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Foreign [Music] First into the tank is a way to bring Some sunshine into your life [Music] Hi my name is Amber Leung and I'm Seeking 750 000 in exchange for 10 of my company Circadian Optics wow sharks close your Eyes and imagine your inside a dark Windowless room Now open your eyes and picture yourself Outside on a bright sunny morning with Sun in your eyes Since the beginning of time the sun has Risen in the morning and set in the Evening this is the cycle of life itself Just like diet and exercise light is Vital to our physical and mental health We used to spend all day hunting and Foraging outside but today all of us Slog away inside a dark office all day We're not getting enough light this is Disrupting our body clock and it's Making us tired and unhealthy but what If there was a way we could bring the Sun right to your desk now you can with Circadian Optics we make bright like Therapy lamps that mimics the color and The brightness of the Sun Using this from minutes will help set Your body clock for the day ahead it's a Mini sun on your desk sharks help us Bring more light into people's lives

Who's ready to turn on their day with Circadian Optics Amber what was your Inspiration behind this so I'm I'm from Malaysia So oh that's how you got that explains Right there you give me the answer in Minnesota you see it a sun six months Out of the year but because I was Working at a corporate job I didn't see The sun 12 months of the year and the Lack of light was really affecting my Health I was feeling sluggish at work I Couldn't sleep at night and I realized The importance of circadian rhythm and Light so I bought a light therapy lamp I Felt better in a couple of days but the Problem was my co-workers would tease me Endlessly because of the design of it Was this big white fluorescent lamp that Took a lot of space on my desk it made Me look like the crazy person in the Office so there was a gap in the Marketplace for a flight therapy land That is effective but at the same time Stylish you're putting a real evaluation In the table right you're saying yeah my Company is worth 7.5 million dollars and Therefore you must have Blockbuster Sales I do my lifetime sales is 7.4 million Dollars Well annual sales last year I sold four Million dollars wow that's fantastic

Thank you are all of your sales online All of our sales are online what is your Average sale online average sale is 57.99 and what are your margins Amber my Margin is 70 so you got to be making Money hand over foot I have been doing Okay but no I know but so if you have 70 Margin you're selling all online either You have ungodly returns or something Really wrong so last year I have made 652 000 what's this year going to be this Year I'm projected to do 5.6 million What are you gonna make on the 5.6 Million I'm going to make 1.3 million Dollars 25 percent Yeah so I am here because I am looking For a strategic partner that can help Take my company to the next level right Now I'm a five million dollar company And I sell only online that might be a Good thing if I want to go into retail And it's a different it's such a Different ball game I want it to be Worth the work Amber what is your Backstory a personal background Um so I'm originally from Malaysia I Grew up pretty poor I actually the house That I lived in didn't have indoor Plumbing uh but I always had the dream Of coming to America I think too many Episodes of Full House and when it was Time to go to college I told my parents

I wanted to come to America and they Said okay let's do this together they Cashed out their retirement fund they Borrowed money from their family and Friends to send me to school here on a One-way ticket and school fees and Living expense for one semester but they Gave everything they could to me so like That is how much Faith they have in me Um Nine months after coming to America I Was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome I was Given a 50 chance of surviving but my Parents couldn't come because they Didn't have an American visa but I I survived And that was a gift It gave me a new Perspective and life And it made me ask myself what am I Going to do with my one wild and Precious life So I went to grad school I I got a Six-figure job and I gave back I send Money home and I when I have enough Savings I asked myself I want to do Something courageous I have to take a Chance So I had this idea and I need to choose Creativity Over certainty And that drives and motivates me Every single day how lucky

And blessed Am I Great thank you You represent why we all do this show You represent to everybody in America Everybody that watches this show that it Doesn't matter where you come from if You put your mind to it anything is Possible you represent everything great About entrepreneurship The American dream you are freedom so Thank you for sharing that with us it's Just no balls no babies amen baby [Laughter] To me with an entrepreneur if you look At a field of dandelions do you see a Field of weeds do you see a field of Wishes right I want to invest in people that see a Field of wishes and that's who I think You are I would like to help you and to blow all Your wishes All Over America this Product but I'd like another shark with Me okay okay Foreign All sharks are still in Lori is Interested in Amber's light therapy Business circadian Optics but she wants To partner with another shark I would Like to help you and to throw all your Wishes All Over America this product but I'd like another shark with me okay okay And I am looking over at mark

