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Coming last into the den since launching Our first franchise can you keep doing It stop now stop by Peyton the match Balls from Leeds Who brought along a veritable small army Give me a high five to help them take on The dragons we've got uh six children Finding time to run our business Together uh can be tricky what do you Have to do on Mommy and Daddy are Speaking Full-on but actually it literally is by Definition a family business Prepping for their pitch yeah I've done It hasn't been easy Matt's been pacing The garden with the children as they Play good luck everyone good luck and I've been pacing around the kitchen it's Exciting isn't it preparing for this While running the business still and Also looking after the kids it's been Quite a challenge yeah [Music] Thank you Hi We're Kate and Matt from mini first aid We're here today to ask for a 50 000 Pound investment for 10 equity in our Company When I started mini first aid by Creating first aid classes for parents And carers of babies and young children Learning to Save a Life really is the Most important thing you can ever learn

Since launching our first franchise in 2015 we've grown to 65 franchises across The UK we've created a range of Materials to support all our classes and Courses We've gone on to now run classes also For very young children and also those That require a first day qualification At their place of work so we've brought Four of our six children with us today And they have come to show you what they Have learned at a mini first aid kids Class Okay so one of the things that we learn How to do is we learn how to deal with Somebody who's choking now Grace what do You have to ask Alfie to do first can You cough Alfie is not able to cough so what would We do next hit him on the back five Times Whatever Alfie's got stuck in his Windpipe is still not moved so Grace There's a final maneuver that we're Going to try to see if we can get the Object out and it's called an abdominal Thrust watch out for the object there we Go well done well done thank you Children that was brilliant thank you so In your boxes you've got a selection of Our course materials we're more than Happy to take any questions Bye thank you very much for showing us First aid classes and accessories for

Parents and children Are the offering from Kate and Matt ball They're looking to give away 10 of their Company in return for 50 000 pounds [Music] Very well behaved with a chaperone on Hand to look after the kids the first Dragon to see if this first aid firm has A future is the one whose business Empire has Health at its heart tej Lao Vani Hi Matt hi Kate hi hello great to see Your kids knowledgeable about the area Of emergency and health Can you tell me a bit about how you got Into this We had some family circumstances when When my brother passed away where the First young people on the scene weren't Able to perform CPR because they didn't Know how to I just had this passion that First aid needed to be something that People could learn easily and also it Was accessible So you made it into a structured course That that you could franchise so how Does that model actually work if you can Break it down our franchisees pay as a Monthly management fee about 160 pound a Month and how many franchises do you Have 60 40 65 65 how much does that work Out to in terms of subscription money You're getting per month in total So

Bear with me one moment You get what I mean right 160 pounds a Month per franchisee times 65. What do you say 10 000 pounds a month Yeah Okay And then what do you make on the Individual training courses that they do We might have revenue from the the sale To the franchisees of the course Materials so tell me about that how much Would you make in a month on materials Sales uh 10 000 pounder products per Month okay so totally you're taking About 20 000 pounds a month we're taking Up to about 30 000 a month at the moment So what's the balance from per month is That all online It's not all online Well some of it will be from our uh from The online course sales as well yeah Because we've got the online aspect as Well yeah and additional fees coming Into the business from partners Right but uh is it nerves I think so Yeah sorry because normally yeah you're Normally so sharp on the numbers The floundering first aid entrepreneur Just about finds his financial feat as Tej laovani discovers the pair are Bringing in some respectable Revenue Deborah Mead and now wanted to pick up On something that Kate touched on Earlier

Guys you brushed over something really Quite quickly You lost your brother I did yeah he had A heart condition called cardiomyopathy And he never knew he was poorly so the First time that he experienced was when He went into cardiac arrest And he was surrounded by a group of Young people they just finished their Degree He collapsed and they're trying to guess What to do when it comes to CPR And it was tragic because we I lost my Brother And you wonder what could have been the Outcome how amazing to turn that into Something inspiring thank you Kate Matt hello I just want to acknowledge what a Cracking job you've done to date have Successfully wrought a franchise model Profitably whilst raising six children I Can't even imagine what your house looks Like it's chaos but I want to understand A little bit more yes what are your Franchises getting from you for that fee Okay so one is brand recognition but Also it's about all of the training that The franchisees get not only on the First aid what's important is how you Develop that franchisee to be able to Conduct a presentation in front of 20 People manage a room where there are Babies and children I never wanted to

