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Foreign [Music] Ly read how to begin by Michael bungay Stanyer A life well lived is full of worthy Pursuits A worthy Pursuit is something you find Thrilling important and daunting The thrilling means you're eager to wake Up each day and do it important means it Will benefit more than just yourself and Daunting means it demands more than what You are currently capable of A daunting Pursuit requires dedication And experimentation Identify your worthy Pursuit this year By considering Pursuits in three Possible areas projects patterns and People Project Pursuits focus on achieving Something like creating a podcast that Gets a thousand downloads pattern Pursuits involve new ways of being and Behaving like wake up at 6am every Weekday to read and journal People Pursuits involve improving your Interactions with people for example Being a better friend being a more Patient and playful parent or being a More confident team leader Think of one pursuit in one of those Areas that you want to make a priority This year Then turn it into a worthy Pursuit by

Increasing the thrilling important and Daunting scores until your Pursuit feels Like a calling Sadly most people's Pursuits score high On just two factors the pursuit is Thrilling and important but not daunting Which is too comfortable and elected to Regret not doing more Whether Pursuit is important and Daunting but not thrilling these Pursuits feel like an obligation Or their Pursuit is thrilling and Daunting but not important This leads to empty winds because the Pursuit doesn't benefit others Avoid these three Pursuit pitfalls by Increasing their thrilling daunting and Important scores to at least a six out Of seven First increase the thrilling score Author Michael bungay stanier begin a Project in 2021. he called create a new Podcast but didn't find the project very Thrilling After writing and rewriting different Versions he crafted a more thrilling Pursuit Create a new professional grade podcast Creating a professional grade podcast Seemed like a thrilling intellectual Challenge because he had to get really Good at something he's always enjoyed Asking people questions and having Meaningful conversations

If you need to up your thrilling score Think of how you can make your Pursuit a Fun intellectual Challenge in a vehicle For becoming great at something you've Always wanted to be great at Next increase the daunting score When Michael bungay stanyer assessed the Daunting score of creating a Professional grade podcast he realized It wasn't challenging enough so after a Few more revisions he upgraded his Pursuit to be create a podcast that is In the top three percent of all podcasts Within 12 months This Pursuit gave him just enough Anxiety to stoke his ambition and Dramatically increased his Focus Draft different versions of your Pursuit By tweaking the scope and timeline until You discover your Goldilocks zone Something not too hard but not too easy A goal that you can't achieve on cruise Control Discovering the Goldilocks zone is like An alien discovering Earth A planet is a perfect distance from the Sun to allow life to thrive and grow Now increase the important score When Michael bungee's Daniel strive to Create a podcast in the top three Percent of all podcasts he also Increases important score because by Being in the top three percent of Podcasts his podcast would reach more

Than 10 000 people a month and luckily Have a positive impact on a good portion Of those people Increasing your important score may Require you to increase the scale and Reach of your pursuit or simply notice How your Pursuit is indirectly improving People's lives While reading how to begin I selected The following Pursuit complete five sets Of push-ups or pull-ups every day for The rest of my life This Pursuit was thrilling because I've Always wanted to be someone who could do 50 plus push-ups or 20 plus pull-ups at A time which I'd be able to do if I Stuck with this Pursuit The pursuit was daunting because I made It every day and for a lifetime a fun Challenge that would force me to Consider new strategies But the pursuit didn't seem overly Important until I realized adopting a Strength training Pursuit would allow me To live longer and contribute more to my Family and the people I serve through This channel When you increase your pursuit's Thrilling daunting and important scores Do a six out of seven or higher it Becomes a worthy Pursuit an irresistible Quest you must begin If it doesn't try adding a killer action Verb

Michael bungay Stander found that launch A podcast motivated him far more than Create a podcast When I upgraded my Pursuit from complete Five sets of push-ups or pull-ups every Day for the rest of my life to crush Five sets of push-ups or pull-ups every Day for the rest of my life I found that I was far more excited to get out of bed And complete my first set each morning Here are seven Great action verbs you Can put at the start of your pursuit to Make your Pursuit more irresistible Transform launch Crush devour revive Supercharge and kickstart Now that you have a worthy Pursuit it's Time to commit to it Commit to your Pursuit by explicitly Stating why the prizes of your Pursuit Far outweigh the prizes of the status Quo See your Pursuit like a trip through the Galaxy on a rocket ship you're trying to Stay on course but you're constantly Pulled off course by gravitational Forces the giant planets and stars that Create those gravitational forces Represent the benefits of the status quo But Comfort familiarity status Authority And control Stanier says until you understand your Commitment to how things are right now And why you don't want to start your Worthy Pursuit it's almost impossible to

Free Yourself Take two minutes to list the prizes you Will enjoy if you don't start you're Worthy Pursuit and maintain the status Quo Then list the prizes you expect to Receive if you do pursue your worthy Goal Now take two minutes to write out the Punishments you'll face if you maintain The status quo and the potential Punishments you'll face if you embark on Your with your Pursuit like temporary Setbacks frustration and embarrassment Your status quo punishments may include Quiet suffering lack of fulfillment and Living with the knowledge that you could Have done more with your life Maintain the status quo can also punish People around you if you become bitter And resentful of people taking risks and Enjoying worthy Pursuits Now if you've successfully identified More worthy Pursuit prizes than status Quo prizes and fewer worthy Pursuit Punishments than status School Punishments you have wind at your back And are ready to begin your worthy Pursuit by creating a reliable practice A reliable practice is simply a series Of small steps you trust yourself to Take consistently to keep your Pursuit Alive and well Find your practice through

Experimentation and iteration Try several recommended practices until You find something that works for you Then simplified and streamline it Through a series of week-long Experiments I found that doing each Push-up and pull-up set to half Exhaustion with more than 15 minutes Between sets as renowned strength coach Pevel tetsuin recommends and then adding Air squats as a third exercise option Has allowed me to keep my Pursuit alive The process of finding a practice is Like an entrepreneur testing different Mobile app products the majority of the Apps they make don't gain traction But when one app starts to generate Sales they commit their time and Resources to iterating that app until it Generates a steady stream of Revenue Be a worthy Pursuit entrepreneur by Taking risks and experimenting with Different practices until you find an Effective practice Then iterate that practice until you Have a series of simple daily steps you Can reliably perform to generate a Steady stream of progress That was the core message that I Gathered from How To Begin by Michael Bungay stanyer I plan to read this book The beginning of every year to get the Year started right I highly recommend this book

If you would like a one-page PDF summary Of insights that I gathered from how to Begin just click the link below and I'll Be happy to email it to you If you already subscribed to the free Productivity game email newsletter this PDF is sitting in your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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