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Hello Dragons I'm Matthew I'm the Inventor of the UMP The UMP is currently the fastest in-cop Coffee brewer in the world It produces a coffee In between one to two minutes And that's three times faster than a Standard cafeteria Not only is the UMP fast but it also Produces a better cup of coffee it Brews Under Pressure similar to an expensive Coffee machine where you'd get a coffee When you're out and about The oomph once it's made you can drink From it take it with you and use it as You would do a travel mug or you can Just pour from it into a cup and enjoy It at home you say it's the best coffee Right yeah It is terrible look at it Taste it you told me first good coffee [Music] It's under extracted It's not a fur test really the water Isn't at the right temperature on here So you're not going to get the same Brewing as if I've done it directly from A kettle that might be why it tastes Under extracted whatever it is you're Coming on the den your numbers don't add Up let me tell you why so in the last 12 Months what have you turned over I had a Product until the end of January the Product didn't come into okay until

January to June six months what will you Turn over be January to June yeah this well what You've already started selling to Distributors this month I've done 20 000 Pound in total all channels this month's Sales of that I've got 11 000 pound Profit GP and the net profit took Currently this month taken into Consideration all of my costs for this Month is four and a half thousand okay Twenty thousand pound this month if you Add it all up it'll come to 240 000 Pounds for the year So how do you get a million one well I Don't we're only halfway through the Month so I've allowed forty thousand Pound in my second year I know but you're saying this first year You'll do one point I'm sorry not my Second year sorry so it's probably too Good I don't think it's very well made Okay why why would you well this doesn't Even hold down it it does it does not No that one doesn't so it's not supposed To hold down shut as well you should do Yeah it does mine doesn't uh You know if Deborah's doesn't either Close This is really shoddy What is your background what have you Done before this I've got a set of Business up before yeah I said set up my Coffee machine business that sells

Directly to restaurants cafes Um bars offices my wife has ran that for The last year to allow me to do so You've got another business I have yeah Wow What does that turn over 1.5 million You've got another business that turns Out 1.5 million yeah I'm shocked All right yeah how long has that been Going 11 years And how much profit did you make last Year 20 000 then we bought our premises as Well I'm going to say Matthew that is amazing Congratulations it's clearly the Pressure of this environment that's Doing you in Injustice Matthew Probably an investable entrepreneur I'm Going to offer you all of the money But I'd want 15 of the business 15. I'd Be uh very happy to accept your offer Jenny right let's fix this product thank You very much thank you okay in a Remarkable Den turn around Matthew Manages to strike a deal and take away a Wealthy investor who's ready to join him In his coffee home brew Revolution my Name is Chris Reed I'm the founder of Proxy smart limited now than six out of Ten ten Center businesses say to car Parking as their biggest barrier to

Trade why because it's a long Established pain point for consumers you Ever had to rush back to your car Because your ticket was about to expire You ever had accused to validate your Ticket just so you can get out of a car Park Even the current crop of pay by phone Options have got you scratching around Looking for a location code or Worse Still you're shutting down the phone at A voice recognition robot which just Doesn't understand a Geordie accent We created a multi-award winning Solution which removes all of these Issues and we call it parking perks Parking perks offers consumers Hassle-free cost-free car parking and we Use this as leverage to uplift footfall Sales and loyalty in offline Town Center Businesses so how does it work well we Use Smart Pickens like these Which we deploy in and around car parks And parking spaces when you arrive at a Car park a wireless handshake between The beacon and your smartphone triggers A proactive message you can manage your Parking event and be on your way in Under 10 seconds and best of all can Also be free because when you make Qualifying purchases at participating Merchants in the Town Center you will Earn a credit that you can use to reduce Or eliminate the cost of your parking

It's a neat idea actually thank you Thank you you're driving the car park And your phone suddenly goes blue you're In this car park do you want to use this App to park today and you want to use The vouchers that you earned in McDonald's yes yes thank you very much Done absolutely this is exactly what It's all about I've been in software Primarily for the last sort of 25 years Or so I took a business to a successful Trade sale to a PLC How much for 2.2 million and how much of That was yours 500 000. okay good Unfortunately the next business I set up Which again was in software um became a Victim of the recession okay and how Much of you 500 000 did you lose Uh all that whoa Kitty pics is very simple so it'd be Easy for you to invest no I didn't say That because I said it was complex but Not complicated and I could understand It even if you couldn't I did run a business that was complex in Terms of cards in machines Gathering Money into a big pot divvying it all up So I get it this is a hard one to climb Isn't it But I like it So I'm using So let's see if we can make this work Then [Music]

