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Great ideas can sometimes come in the Strangest of places Archimedes famously Had his Eureka moment whilst soaking in The tub and a visit to the bathroom also Proved to be a source of inspiration for Tonight's final visitors to the den Business partners Tim keveny and Matt Albury I was having a shower one day and looked Around and saw all the plastic products That everybody used And it just seemed like a crazy way to Consume with all that plastic going to Landfill Tim and Matt boast a business with green Credentials under in search of a dragon To match Deborah is very focused on Sustainability so I think she'd be ideal For us Here we go good luck Hi Dragons I'm Tim and this is Matt and We are the founders of Home things We're here today to ask for a 50 000 Pound investment in return for a two Percent stake in our company We started home things when we realized That the typical bottle of household Cleaner is 90 water and just ten percent The stuff that actually cleans we use These bottles once and then Chuck them Out meaning that the average household In the UK gets through around 60 of These plastic bottles every single year

Inside those plastic bottles is 60 of Our effervescent refill tabs each one of Those could be used to refill a bottle Over and over again using just tap water At home the five gram tablet is enough To create 500 milliliters of our Powerful cleaning solution which allows Customers to receive their refills Conveniently through the letterbox In the three months that we've been live We've generated over 55k of sales And we're now going to quickly Demonstrate our products for you [Music] Eco-friendly water-soluble cleaning Tablets Just drop the tab in deliver direct to Your door are the offering from Tim Keaveny and Matt Aubry In True Blue Peter's style here's one That we made earlier who are seeking a 50 000 pound investment in return for a Two percent share in their company This is a tomato and grease based Solution Greece might be the word for the Household cleaning entrepreneurs in your Boxes is what we call our starter kit But will their business be the one that Taselvani wants Matt and Tim Well look I think what you're doing is Brilliant So really the question is how effective

Is this in cleaning compared to your Standard products the only product we've Tested at the moment in a lab setting is That all things and that actually Outperformed two leading brands on Grease removal power Guys I love this you won't be at all Surprised I ask you about the environmental issues How clean is the content of the actual Tabs all of the ingredients are Biodegradable we've had them put through Toxicology risk assessments that they All received a low risk score And the pack that it's in what are your Environmental credentials that enable You to actually verify this little Pouch it's a home compostable material Is it yeah well I'm gonna keep trying to Catch you out but so far Tim and Matt seem to have negotiated Deborah meaden's green grilling with Flying colors But a retail Savvy took a Suleiman is More concerned with their products Impact on Pockets than the planet Heard about Sustainability Or all the good things you're doing But at the end of the day what does it Cost we're only selling online at the Moment so starter packs in two different Prices it retails at 28 pounds for Non-subscribers and 24 pounds for

Subscribers Right so you're targeting very Eco-friendly consumer you've taken 55 000 pounds in sales You've got to convince me that your Model is going to work Well I think I think that part of the Market is massively growing to care We've always had this aspiration that we Wanted to be a mass Market product which Is why we've priced our refill tabs so Competitively So if I went to buy the equivalent from One of the supermarkets yeah what would Be the price difference on a per liter Basis the two leading Eco brands in the UK one is three pounds 66 per liter and The other is about five pounds per liter For our subscribers we're about three Pounds 33 per liter Tim Reveals His environmentally friendly Products don't cost the Earth and beats The Eco competition on price But tej lalvani wants to explore the Seven-figure price tag the pair have Attached to their business So guys you're here Buying the business at about two and a Half million pounds You've done about fifty thousand pounds In sales Why we've got such a valuation The money that we're asking for today is Part of a larger round

So tell me about year-round how much are You raising in total So up to 350k in total Um of which we've already got 295 of That And so you're coming here in the den With the same valuation or you're Providing a better valuation With the same valuation Because we we have to offer everybody The same terms because they've already Agreed to that but we're not everybody So look I mean the thing is this as a Dragon we're coming to add value to Turbo boost your business into growing And opening our doors and contacts and Network and distribution Etc We'll obviously have to wait to hear What um if if there are any offers and What they might be and then we'll have To have a discussion about that Tim and Matt's current funding Arrangement permit only limited scope For negotiation But crucially the door to a deal remains A jar Could Peter Jones be about to prize It Wide Open I think the way that you've put it Together is really good I love the fact that you've even come up With the compostable packets So I'm gonna get in on this fast I believe that I can help you