Have a reputation that we took people's Money and said go with it what we wanted To do is say actually we'll nurture you And we'll develop you into being a Really good business person yourself and That was very much part of the ethos of The business But that's okay there's many reasons to Run a business you know and profit isn't Just about cash it's about the stuff That can come out of that business That's very strange for a dragon to be Saying that is yeah But it's true you've got to make money Because if you don't have money you Haven't got a business but you then earn The right to do what you want with that That is the main reason Kate and Matt's ethical Outlook gets the Seal of approval from Deborah meaden but Tuka suleiman's areas of expertise and Manufacturing and Retail and he wants to Find out if there are ways to bring in The Bucks beyond their franchise courses Kate and Matt what I want to focus on is What are the opportunities to grow your Products because that's another form of Revenue yeah I've seen you've got your Little kit here What does that cost you that cost us Three pound forty five and we sell it Online at 11.99 right and how many those You sell a month just under 200 a month So there's potential to sell more

Whatever products would you like to Introduce are you going to convince me Now right what are the opportunities Going forward We don't sell basic first aid supplies To the first aid Market at the moment we Don't have a share of that market in the Slightest because our Focus has always Been so heavily on the classes Themselves but I need you guys to say Look guys we've got this opportunity We've got that opportunity we can do This we can do that Okay look you've got your little family Business which is fine But I don't think there's room for a Dragon Where I can see Real growth And for that reason I'm out It's a big red cross from Tuka Suleiman Who fails to see how the training Business could chalk up enough income to Keep him interested and becomes the First dragon out Will Theo perfetus see Kate and Matt's Franchise framework as one that can Offer up a healthy financial future Guys when you first walked in huh it's First aid we've all done it at work Haven't we but listening to you you've Sort of brought it a little bit alive For me I'll certainly show a lot more Interest in future

But listen I'm conscious you've already got a good Business And I would want too much of the Business and I would not feel Comfortable in asking for the level of Equity to make it worth my while okay Good luck I'm afraid I'm out Guys I don't think you have got a good Business yet But I think you will have a good Business I think you're in the early stages of That journey and you've got good enough Instincts to get yourselves there guys You've got good instincts And I think that you will make good Money But I honestly don't think it's going to Be big enough for an investor So I won't be investing I'm out [Music] I want to congratulate what you guys Have done I think If you really are doing something Important But you're quite stuck into this Franchisee model To change that would be difficult do you Mind if I interrupt you Now go ahead okay so so we've launched a Hold making work safe online courses uh

Joint coronavirus which is outside of The franchisee model so it's direct to The customer I get that but I just feel That what you've got at the moment in Terms of the franchisee model is just Not that scalable But look I think you've done very well So far and I think you will do well Together But it's not going to be something I can Be part of so I'm going to say I'm out But good luck guys Declines a deal leaving just Sara Davies In the running Has she seen something in the first aid Company that will make her throw the Entrepreneurs behind it a lifeline Matt Kate I do fundamentally disagree With a lot of what the guys have said I do think you need a dragon I think you need a dragon to help build The product strategy Why should that not be the case that You're doing this fantastic business Over here with all of the right drive And the product side doesn't run Alongside it and give you a very very Good living So I'd like to make you an offer I'm going to offer you all of the money But in return for what I feel like I'm Adding to the business I would like a 20 Stake thank you thank you that's very Good to hear

Can you talk to the wall we will go and Talk to the world Sarah Davies offers the full 50 000 Pounds Kate and Mata seeking what do we Do now But for double the 10 stake they wanted To give away Will they accept her tight terms or come Up with a counteroffer [Music] Uh first of all thank you for your offer You know it's great great to hear that There's a there's some interest there And support and um guys I'm interrupting You I fear you're going to do something very Silly you'd be nuts to turn down Sarah's Offer absolutely nuts We we did we did feel as though we we Very fairly evaluated our business at 10 And I know that 20 isn't uh going Massively on beyond that but it's still Double that So here's the thing I would like to Believe that I have a reputation in the Investment Community as being very fair And reasonable So what I will say is I'll give you all Of the money for 20 of the business Today And on the basis that I will get my Money back in 18 months I will drop to The 10 you came in asking for On that basis uh we'd like to accept

That delighted to Etc we've got a deal Thank you I think that's fair and Reasonable for everyone all around us Yeah thank you very much Thank you Clayton Matt have cracked it After agreeing an equity buyback with Sarah Davies they leave The Den with the 50 000 pounds they came for and we're The delighted Dragon to help them turn Their first aid Enterprise into a First-class business That was full on them yeah I feel like I've been hit by a truck having six kids Is nothing compared to that I tell you what such a great moment for The family though I mean it's such a Brilliant thing and the mission they're Doing is incredible so it's really Really good I think we just need to let It sink in first they do yeah actually We've actually done it yeah

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