I will offer you all of the money For 45 and a half percent of your Business do you want to go and talk to The wall The Wall's an idiot by the way he said No but I said yes We're on a date okay well done a Monopoly on success for Chris Whose free parking app has now passed go Well done thank you And collected 80 000 pounds He leaves the den with the backing of a Dragon who appears the perfect match for Both him and his business I'm Ben this Is Johnny and we're really excited to Show you our new online shopping tool Pouch if you're anything like us you end Up leaving the site you're on going on Some wild goose chase throughout the Internet trying to find a voucher code That may or may not even exist so we Created a browser extension that Automatically sources all the best Available and valid voucher codes and Presents them to you at the checkout Page of the website you're on and here's How it works you'll immediately see that Our icon sits in the top right hand Corner of your screen and at the Checkout page simply click on our icon a Drop down list of all the available Offers will appear so let the offer you Wish to redeem and paste the code into The batch go box to get your discount I

Do totally totally recognize the problem I will go on three websites looking for A pair of shoes and leave the Basket Open on two and then go looking for Voucher codes you said that 75 of Shopping baskets are abandoned and I Thought wow wow that's real is it that 75 never go to checkout so 75 is an Industry average but some much higher Travel for instance is 85 abandonment so It's clear that this is a problem that Retailers are paying for I love this I think also your very very best of all Guys and you've done everything that an Entrepreneur should do which is you know Risk Everything pay yourself poorly live With parents and all that kind of stuff So I would like to make you an offer Foreign And I come to you as you know one of the New dragons in the den with a blank Sheet of paper and lots of energy and a Capacity to support you So um I'm going to make you an offer of What you asked for All of the money for 15 . thank you very much all five dragons Want a piece of pouch Peter Jones is offering all the money For a hefty 25 of the company Deborah Meaden wants 20 and Jenny Campbell 15. Are willing to share the deal at 10 each We're happy to go to 18.

And I would like that split between Three Dragons Um Firstly Tuka Six percent from yourself From the addition Of you know your e-commerce experience And the brands and the brands you can Add Um Tej six percent from yourself again the Brands you can add And Deborah I felt we had a good rapport Made a lot of eye contact But Jenny Because of the Time that you have we're looking for That guidance and we're looking you know For that expertise and we may need some More time so If it's acceptable to Tuka Jenny and tej Six percent each for 18 percent Of pouch I would do the six percent if my other Two foot of dragons would agree the same Of course So I I welcome The increased offer Brilliant Let's do it Fantastic thank you very much thank you A thrilling finish as the duo leave with The 75 000 pound investment in their

Pouch and the Den's longest serving Dragons are left to lick their wounds Thank you um So you're fine thank you I'm Sarah eargard Brennan and I'm here To ask for 80 000 pounds in exchange for 10 equity in my business love bomb Cushions Limited We bring emotions to life without Ethically manufactured range of novelty Plush Goods we currently hold the UK License for the Emoji company our range Includes cushions foot cushions beanies And keychains first of all I should say Congratulations serial entrepreneur Winner of awards successful business Turning over half a million pounds in The last 12 months so with the first 12 Months of trading we did two 526 000 Pounds we finished on and your profit Levels from that 240 000 which is 46 Gross profit it's a really good first Year of trading absolutely yeah What you want a dragon for Because you're better than me you've got Because you've got proven track records And I also want I'm inspired by you all Sarah never stand in front of anybody Ever again and say you're better than me Never say those words More experienced more contacts more Something never better Choice of words was a poor choice of Words so never say that again thank you

What's your turn over that up to date We've we've had a Um a change in the last so basically What happened was we were approached by A distributor he said they'll do all the Business for us with the High Street So we signed a deal with them and There's no serious about it they did Really great business for us But what we recognized was we weren't Going to be able to get the Dizzy Heights of success the millions we Wanted by staying put with that Distributor so we took the brave Decision to take on our distribution Ourselves I think tuko would like a Number what's the trading revenue for The last nine months ninety thousand at The moment you said you had been an Entrepreneur for 20 years I have So I started when I was 20 and I was in Star Wars collectibles at my height had Six shops and two websites And what happened to that business Um Due to a personal tragedy I had to um I Sold it what did you get for it not a Lot because I just wanted out my son Died so um and it was unexpected so at Which point I didn't really feel like Carrying on I took some time out and did Another business for 10 years sorry to Hear that no it's fine look it's part of Life but and then your next business