Stratospherically change this business Very very quickly And to that end I'm going to make you an offer And I'm going to offer you all of the Money However I want 10 of the business But I could put 50 000 pounds of the Capital you're asking for Into your fundraise at the two percent And you two guys You give me eight percent of advisory Shares inequity So you keep your shareholders in the Company happy And that's an amazing story for them I've managed to get Peter Jones and We've made a commitment as founders of The company we've given our shares to Him To incentivize him to do a great thing For our business So there's my offer to you which I'd Love you to accept straight away before Asking any other dragon A carefully calibrated offer from Peter Jones he's asking for two percent of the Business in exchange for fifty thousand Pounds the same valuation as the other Investors but is also seeking an extra Eight percent of Tim and Matt's personal Shares in return for an advisory role in The company Will Tage lalvani also see an

Opportunity to convert plastic reduction Into pounds Look I think to scale this you really Need to get your subscription model Right And um I have a hugely growing Subscription business in terms of Vitamins So I really understand this space and I Know how to help you guys So I'm going to join you on that journey And offer you all of the money At 10 and happy to have similar turns of What Peter's worked out Thanks very much for the offer thank you Guys I do think something like infomercial is Your key way to recruiting customers And I think that to being able to tell The story is way more powerful than Putting this on a shelf in a retail Store and I I know exactly how to do That I would be prepared to make you an offer For 10 of the business I would also want the same level of Terms as what Peter and Tasia offering Thank you very much for the offer Guys There's potential in the product So I'm gonna make you an offer I'm going to give you all the money For eight percent So that's two percent through your

Funding and the balance can be advisory Shares Okay thanks very much An avalanche of offers for Tim and Matt As three more dragons join the scrap for The deal An eco-conscious Debra Medan was the Duo's Original Dragon of choice So is she now poised to enter The Fray The journey I think you've got ahead of You You've got a very pure new product So the good news is you're ahead of the Game But I think the most important thing You've got at the moment is to tell your Story as quickly as possible I think I will be a perfect match for You And I have the authenticity that I think You've got and need to get across So I'm going to make you an offer For all of the money and I want five Percent of the business Thank you very much We've got to go and have a chat A clean sweep for Tim and Matt who now Have five competing offers to consider Peter Jones Taylor alvarney and Sarah Davies have each offered 50 000 pounds In return for 10 of the business Two casulliman has asked for eight Percent All have requested a proportion as

Advisory shares to sweeten the deal By contrast Deborah meeden has made a Standalone offer of five percent First of all thanks to you all for Um your offers we just wanted to clarify Something with your offer Deborah if it Was Um on the similar terms to what Everybody else has offered I would be Happy to work it out absolutely happy Guys before you say something Attention Peter Are you interested in the three of us Getting together Two and a half percent each But you'd have three dragons Instead of one that's occasion Peter Agree of course And that's if you think three dragons Are better than one You know I sit here ignore my strengths And also nor my weaknesses I think I can Offer a lot to the business the one Thing that I wouldn't have is the equal Credential that Deborah has that none of The rest of us have And for you to oversee that I think was A massive feeling there But this is about run the business This is not about waving the flag [Music] Would it throw the cat amongst the Pigeons if I gave you something Different

From an ethical perspective I don't Think there is anybody better than Deborah And the only chance I've got to even Have a snippet Of getting an opportunity to be part of It Is to throw out the fact that I would be Willing to offer you half of the money 25 000 pounds For two and a half percent That's only if Deborah you know it's a Small amount of equity and I know that Dilutes Deborah too so it does make it Might make it less attractive but I'm I'm holding on for dear life right now And it's only down to the fact that I Know that I'm completely riding on Deborah's shirt Tales here Can I just ask Abra with Peter's offer Would you be willing to share that with Him I want to go and talk to the wall Excuse me I'm going to just go and talk To the wall could you just I need to Thank you A den first as a dragon takes a return Trip normally reserved for undecided Entrepreneurs Right And I have a lot of Investments together And we actually do work very well Together So yeah I'm happy to share

Okay Um we'd love to accept your offer Deborah and Peter yeah Good Thanks Success for Tim and Matt They leave The Den with the 50 000 Pounds they were originally seeking Wow that's really nuts that's crazy Crazy and the opportunity to bask in at Least one of their Duo of new investors Reflected Glory I am really good honor If I could get I had no chance of Getting that deal whatsoever and yet I Still got it anything can happen in the Den obviously

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