For The First Time, Steve Is Excited For A Deal! #Shorts | Shark Tank AUS | Shark Tank Global

So you can get Chunky Foods too Yeah that's good I'm about to put two uh 40 month olds on an aircraft for 23 Hours perfect yeah which is about the Stupidest thing I've tried Actually to actually fill it what you do To fill it so I get it like this yeah Can I show you yeah please pull one Apart It's all right That was a demonstration that was yeah It didn't break no there you go Already sucked on it oh that's all right You've got boys germs Shopkins sitting There watching Netflix yeah that's right The color scheme might have to change For the adult Market yeah you've got the Tube of food here the tube of beer here Yeah What do you need to get me what do I Need to do to get you I mean You name your price I'm with you 120 12 I mean I'm on your Journey

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