Is I still have it skateboarding So you've got a skateboard you've got a Skateboarding business yes it felt like Like a hollow pit back then so um I did Skateboarding and I coached I coached Kids and then it nursed me back to Health and now I am the lead coach Educator for the national governing body Of skateboarding That's the lovely red dress you've got On and I say that because I'm seeing red Flags red flags all over this business Okay But when I took over my business it was Losing seven million and those were many Hard years of graft to turn it around Into a successful business But in the end it was rocking and Rolling And you deserve Somebody behind you to support that So I'm going to offer you half the money For 17 of the business okay Okay Thank you so much For this experience and it's been Brilliant even though I'm a bit Emotional Um And thank you for the offers Um Would you be prepared to do 15 each To take it to 30. For forty thousand

Yeah we'll do that Okay [Music] You've got a deal Excellent well done thank you the two Newest dragons unite to win the deal Thank you so much my name is Mikhail Takach and I'm Tim Inskip and we are From karun UK we're asking for an Investment of 50 000 pounds For 15 of our business We have the UK rights to the current Portfolio products which are all made From Cannabis sativa plant extract Mikhail would you like to explain your Story I am from Lucci Republic and I was Working in the UK with an industrial Accident changed my life I damaged my Arm and I lost several fingers on my Hand amazing energy surgeons transfer The toe from my foot to my hand During their times the pain was Unbearable and the scarring was Extensive visiting Frank from the Czech Republic brought me the karun hemp Ointment and another ham products I Started using them and their results was Incredible face cream shower gel hemp Leaf tea and hemp seeds and they're all Made from Cannabis sativa commonly known As hemp we are vegan organic and totally Legal as the products contain none of These psychoactive elements found in in Cannabis but they're very high in the

Other elements known as cannabinoids Which are currently proven to be Beneficial in treating many different Complaints how can you convince me that This isn't a potential front for a big Drugs ring we have do we have EU Certifications all EU certification all The farmers are certified there is very Strict law oversee these Farmers I don't Know if it's to moisturize and make my Skin glow I don't know if it's to reduce Pain for you know joint pain or injury That I've got this does have medical Device certification in the EU in Czech Republic they have run the trials we are Talking specifically about this product To get a medical device in the UK who Owns the company Karen well my friends In the Czech Republic your friends yes How much of the company do you own none None The chicken Republic nothing nothing Basically our relationship is that mikao Developed some of the products in the Czech Republic brought them over to the UK Tim what's your role in this business Are you are you an equal shareholder uh No I'm a minor Shell at the moment uh The sharehold and split hell I only have 10 yeah so 90 and 10. I got a 60 of the Company and we get another of minor Shareholders which helps me on the Beginning with the start of the company And how much have they put in to help

You from the beginning there was no more Than 20 000 altogether I invest my own Uh over nearly 200 000 in the business Two hundred thousand pounds And what if you where has that been Spent uh unwisely I did a lot of Mistakes on the beginning I hired I Render Warehouse 10 and a half thousand Thousand square feet how much Big offices and hired people because I Did believe because I was watching the Dragons then I want to do big oh it's Awful then No no no it was Peter's fault Specifically As well Thank you so it's Peter's at fault so He's not your favorite Dragon that's Good to hear how much would you write Off of the 200 000 as a mistake 100 000 For sure On June the 3rd 2023 if you've done a Cracking job you hand this business back To these guys There was nothing in here that gives you An automatic writer renewal I mean this is a bit of a mess isn't it From where we're standing I'm sure you Can see that you come into the den with An exclusivity agreement that you're Halfway through And all sorts of issues on extending or Minimum purchase levels how confident Are you that you can renegotiate that