So mark would you be interested yeah I'm Hoping you're going in with me you would Go in with me of course well why didn't You hear what it is Mark and I need to Have a conference if if I give you 750 000 and I'm an outside investor an Investor I'm not an operator yep how do I get it back So you will get it back when we scale so You mean you're gonna you're gonna give Me 10 of distributions when you pay Yourself we will have that discussion But I'm open to that what do you need The money for you seem so Self-sufficient I'm wondering why you Need any help the 750 000 we're gonna Spend on inventory there are a lot of Things on on social and.com okay we have An offer yes and it's something before They go in then I think you're an Amazing thank you like your immigrant Story I bond with in a massive way I've Taken risks that not the way you did With your entire family's background on The line Um so I take my hat off to you on that Thank you Rohan but I'm not seeing Honestly the value that I could provide I'm out Okay okay thank you Barbara and I will Put our offer out first okay all right Because I think we bring a lot to the Table okay I think Lori first because Then they discussed longer so to be fair

Okay here's our offer Mark and I are going to give you the 750 000 For 20 because you got us both Okay thank you thank you for the offer Um can I listen to Bob Ross and Kevin's Offer okay we're gonna give you exactly The same offer I look at this and say we could probably Help you double your sales very very Quickly and probably help you a lot in Your manufacturing because I have a lot Of products we've given extra 50 for Your parents who are unbelievable people It's the same offer I don't know about The parental things that coming out of The 750 they're giving you or you're Giving them an extra 50. we'll give them An extra 50. [Music] Amber you have to decide no balls no Babies no balls no No so Okay I know I should negotiate be a good Business partner but I am here for Lori And Mark both of you you have a deal [Applause] One of the best presentations Thank you very much congrats Amber thank You Never dreamed this big I'm just a girl From a small town in Malaysia I went to the bathroom in an outhouse

Now I'm in L.A pitching to the sharks If you have the chance and the Opportunity to reach for your dreams Reach for your dreams [Applause] Next up are gum and mints with an extra Boost [Music] Hey sharks I'm Kent and I'm Ryan and We're the founders of neuro from Los Angeles California today we're seeking 750 000 in exchange for five percent of The company okay when I met Kenton College he was studying neuroscience and Training with the Japanese olympic Judo Team and Ryan was studying chemistry and Was captain of the cross country and Track team he's a second degree black Belt in karate and he's finished 12 Marathons he's also an artist has done Over 40 murals around the world and he Trains with the U.S paralympic team I Guess if there's one word to describe us It would be more more look we like to Push each other but sometimes you just Need that little extra boost coffee's Great but it doesn't fit in your pocket And you don't want to be running around With it oh and don't get me started on Energy drinks we wanted clean balanced Energy something that can be taken Anytime anywhere so that's why we Created neurogum and neuromints for when You need just a little more using a

Patented cold compressed method we used A blend of natural caffeine plus L-theanine and b6 and b12 vitamins in Each piece each each piece contains as Much caffeine as half a cup of coffee And since you absorb it to your mouth it Works way faster than drinks or Supplements but what about the sugar oh Ill no GMOs nope all right but is it Vegan yeah of course it is wow it really Is better than a cup of coffee and one Tenth the price so sharks wake up don't Get yourself stuck in a sticky situation Now who wants to chew on some neural gum And Euro mints just do it bring it on All right there you go it's the mints on The top and cinnamon in them thank you Mint flavor gone with a pump what he Wants to try first try the mints sliding Tin one how long does it take to be Effective five to ten minutes are you Already in stores we are in stores 5500 Locations Tell us a little bit about your Background when I was in college I was Basically training four to five hours a Day trying to balance school with my Social life and my training was Extremely difficult so I was mixing Supplements in my own room and obviously We have chemists and formulators now but To refine it but that was essentially v0 Of neurogum where did you meet Ryan I Met Kent in Japanese class uh we

