it's not end story you know I Not expect Millions to make but at least Nice you know life for family you know

That and for my kids of course you know At least with some dignity I can go out [Music]

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