Exclusivity agreement 100 Confident I can see the belief in your Eyes Mikhail and certainly you've come On board Tim with the same belief but I Will make you an offer [Music] So I will offer you all of the money I would want 25 of your business [Music] Offer thank you very much [Applause] Thank you very much look forward to it Thank you very much thank you good luck Guys [Music] Cosmetic Duo have given up a quarter of The company but leave the den with a 50 000 pound investment my name is Henry And I'm will we're co-founders of look After my bills our service minimizes the Price you pay for gas and electricity Because right now People get ripped off We all know that we should switch But we don't So look after my bills does the Switching for you You sign up on our website in just a Couple of minutes Our algorithms get to work and then we Move you to the best deal every year Automatically you don't have to lift a Finger we're offering one percent of our Business for ninety thousand pounds how

Many customers do you have because Evaluation like that I presume you'd Have a lot of customers on board be Around 60 to 70 000 who have done this Switch people have signed up for the Opportunity to take our deals It's a Larger number around 250 300 000. in Terms of before you set up the business Four years ago what did you both do I've Got a political background actually so I Started off doing policy in think tanks I then was a special advisor in Government I actually did some work for The green party and I decided that I Wanted to do what I could about big Business not giving the best treatment It could to normal people and consumers Whatever big one is choosing not to be On your platform because frankly it Costs them money to I would call it slit Your own throat yeah as a race to the Bottom we try to get people the best Price we can find supplies they can Trust now if a supplier doesn't want to Engage with the service that gets Customers a great deal year on Year I'm Not sure that's the kind of company that We want to be moving people to are you Not compromised on Independence because Surely whoever pays you the most You know deal done isn't it I think Ultimately all we can do is be totally Transparent and honest with our users They know there might be cheaper deals

Out there perhaps some companies that we Wouldn't necessarily recommend the thing That I really really like is the ethical Piece that comes through this what You're launching today is about making Energy companies honest at the end of The day and it's it's long overdue So what is the not to like I'm gonna Throw a little bit of a curveball in and Say that I would offer you one-fifth of The money for one percent which means You need to get the rest of us to agree You're willing To double the amount of equity we're Giving away in our business from one Percent to two percent we need to ask For 150k uh for that two percent one Hundred and twenty thousand pounds For two percent of the business Feel that you've taken the negotiation Way too far I'll do 120 000 but for Three percent and that's my final offer Anyways we're hoping to bring Junior Both okay I would share with taige at Three percent So we're apart by one percent any Information we have a deal right yes Let's do it Okay Negotiations well done my name's Cecily I'm the founder and chief coconut at Coconuts naturally organic dairy-free Ice cream I'm here today to pitch for 75 000

Pounds in return for a 20 stake in the Company I started the business in 2015 From my kitchen table Today we're available across the UK via Ricardo and in independent stores via Our network of four Distributors tell me A bit about your journey that brought You to be um queen of ice creams today I Like that title um in 2014 I decided I Was commuting into London from the south Coast where I lived and I just decided That wasn't something I wanted to do for My whole life I changed my diet to a Plant-based diet and all of these Factors are lined I wanted to get out of London I wanted to get out of the Commuter life I started making the Chocolate flavor actually for myself I Was like I miss ice cream started Developing it at home what's your Current turnover yeah sure um this year Just gone we've turned over 87 000 with A gross profit of 26 and a net loss of 33. and then this year 2018 we're Forecasting 330 000. With a gross profit of 114 And a small net profit of 42. you're Doing very well already so what is the Key to this growth and what's the role Of a dragon in that then I just think That a dragon can just add so much value To the business to just to just help me It can be a lonely Place being the boss We feel a bit of an island sometimes

You own all the shares no I don't own All the shares Me and my husband own 30 and there's one Friends and family share hudu also owns 30 of the business Then we've got two other friends who own 15 of the business each and then two More who own five percent each So you're given quite a lot of your Equity away yes we've got a share Agreement which gives me the buyback of Their shares at par so I get back Majority then so you can buy them back At the price that they bought in at yeah If I if I'm in a position too and if I Want to yeah This takes a lot of boxes for me Are just hesitating a little because I Don't like this share structure and if We're honest you know you haven't made Any money yet which is why getting asked For higher Equity but then to me that Gives you a shareholding an even bigger Issue would the other shareholders be Prepared to dilute Yeah on the basis that I'm going to get An ice cream subscription for the rest Of my life Um fully paid for of course I will make You an offer I will give you the 75 000 pounds I do Want more than 20 but I'm not a greedy Dragon I'm a fair dragon So I will offer you all the money