Automatically just hit it off and then We became best friends and uh in 2009 I Was 19 years old and I got into really Bad snowboarding accident and doctors Told me I would never walk again I spent the next two years and 15 Surgeries in the hospital I think that Was definitely the lowest point in my Life And fortunately I had the best Friends family in the world that helped Me get back to where I wanted to be you Know Kent and I just wanted to live more We wanted to do everything that life had To offer and that was really the Catalyst to start neurogram you know Life can change in early seconds yeah to You I mean I was just so impressive I'm Just trying to live life to the best Well here you are in Shark Tank that's Not bad So based on your valuation you must be Doing a lot of business We can do much better but we have been Doing a fantastic job this year we're Coming up to about four years from Started launching the company uh this Year we'll do about 3.5 million in sales Wow we just entered retail what 3.5 Million in sales this year what did you Do last year was yeah it was uh about 1.5 million bam for the first three and A half years of the business we only Focus on online and um Amazon it's about

33 of our customers in the last 12 Months on our website had bought again And on Amazon is about 21 so the people Who try a product really love it Ryan I Got to tell you I am so freaking hyper Right now So listen walk me through your Distribution because the danger with Rising sales is that they may mask Repeat sales Daniel there is a big Reason why we're here because retail is Terrifying and I think we need that Marketing profile it's the ad allowances The Shelf talk all those things that Kind of interesting phase like it's Crazy so we're in 5000 of the largest of The largest Pharmacy chain in the United States we're the number of two Best-selling product in memory focus in Cvsg so we retailed the product for About 395 3.99 and and it cost us 67 Cents to make the neurogram and Neuromints and so our gross margins are High what is your sales in just CVS it's Close to half a million so far I'm Assuming you're going to tell me you're Going to do 5 million next year I think We could do 10 million because we have Two large POS lined up with two two of The largest airport companies it's Delta And JetBlue so guys so my advice I want To give you because you can grow Yourself out of business if you're not Cautious here you can have an airline

Get very excited try one order you go Really fast and before you know it they Don't reorder you just need to be Careful with your growth I love your Authenticity you remind me of my father Because people that survived the Holocaust the overwhelming majority they Could not talk back about their past and My dad found a way to talk about Everything he went through but to always Be kind to always be thankful and to Always see the positive and I just see That in you but it's just not a category That I feel I can connect to enough Amount but I love everything about you Guys I wish you the very very best thank You so much Daniel we look up to you a Tremendous amount and what you've done With kind bar and you are like an Inspiration to us okay boys no more Kumbaya 750 000 what are you doing with the Money uh so the 750 000 is going to go Into the marketing efforts in retail Because look marketing guys why are you Even talking about retail you have a Proven model why are you worth 15 Million dollars because most cpg Companies right now haven't been have Been getting acquired at three to 10x Multiple on top line revenue and that's What we're talking about that doesn't Have to do with where you're at right Now

Okay here's my challenge with it the Value of this company would have to grow By so much for me to make any money at My five percent right I think what we're We're just getting started on the retail And I think back to your point why why Don't we start just stay as an online Business is we want to really make this Into National brand it takes a lot of Money to do that my friend absolutely We're trying to go from product to Lifestyle though that's why we're Spending our money into sampling and Events because that way we could connect With people look do you put yourself at Risk when you sample you are a Supplement that's making claims you talk About Clarity you talk about energy you Talk about focus and so when people see That that's what they're expecting and That's what they're hoping for even Though you as a neuroscientist knows no Two people are going to experience it The exact same way right so if you Sample you put yourself at significant Risk so for those Reasons I'm out Thanks Mark Listen what you have achieved and Overcome I mean there's no end to what You'll do but for me right now I'm kind Of like this When I'm like that I have to say I'm out So you know for me there is a massive Gaping hole of how are you going to

