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[Music] Next up are sisters who are hoping to Continue their father's Legacy [Music] My name is Catherine saltzberg and I'm Lori Frazier our company is Hugo's Amazing tape and we are seeking fifty Thousand dollars for 50 equity in our Company wow wow And this tape truly is amazing and it Will solve all of your sticky situations Oh this tape has no adhesive so it Sticks to nothing but itself and it is Super duper strong take it Lori take it Careful And it will not come apart Until you There's no sticky residue no and it's Reusable if this was any other kind of Tape it would be history a memory but It's amazing tape and it goes right back To the way that it was Hugo's amazing Tape is extremely versatile with Hundreds of uses and we're going to show You right now oh traveling potluck won't Spill in my car and it can go in the Freezer and the microwave oh I just love The way that it goes around my Embroidery threads keeps them from Unwrapped you ever pick up a power tool With no juice you want it you unwrap it You're done you wrap it do it done done Listen you know something it's wonderful Around your plants wires and cables

Everywhere Until Hugo has helped me get organized You know something oh Mark Mark this One's for you you know how sometimes the Kids they're always losing the Basketball pump well you take some Amazing tape and you just wrap it around Keep them together you don't have yeah Wrapping okay wrapping paper wrapping This is the best way people love amazing Tape around wrapping paper as you can See sharks the applications are endless And the markets are wide open and we are An all season item S we know you're gonna use it you want Some samples yes I do love giving Samples Most entertaining thank you there you go Mark thank you you're welcome Lori thank you Lori thank you thank you So much thank you so much thank you Thank you Robert thank you Lori thank You Wow it really works wow yeah oh so you Have to tell us first off who created it And how and who's that guy in the photo And why is it called Hugo Hugo is our Dad our sisters we're sisters your Sisters yes yes Howard our father Created this and our father passed away This year I'm sorry yeah and so he Invented it about to say 20 years ago he Was a very creative guy really and he Stumbled across this tape someone had

Shipped something to him but he said This stuff is amazing and so he had it He didn't invent it it's PVC he made a Use for it right but you know he took That material to somebody and said I Want to make something but I want it to Be Directly do you or your dad own the Patent for this the patent expired with My father I was gonna say yes they only Last 20 to 23 years depending where are You selling them okay and how much does It cost okay we are selling it right now All online and just Out of my trunk at a swap meet whenever We can because we both had other Businesses that's the package there Could you pass that out yes So they come in half inch one inch and Two inch rolls okay so here's okay three Free one meter we buy that for a dollar Twenty seven and it sells for 12.99 12.99 yes what were the biggest year of Sales like how much was he selling in His best year the numbers are very Unclean 60 68 000 was the most they made In a year since we've sold for 500 000 Since 2011. okay what about the last 12 Months 27 500. do you have a secret Formula or do does somebody make this For you and can I call those people and Buy it myself yeah do you have I'm not Sure about all this yeah another reason You can call them where does it mean if

I can call those people Taiwan oh then It's definitely ripped off of course Right yeah is this your full-time job Are you guys actors right I am an actor And I'm also a parent coach and I'm a Voice over artist and I'm a hairdresser So I would be in my hair salon all my Clients buy amazing tape I I answer the Phone I'm doing hair and I say excuse me Hugo's amazing tape can I help you and This is nail I'd like a one roll of two Inch tape Yeah can I just get your and your credit Card I get it I get it it's very crazy Chicken okay I thought it was the best bad theater We've ever had on Shark Tank we've had a Lot of bad theater but this was good bad Theater and that was fun but this is not Really a business Well I'm out Are you sure I'm pretty sure you know I just wanted To say something when my father passed I Said this is my dad's Legacy I mean he Was a creative guy and he deserves this You know for everyone to see that he Created amazing tape but we would love To get it out there but it's very nice You're honoring his memory yes but it's Also it's also an incredible product Catherine Lori I love how you're doing

With the memory of your dad I'm not sure What the business is you lost me on the Patent how you're Distributing it I I Gotta tell you this is so crazy a story That it's perfect for one of the Sharks Here well I I have to not be appreciate It not not me I'm out This is the kind of thing that Barbara Loves to get her hands into and make Something of it yeah here's what I like About it okay I didn't say I'm getting into it I'm Just telling you what I like about it I Took water and I wet the exterior of my Glass thinking ah there's a catch here If it gets wet it doesn't work and I Pulled up my glass and it held really I Took it off and there was no residue on The glass whatsoever thank you yes what I think you have here is a business you Ought to get rid of honestly It's a potential business that neither Of you really want to wrestle with come Out Well it's not over yet Mark and Laurie Are you ready for Hugo's amazing tape Mark and I have been talking We have an offer to make you because we Think this has a lot of potential a lot Of risk but a lot of potential what we'd Like to do Is buy the entire company whoa wow For the hundred thousand dollars so Rather than 50k for 50 percent

We'll give you a hundred thousand Dollars for the whole thing and we'll Take care of Hugo Um Legacy [Music] You're gonna say and you're not kidding Right I think this is really happening right Now we have to think about it Oh she's kidding thank you so much yes Yes [Music] Our Father Hugo would be so incredibly Proud this one's for you Yeah I gotta ask with all the problems We heard why did you guys buy the entire Company I loved it it's first to Market That's what it's all about that's what We're really good at you just paid 100 Grand for basically poop on a stick I'm not kidding Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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