[Music] For 30 if this is something that um Tasian Jenny if you would you would be Prepared to share Probably not for me because it's an area That I don't particularly need another Partner on this one and my answer just So you know would be the same I think we both know exactly what we Need to do here and how to do it would You be willing to come down to 30 I just Feel that the value I can add is a lot More than the extra 10 that's the best I Can do 40 percent Okay Jenny I'd love to accept your offer Marvelous Green yes thank you so much Thanks for your time well done bye my Name is Daniel Chetty I'm the owner of Glaze safe limited and I'm looking for 60 000 pounds for 10 share of my Business I'd like to present to you to Award-winning and health and safety Products that I've designed for working At Hyatt firstly the sash mate window Repair tools they're patented Trademarked and Industry recommended and Secondly the stronghold mobile Anchor Point and barrier system I've been lucky enough to be a full-time Firefighter for 15 years now and have Been in the glazing industry ever since I joined the family business

At 19 years old I had little experience But I was still sent out to do all the Window repairs alone almost all of which Required scaffold Finances meant we didn't have those Options and so I was told to stop Moaning just get the job done and bring The money back after nearly falling out Of Windows nearly dropping windows I Realized there must be something I could Make to help me The result was the sash mate and it did Exactly that so following the sash mate Tools a leading company was led to me With an issue they had how to work Around an opening at Hyatt my solution Is the stronghold it can be used for any Work at hire for Windows lifts and Building maintenance it has helped to Win one company a one million pound Installation contract saving their Clients seventy seven thousand on Scaffolds the last year I sold 75 sash Mate tools 150 accessories and eight Strongholds I heard you say that you're A full-time fireman but then also that You've been employed in the family Blazing business since you were 19. so Which one of those is it it's everything So you are a full-time fireman I'm a Full-time firefighter yeah the director And the designer of these old winning Products I also have a glazing business So I specialize in repairs so these are

For me and my colleagues okay all Full-time yeah 96 hours a week or something yeah this Could be something that you could License or put into the tire industry or HSS or somewhere you let somebody else Do the work so I'm really glad that You've noticed that this is a higher Product they've got the context already But it also allows them to to look at The the cost of manufacture the fact That you own the patent the fact that You've got everything but how difficult Is it to do something quite similar It's not that difficult I personally Think it is patent I am a designer it's Where my passion lies I've tried to make It simpler and better so many times and I can't okay you've got it here your Pattern I haven't I'm afraid I've got All the other proofs of patents let's See how that I can show you oh it's Really it's yeah why didn't you bring a Pattern I thought sorry but I did think You would want to see proof of patents That's just introduced a bit of a Stunned silence particularly because Peter's idea of Licensing all all the Whole value will sit in that patent Daniel one question how many stock have You got 20 of these strongholds and Other accessories did you have any Pre-orders sorry no no no pre-orders I Need to stop

She got 20 years olds ready to go yeah But you don't have pre-sales no so if I Was in your shoes I'd be saying to my Agents I've got this great product Coming here's the sales deal I want you To go and get pre-orders on them yeah But you haven't done any of that You know you're a very very likable guy And very investable from that Perspective But I'm wondering if you've got Entrepreneurial freeze Are you a Salesman I'm not a Salesman no Definitely not so you're sorry you can't Do that I can of course I can but I've Never had any sales experience at all [Music] I was thinking there must be something Else that I've forgotten to tell you That would change your mind and he says He's not a sale he's very persuasive he Says I think the fact that this has saved one Company two million on scaffold it's won Them a 10-year contract They had five blocks of flights 24 Stories each and that's a update every Single opener and everything was safe Without scaffold I'm using over you know As this product got legs is it going to Take off But it is a bit of a leap in a dark and You do need some help on the commercial Side

And part of me is going no just don't do This you know but there's also a bigger Part saying Why don't we give this a go so I will Offer you half the money for 10 percent You deserve a break And I will budge on my 20 percent But it'll be 15. my revised offer would Be to match that Could you reduce the percentage to 12 Each it's a punt Okay I accept your deal Great Thank you thank you very much Thank you all foreign And we're here today to ask for 50 000 Pound investment for a five percent Equity stake in our business Huxley Hound creator of better than raw the World's first range of fully traceable Organic vegetable treats for dogs ever Since our dog Huxley and his brother Rolo came to live with us I've taken a Keen interest in health and nutrition And after a lot of research I decided to Raw Feed the boys And found the choice in the market was Vast a lot of information and choice of Different products but we found it Wasn't the same for dog treats So not deterred I decided if I can't buy Them I'll make them we started trading In January to trade however we funded This business through the sale of a Family home