Scale this but love you guys love the Success so far For what I know I'm willing to take a Flyer on him I'll give you a million dollars for 20 Percent It's a flyer I think your valuation is Stinky poo poo it's ridiculous but I Like the premise of the business I Prefer the vertical aspect to it that You found your Market that business Alone could be good here's my offer I'll Give you 750 I want 50 cents in Royalties off every unit till I recoup a Million dollars and I want the five Percent equity now oh my Lord thank you For that offer Gonna respond to you Robert first yeah Um do you want to meet halfway at 10 Million valuation Foreign Valuation Can it do seven I'm so sorry we can't we Can't do that it was just yeah I think It'd be unfair for the other investors That came in they're not sharks but no But they are an extension sharks are Expensive my friend look it's not your Family they're investors and I think I Think I bring more value I mean I love You guys but I can't do it at that right I'm out okay we appreciate it well then All roads lead back to Mr Wonderful as Usual and they all have potholes what do

You want to do Oh I I don't think we could take your deal Kevin They're making a big mistake my friend Well guys thank you very much Those were great guys Love you dude love you too Well we're all about more and more and More and the Sharks definitely wanted Two more more too much more more more I'm Kira I'm Christian I'm Kaylee and We're siblings from Long Island New York Our dad Keith was a New York City Fireman he was a firehouse Chef everyone Always loved his cooking your father Made the kitchen a place to feel Comfortable safe and warm our product Was designed by our dad and is created To simplify the way you work in the Kitchen my dad was ready to introduce His product to the world but he put Everything on hold when our mom was Diagnosed with stage four breast cancer She battled for two years and lost her Fight to cancer on August 22nd 2012. That was the hardest day of Our Lives Losing our mom was really hard for our Dad but we all really just encouraged Him to make his dream a reality but in 2015 he was diagnosed with synovial Sarcoma A cancer that developed from being a Fireman in the cleanup of 911

Our dad fought as hard as he could But just three months ago our dad passed Away Our dad's funeral was the biggest Tribute to who he was over a thousand People came the New York City Fire Department had the whole Street closed Down and they just really honored Who our dad was as a hero I think that it's love that keeps you Strong and the foundation that both our Parents set for the three of us is what Gets us through each day the Sharks Should invest in this product because It's amazing and it has the support of Three really strong kids who love the Person that created it Foreign [Applause] [Music] Young I'm Christian young I'm Kiri young And we're the young family we're here Today seeking a hundred thousand dollars In exchange for 10 equity in our Business our business is the cupboard Pro Our dad invented the cupboard Pro and it Was his dream to pitch down Shark Tank Unfortunately he passed away before he Had that chance but we're here today to Continue his legacy and make that dream A reality Tell you more about our dad's invention Here's a video our dad made about

Demoing the cupboard Pro Young I'm the inventor of the cupboard Pro Couple to use open up your cup Slide it in so the tongue and groove in The board I'm gonna cut an onion I'm Gonna core it I'm gonna take all these Scraps they're gonna go right into the Cup then have to put a bowl under my Board I didn't have to stop really would It be any simpler it is so easy so flip Your board over I'm gonna use like a cup Of red wine to simulate meat juices the Routings are directing the juice to go Right where they need to be I'm not Doing anything I'm a New York City firefighter I'm a Father a widower cookbook author cooking With the firehouse Chef when I'm at home I have to get things done rapidly Because I have three children I'm a Um I have to clean and on top of that I Have to cook I need to kind of be on my Game with my kids everything revolves Around my kitchen really at home that's Where the heart of regular family's House is We feel honored to be here today and to Share a little bit of Keith Young and The cupboard proud with you all so who's Ready to make our dad's dream a reality With us That was very moving thank you thank you Your dad sounds like an amazing guy

Can you tell us a little bit more about When he invented it and give us a little More of the story yes um my dad invented This when I was in high school and then As he was getting his first prototypes Our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer And he put everything on hold to be by Her side I was 19 at the time my brother Was 15 and my sister was nine [Music] Um on August 22nd 2012 God called my mom Home and my dad just showed us what Strength was in every moment that he Continued to show up for us and just in Life in general is a true inspiration Just like our mom And then Um my dad took a break with the cupboard Pro he was asked to be on Chopped and he Did it and he was a two-time top Champion which then gave him the Confidence to start working on this Again In December he got his delivery of 2000 Boards and at that time he was diagnosed With cancer which is a 9 11 related Cancer from being a fireman there and [Music] Um he was on hospice in the beginning of The year and he just passed away three Months ago So sorry thank you thank you thank you Wow so we are we have this amazing Amazing invention right here for you

