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Foreign [Applause] First face the Sharks a green thumbed Inventor a safe solution to weed control [Music] Good afternoon sharks my name is Omid And it means hope I'm here to ask for 175 000 investment and for that I'm Offering you seven and a half percent of The company People who make weed killers Advise you to wear safety gear coveralls Goggles face masks and gloves So that you can use this to spray these The problem is It is not specific In what it targets In my pocket I have a disruptive killer Technology that addresses that problem This is intelliweight one simple click And your weeds are dead So you can Target with absolute Precision what it is you want to kill And what it is you don't want to kill it Does it precisely it does it effectively Absolutely 100 death rate for all known Garden weeds okay So 175 000 for seven and a half percent Yes great could we have a look at Someone please do please there is no Poison in any of these so it doesn't Work on people it just just plants right Absolutely we went to a lot of effort to Make sure it doesn't work on people it's

Designed with children in mind with People with arthritic hands in mind with Farmers in mind it had to be portable All right well why don't you just show Us this and then we can we can go Through it show us how it works one Single click So just click the leaf that's it and the Weed is gone so it's like one of those Pin prick blood test things basically Depending on the size of the weed you May wish to have one single click or you May wish to do more obviously the more You do the quicker it dies but one is Enough to do the job did you come up With this invention or A distributor I'm the inventor inventor I I would like To say this I'm here To present a great opportunity to you to Be a part of something great it isn't Because I invented it it's because I Know it's a good thing with the amount Of weeds that this one device can kill We can save several dozen Olympic-sized Swimming pools worth of chemicals being Poured onto our Gardens that's great The inspiration for this is very Personal when my son was two years old He had third degree burns to most of his Upper body and after many months of Treatment and after around several skin Grafts the surgeons told us that he was Not to come into contact with chemicals

And that he was not allowed to play in My garden that I had so laboriously made For him Because I used chemicals and that was The inspiration to developing this Because I couldn't find anything in the World that could treat weeds without Leaving a trace behind So this is it how is he now he's fine He's um he's 14 years old now and he's My hero okay Graham I'm Steve uh how you Doing Uh I'm from Adelaide oh nice Adelaide Beautiful hey um what is the uh the 100 Death rate poison that's actually inside Um that's a very good question Steve Because you can put anything in there All right so this could be any sort of Broad Leaf or absolutely Um's cover is delivery of any chemical To any living tissue so this is painless And no one's actually gone up and down And generally go clicking absolutely Good absolutely so do you have patents Where I mean what place we have patents In um us at the moment we've got two Patents and we are awaiting for Europe And how long ago were that how many Years have you been on this journey the Journey has taken 10 years but the Patent was issued in 2014 March of 2014. Are they full patterns or patent pending No no full patents granted so it's just The device the device the unit to

Actually make the that's right the Poison work and it's not a business Right now is it it's just a product Patent if you don't have sales and stuff Sales distribution of July And what is it RRP for mate 20 dollars Um Ahmed at the moment your pre-revenue You haven't sold any is that correct Okay so who do you think the launch is Going to be with and how big do you Think it's going to be they are leading Names in Australian markets so how many Shops would they have or something Several hundred several hundred several Hundred in Australia and New Zealand Yeah the American um outfit we have a Commitment to a minimum sale of 600 000 Units every year and that's just in the US So they assume they're going to sell a Lot more than six hundred thousand of Course and is it a manufacturer or a Retailer uh both then if you if you're Successful in the US you're going to get Millions not 600 000. I didn't want to Scare you by saying it but um all the Estimates are done Is the American deal in in this deal Absolutely This is a really good idea how much you After again 175 000 for seven and a half percent What what have you spent to get to this Stage

Um close to 600 000 so far oh hello We have spent a lot of time designing And redesigning we've made a lot of Mistakes on the way and every trial that We've conducted has been three months And every trial costs money so you put The entire 600 000 in in real dollars Into this yourself well it took the House that's for sure yeah yeah so Mortgaged almost every bit of um Personal saving that I had that has gone Into it you've taken 10 years to get Here Life presents its challenges and you Have to overcome help me understand it Because at the moment I'm going gee you Don't work very quickly well the first Idea came 10 years ago then certain Things happened I had to look after my Son I'm a single parent and I had to Overcome certain challenges not just Design and these challenges took time Took time This is this is I mean I'm I love the Concept of it I'm trying to understand How I can possibly affect driving the Business going forward one way to do That is to take more than 50 of the Company which I don't want to do and Because I I don't plan on in this Company I want to work with you so um I'd like to offer the 175 000 for a One-third share Okay