So we've been we've been spending money For a year and basically getting a Product right we've just taken them Tomorrow okay so you're starting with a Loss of 150 000. okay and so far to date What's your turnover been Um it's um just under I think eight Thousand okay so it's very very early Days yes and where are they made we we Make them and you physically make them From your that's right so so the house Is your house full of no no we've got a Flight it was no we've got a we've got a Factory on an industrial unit in sorry Where are you living now uh rented house So we basically said to the kids look Guys Um mum and dad have gone slightly mad Um we're we're going on a three-year Journey you know we've got an idea we Think it's a brilliant idea but you know I'm I'm famous in my previous uh life For telling my clients go big or go home Were you a gambler no not at all no they Hadn't Um but I spent about 20 years as a Headhunter working with banks and Management consulting firms I was at Cross this year as I am every year so I'm pretty well into my dogs and you're Right there is a massive Market in pets And dogs and cats and so on treats they Were everywhere across you said in your Pitch that you have tested this on um 72

Different breeds 650 dogs can you just Tell me a bit more about that research You did and what questions did you ask Well we based it on social media and Just said we just want your feedback and It was pretty remarkable actually with People posting pictures saying you know When you're going to be online one of The full packets available but you know With the number of reorders that we're Getting the number of stockists that are Reordering Um you know when people like them they Really really like them I'm not sure I do like the branding Doesn't say it's dog treats for a start But I think the thing that you're Selling is the fact that this is more Digestible yes Why'd you tell me that So there is a second Phase of packaging if you like this is What part of the investment is required For we have images there when I look at That because I think this is a totally Missed it doesn't even say it's a treat The story doesn't come out of this Package does it right so you've bought The better than raw is now come up Higher Does that still explain why I mean is There anyone out here that tells me why On the back of the packaging um but it Still doesn't say treat on it I think

The journey is um real credible credit To you but I also see when you get The Branding right and the story right Around brands people buy that and people Do like to pamper their pooches so I you Know I think the there is some mileage In it don't doubt that it's hard but I Tend to think every story is different As well and I think both of you are very Credible I am going to make you an offer All of the money But I would want 15 Jenny would be Delighted to accept thank you Brilliant I'm Edward Hollins the young Entrepreneur behind driven media a Business that takes us an overlooked Space that's been staring you you in Your face and your way here today Uh I would have brought one of our Adverts along today but I doubt it to Fit into the lift let alone be allowed Into the den I'm looking to give you a 10 Equity stake in return for a 30 000 Pound investment Driven media turns commercial trucks Traveling across the country into Mobile Billboards I want to run through a few Reasons why truck advertising is a great Media space Firstly while you're driving or being Driven around you're incredibly Receptive to advertising Secondly each trailer is seen on average

By 55 000 people on a daily basis this Puts our average cost per thousand at 75p making truck advertising the most Cost effective advertising platform in The UK today I'm going to give you a Model with you how you might look on our Billboards thank you what's different About your business and your idea all of Our hauliers have a contract where They've got to do a minimum of five Hours a day driving time five days a Week and it's using these GPS trackers That we can monitor them to make sure They're not stuck in their yard for Three months okay and if you set the Business up yes it's been trading for 20 Months you've been trading for 20 months Well have you been doing this whilst at School Um I've I've graduated from the University of Derby uh three months Before I set this up you've graduated I'm 22. you're not 22. are you I am yes I've got my passport if you need to Sleep and how many Trucks have you signed up four trucks But we've got over a thousand trailers We can access uh within 24 hours okay What have you turned over in the last 12 Months eighteen thousand pounds so an Advertiser would buy a package for one Lorry for a 12 month period for 7 800 Pounds plus that and then it cost me About five and a half thousand pounds

