I Don’t Think This Guy Gets It 🤦 #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

I I love Zumbas but the difference is It's just Latin Style so there are guys There are people who go hey you know I Don't just want to do Latin no I'm not Making this a Zumba product I'm asking Can this be the Billy Blanks Junior Dance with me through their distribution That's it see I just feel that I've Worked so hard to create something that Is different it's completely different And and for me and my opinion okay Billy I see you're having a challenge with This and what I'm gonna say is that can I talk to my wife real quick about it She's here yes because I was I'm about To exit I don't think he got it I don't Think he got it either Okay so do you accept that offer [Music] I want to plead with you guys uh oh I Really truly believe in what it is that I've built thus far and so my purpose is I want to build my brand I believe in What it is your brand I don't think no I Understand that I don't think it's the Right deal to do

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