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Next up is a way to bring on the holiday Cheer [Music] Oh wow Season's greeting sharks my name is Jason mccomber this is Cooper the elf And I know you all know Santa Claus I'm the founder and owner of beardaments And I'm here today seeking 150 000 in Exchange for 10 of my company now sharks Do you recall the most famous beardo of All there once was a jolly man who gave Everyone Christmas cheer but Santa he Grew bored of wearing the same outfit Each year I've tried ugly sweaters but They all just looked weird I know Shouted the elf let's put stuff in your Beard so he clipped in bright ornaments Of gold silver red and green now this Was holiday spirit that the North Pole Had never seen Birdman exclaimed Santa That's what they'll be called you you Can clip them almost anywhere even your Chest hair if you're bald [Music] But he didn't stop there because this Santa had no doubt there must be other Ways you could deck a beard out so Quickly made beard oil glitter and Lights so anyone without a Rudolph could Still see through the night the North Pole was ecstatic Santa was looking fly Even Mrs Claus couldn't keep her hands Off this guy now sharks who wants to

Season up your beard and step under the Mistletoe make my Christmas wish come True and let's watch your money grow ho Ho ho all right sharks I know you've all Stayed off the naughty list this year so Santa and the elf are going to pass out Some samples for you cool beans Just when I think I've seen it all right Yeah wow thank you Cooper BL I can't Wait to put this on how about you Lori Lori what do you think Well Robert that's not your best We got your wig too Beautiful You can clip them anywhere thank you Mr Cooper the elf I appreciate that Well I think it's going to look terrific Oh you guys look great all right well Santa and the elf have to go wrap some Presents guys so we're gonna send them On their way thank you thank you [Music] Why did you come up with this so I Started this company four years ago Um just a Christmas party I decided to Hook some stuff in my beard after Probably a couple drinks everyone loved It and thought it was funny so that next Year we decided to sell it Um I actually spent 1500 of my own money Um ordered some from China I got a Thousand packs listed them on Etsy and EBay a couple places online and I sold Out of that those thousand packs within

A couple weeks so our first year we did Eighty thousand dollars in sales In about two months wow I want you to The second year uh second year was 155 000 on sales what what you gotta be Kidding last last year uh 462 thousand Dollars We're projecting to do about 600 to 700 000 direct to customer yes this is a ufb I'm freaking believable So the the regular beard ornaments sell For 9.99 I get them made for a dollar 66 Per pack ah and then the light up Ornaments this will be our second year Doing the lottery 4.66 For how many 10 or regular ornaments six Lights how long does it last about two Days of continuous usage so you can turn Them on so you want them to burn out so They buy again how many people really Save a five dollar item but acquiring That customer it's a subset of the male Population correct so how are you Getting to them so they say 55 of men Have some sort of facial hair but where We've been really lucky is we've had a Couple videos go viral so 130 million Views wow in 2017 cost me zero marketing And so that was a huge influx that's why We had to go you get that every year no But my goal last year was to maintain The sales and I did we do a ton of just Email blasts out to existing customers

So I did increase sales I'm a director Of sales for a telecom distributor I'm Not a e-commerce guy I'm not a website SEO guy I mean a lot of is just me Bootstrapping and shipping from my Basement well you're killing it and I've Got some ideas of where I want to take This one thing I think would be great is Sports licensing I mean sell these Licenses The Mavericks logo right or any NFL Stadium and get the licensing to do Little football I don't know if that's a Great idea so what do you want the 150 000 for I have four things it's it's the The licensing I want to do other Holidays so I think Hanukkah gay pride Independence Day Um so there's that I also want to try to Get into retail because I think a 10 20 Item getting it on the shelves I think It'll sell quickly Um and then the fourth would be just Expanding internationally you're trying To broaden but Jason you're crushing it This is the ultimate ufb this is like This proves that even the corniest ideas Can make money if implemented correctly I mean thank you thank you I really Think that you don't need us I mean as Much as I hate to say that you're Crushing it I mean just put all that Money in your pocket this is like a Dream for most people thank you thank

You I just don't see how it would be Investable for me in a way that works For both of us so for those reasons Thank you you know Um great that you thought of this Out of the chi it's fun I can see people With beards loving it it is so like in The garage kind of thing and look what You've done with it and so amazing kudos To you but I agree with Mark 100 you Don't need a shark you have your own Business going I think you're doing Great and I don't say this often but I Don't think you need a shark and so I'm Up okay and I appreciate that I think The reason I'm here it's not about the Money for me I mean luckily like I said I do have a job but I think having Someone help me take this we're doing You know half a million in cells I think We could get this for three to five I Have no aversion to making money off you Awesome but why is it worth 1.5 million Right so I think this year because I Pre-purchased the inventory I'm thinking We're going to do around 250 or 300 000 In that so that's about five times net Profit I want to question you against One thing I've invested in a lot of Businesses that have one product and a Big hit And the biggest mistake the Entrepreneurs make is to try to create New markets for it when you said to me

You're thinking of doing this holiday or That holiday I've seen that attempted Many times I've never seen it work maybe Come out with new skus each year get Returned customers but I think that's What the business is about I don't think There's room for any partner so now okay Thank you for the feedback Jason I think You have a great brand beard immense This is a part-time gig for you but There's nothing wrong with that you're Making a boatload of cash but for me to Invest I want to know you're all in I Wish you the best not for me thank you I Appreciate that I give you 150 000 how do I get it back Uh by taking part in those distributions And we'll figure out how to grow the Business right and figure out how to Increase sales it's so crazy I'm looking At it saying to myself I am the only Shark here who's made money selling Crazy chicken things I want to draw a Cat for you excuse me excuse me Tipsy it Helps okay I'll give you that that was Stupid yeah it kind of reminds me like My potato parcel deal everybody thought It was a joke the guy's making a fortune I don't know it's tempting it's tempting But I'm hair challenge that's the Problem hey [Applause] I understand that Kevin oh one of those Deals

What does your gut say Kevin what is That Kevin okay Uh you know it's tough because on a Crazy deal I've made a lot of money on Crazy deals I I'm gonna pass Jason I'm Just it's just it's wow it's great but It's it's Frivolous that's the problem but that's You no I like money as much as you do Kevin I like to figure out how to make It work 150 for 25 percent Still Oh my God all right thank you Congratulations thank you so much Jason Congrats Kevin is the guy I mean from a licensing Standpoint from the way that he likes Money I keep hearing terrible things About Mr Wonderful now he's the Grinch But this time he really came in and Saved Christmas that's your kind of deal You have a heart it's a Christmas Miracle [Music] Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Ring the notification Bell to keep up With everything that's bubbling in the Tank

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