Guys we're going to pass you guys each One great thank you [Music] Thank you thank you oh it's heavy it's My dad was all about quality so it's Bamboo Um we have three patents on the board in The cup this tongue and groove is really Important my dad has his fireman logo on The board and if you see it has the Number of how many firemen died on 911 That's something that really honors the Fire department the sport is really Heavy really great quality engineered Smart so this well no matter where you Put it it's going to run the juices will Run down because it's pitched higher in The back I love it because that's Usually the problem when you're cutting You have to push all the stuff off the Side here and there many of them have a Well built into the board but here you Can take it off throw it in the dish Because when you put the ones with the Well built in there it doesn't fit Straight in the in the dish yeah exactly That's an amazing product it's Incredible thank you so what are your Sales the three of us actually just Began three weeks ago selling the board Because you have 2 000 in inventory Right yes are you putting that online we Just launched our online store three Weeks ago how old are you I'm 24. you're

24. 20 15. so your dad wanted to come on Shark Tank yeah right yes that was actually His audition video and on 911 where was He uh he was part of the cleanup so he Was that he was there for that and over 2000 firemen are actually currently sick From 9 11. just from all the fumes that They were breathing in so yeah I was um I was at Ground Zero nine eleven spent Two years there during the cleanup Working with the city I met a lot of Brave people like your dad and a lot of People who lost their lives so it's Great that you're doing this thank you Thank you what are your what's your cost 12.50 okay and you're selling them on The site four forty forty dollars how Many have you sold so far 300 in the Last three weeks wow how are you selling Them what are you doing today how are You getting that Um just through social media and our Online store and then in our living room We're all packaging the boards together Writing everyone individual thank you Notes you guys are real entrepreneurs Now yeah what's the money going to be Used for the hundred thousand dollars we Have to renew our tooling and then for Marketing and advertising which is like 20 000 and then like all new cutting Boards which would be around five you Mean um inventory yeah

So are you running the business Basically uh the three of you together That's it you're running everything yes So what is what over what overwhelms you Right now tell us why you're here and What you're looking for in a shark to Help you with I've think honestly it's Kind of hard to overwhelm the three of Us just because of like the amount of Stress that you go through just seeing Your loved ones sick and we only able to Be here because of how strong our Parents work You know is it possible for you just to Step out in the hallway for a second Yeah They have inventory right I could I Could sell that off I feel in a Heartbeat yeah right we'll get there We'll get there oh geez it's not that Scary well I hope we get a deal and then It'll be fun so once this story is out Obviously the units they have will ship We just have to keep in mind we need to Take on the new part of the business the New mold the New York they have to be Made at a fraction of what they're Paying I would feel good with anyone Making an offer because we're in a dream Right now I'm gonna call him back up Come on back You know the story is amazing right you Obviously you have a million reasons to Be proud I think

And your father will live on forever Through each of you and this product but Rather than us fight it all out we Decided to work together Wow and so all five sharks are going to Come together which is a rarity now with Sharks so we're going to negotiate Something will never happen so we're We're gonna offer you a deal okay Hundred thousand dollars For twenty percent [Music] Now And each one of us is going to Contribute Twenty thousand dollars And our expertise so that we can help You and so any profits that we earn from Our 20 we're going to contribute to Whatever charity your dad supported for Firemen that have been sick from 9 11. Oh my God Thank you so much You want to get one in every Kitchen in America thank you Laurie all right thank You so much thank you now we're still Going to make you guys work yes we're Ready to work So it's not gonna be easy don't worry We're not here for easy congratulations Awesome oh my gosh that was amazing you Know this is the beauty of Entrepreneurship yeah yeah you're going To be able to support themselves this is

A product that'll go on forever I love It and the beautiful thing is is that They have each other love you guys

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