For production and whatever's left over Is the profit for the business what Adverts would you see are the ones that You'd really like to go for Um so Insurance where there's no not a Physical product so especially car Insurance because you're they're going To be right in front of their potential Order okay have you ever got in front of An insurance company I have yes and Um who was it a b wiser and car finance 24 7. okay and what do they say uh so Car Finance are considering it for next Year and be wiser have said it come back To me in September because we're very Open to this idea Okay I like that and you'll always find With finance companies insurance Companies all those in that industry From which I come from that they're in Budget Cycles okay so there's a timing Thing going on here with that industry Can you just talk about Your projections so this year we're Aiming to turn over a quarter of a Million pounds okay so you turn over You're Expecting 250 000. gross profit Would be 120 000. That way okay So what does the net profit look like in Year one eighty thousand pounds When you're in business you don't need To know a lot of numbers but you do need

To know the three numbers that are Really going to make your business take Presumably you're nervous about walking Out without an investment because that's What you came for today yeah I sold my Business last year Um having built it from a very poorly Business to a very successful business And I had a fleet of 4 000 ATMs in the UK and a thousand in Europe the metal Boxes I know how to wrap metal boxes I'm going to offer you all of the money I would want 20 of your business I'd be very happy with that Well that was a quick response I need to Teach you some of that stuff but anyway For now In one of the quickest deliberations Ever seen in the den the entrepreneur Accepts Jenny Campbell's terms Congratulations and drives off into a Lucrative future with a dragon on board I'm Mark this is Liam our business is Dead bridge in we're here today to ask For 75 000 pounds in return for a 10 Stake in our business so why did be gin Uh me and Mark were indulging in one of Our favorite pastimes in a local Drinking establishment When we decided we'd create a product of Our own that reflects the unique Vibrancy of the area Harvard Nichols Without impressed with the products and The brands and the story behind it that

I decided to roll out in all their UK Stores that led to interest from Selfridges who are now listed with in Every store in the UK but we have Achieved that whilst both holding down Quite demanding full-time jobs Sadly or gladly in this case I'm going Gladly I'm going to go gladly matter This year we were both made redundant From our jobs not the fault of our own So since going full time on the gym Business in March we've turned over 16 And a half thousand pounds just to our Current customer base is it made him Just be the job at the moment we're Outsourcing going forward and probably The later part of this year and going Into year three we would look to open a Distillery in Detroit that's that is Part of our ambition As soon as you said you don't have your Own Distillery the authenticity Dissipated from me part of over here is To seek investment and then as we grow The business we do want to open a Distillery there's nothing preventing me From launching my own gym It's for you I love gin we can tell all Your tables Your bottle stop I've got about 36 Gins On my gym bar at home and at some point I will invest in a gym business the Question is will it be today and will it Be you

Absolutely have to create something Special So excite me on what you think you're Going to do now you're in this full time We're extremely confident we'll do 10 000 units that equates to 275 000 pounds turnover then after that We're very very confident that we will Do a hundred thousand units we base that On a similar gym brand with a similar Backstory and how long does it take them To get to a hundred thousand after five Three years and that's based on getting A couple of good UK retailers behind Them they've not even dipped their toe In the water with the export Market the Export Market Adam and it's use I really Think if you're using the Didsbury name It's important to have it Manufactured there We're not naive we know that gives the Products and the brand the Credence that Consumers are going to move towards you Know it'd be foolish of us to have sunk All our cash into a Distillery when we Start the business it would have just Been a bad business decision you're very Smart I'm not saying you're not but you Haven't had to give you very much Um I went to school in disbury yeah and I do like your products thank you but it Needs some work Um it needs better branding it needs

Better profile it needs a better story That whole thing so yes I will make you An offer but if I'm going to be part of This journey I want to be an equal part So my offer to you is all of the money For 33 and a third percent I'm quite torn you know I'd like to be Part of it but the thing that keeps Coming back in my head is is the Competition Yes they've been some good success Stories in the industry but there's a Lot of failures before that come on Chase you want us to go on their knees To get a bid from you In or out All right guys I'm gonna give you an Offer Let's go for it I'm just gonna offer the All of the money For again a third ownership Talk to the wall and we've done a lot of Our decision making on gut and Instinct Since on the journey we'd like to save Your offer Jenny if that's okay whoa Good boy [Applause] Success for Mark and Liam who leave The Den with 75 000 pounds and an investor Who shares their passion for the product

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