For The Sake Of His Kids, Mark Will GIVE $500,000 To This Company 🥺 #Shorts | Shark Tank US

If you had told me I'd have this net Worth I would have laughed at you Now I have kids including two daughters Seven and ten and now my biggest fear in Life after my kids health Is that they don't turn out to be jerks Right that they don't have a sense of Entitlement so I'm gonna make you an Offer but it's got contingencies Okay I'm gonna offer you five hundred Thousand dollars okay For five percent okay okay right but the Contingencies are that my daughter is a List and Alexis can come out and spend Time with you guys be part of it you Know I try to put them in a position Where they have good Role Models because Of all the things in life I can buy That's something I can't buy and that's Why I want to be part of so I'm Investing in you

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