Great Entrepreneurs Think Alike | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Peter got you a Gray Goose and cranberry Wow how do you know I like that ah Adrian had done his homework about his Clientele's drinks of choice sour pina Colada how did you know Peter Jones wondered how Adrian's idea Had crystallized in the first place what Made you come up with this a long long Time ago I was having a gin and tonic Lots of crust icing and I couldn't Physically get drink out of the glass so I designed one on the spot it really Worked and then sat on it went into Telecoms for 20 years and when the Plastic straw debacle kicked off I Decided this was going to be my first Product and who would you work for in Telecoms agent whether it's my business And we used to buy a lot of Hardware off You Peter did you fantastic you know It's payback time

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