Andrew can I ask you a question yeah What is your offer Very good before I make my offer what do You want from a shark you want the money But what else do you want from us the Money money is cheap money can be when You came in here leadership I want right Wisdom okay Um 175 000 for 30 percent So we got two offers 175 for one third I'm offering you 175 for 30 and there's Still three more sharks left I mean I'll I'll clear the field for you to help Your decision there's a couple of things That I always like to know when I'm Investing into a business is proof of Purchase would the customer want it and Because I'm not convinced and I wouldn't Like it as a gardener myself to have my Hands so close to poison for that reason I'm out thank you for your consideration Uh look Ahmed I love what you do I'm Going to be a customer a great Advocate Thank you uh if you'd come with an Organic weed killer at the same time I'd Be so in you would believe it but for This one I'm out I'm grateful for your Consideration thank you what about you Dr Glenn what are you doing yeah look um My eight-year-old and I had a beautiful Veggie garden last year and watched it Slowly get taken over by the weeds so I Get it I think I would use it personally

And I think that's always a good test For any of us that How would I relate to it so I mean Um So 175k for 15 oh oh Dr Glenn okay two Sharks are out three sharks are in You've got one offer 175 from Steve 33 And a third I've offered you an amazing Offer of 175 for 30 and Glenn's offered You an offer of 175 for 15 can I ask a Question from all of you What will you bring [Applause] [Music] Plant breeder Omid rad wants 175 000 for Seven and a half percent of his weed Killing innovation in Telly weed Andrew Glenn and Steve have made offers but They all want a much bigger chunk of his Company can I ask a question from all of You What will you bring What will I bring basically uh immediate Legal advice on your contract And scale I I mean this is a huge Market In the US everyone's trying to kill Weeds this is a healthy way of doing it If you get market share you're going to Sell three to five million of these Things a year but basically I'll get it To Market in the US efficiently and hand It over to someone who can make millions Of these and sell them at a good margin And then we can save lives and do things

I'll give you some more food for thought I actually came up with two numbers when I was I gave him our phone and I thought The the best I could do I I can't quite Come close to what the other guys have Done but I do bring something to the Table I have a team who work in the Manufacturing sale and distribution of These items so I'm happy to take it down To 25 percent [Music] My story you know dealing with biotech Company for the last uh seven years Shared the journey to Founders and Inventors of a product that is now Registered in America and making great Sales we've got legal advice we've got People that have gone through and dealt With the EPA and the FDA so I know your Journey So 175 15 Steve's adjusted his offer 175 25 I'm sitting at 175 for 30 what's your Decision may I discuss this with my hero First go for it go for it is that okay Yeah yeah yes okay fabulous do mine Thank you thank you How old is hero now a 14 year old Business advisor I've got three different offers really What do you reckon It's your go It's for us it's for both of us [Music]

Hey hey Sharks this is my son Arya hello What do you think your dad coming up With this concept has been talking about It for years yeah it talks about it all The time constantly working on Everything So what do you think your dad should do He's got all these offers on the table It's really up to him I have no idea About any of this stuff But He likes your offer However oh would you consider Sharpening it a little bit sharpening a Little bit compared to these other loose Sharks up the other end I think it's Pretty sharp I mean indeed I agree with You yeah I'm I'm stuck at 15 because I'm Sitting here thinking 33 went down to 25. 30 hasn't moved and I'm seeing the Value in this but at the same time I'm Cautious 175k for 15 it's patient money Let me say this I really really appreciate all of your Comments every one of you and I really Would love to work with all of you But I will take her off [Applause] Good job thank you very much well done Thank you nice to meet you thank you Very much thank you thank you thank you Very much much appreciated thank you man

Cheers see you That's a shame if I was hoping to if it Is worth 480k in the next 12 months or Next 18 months that's an unreal deal Well done

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