Is This An Eggcellent Idea? | Dragons’ Den #shorts

A boiled egg makes an almost perfect Breakfast it's one of the most Nutritious foods that money can buy The only downside is a bit of a hassle To prepare first you have to wait five Minutes for the water to boil place the Egg in the boiling water remembering to Set the timer fish it out when it's Cooked and finally you have to wash up The pan we've devised the product that Makes cooking eggs as easy as making Toast it's a sort of toasted for eggs so How do you know that it works well I can I hope demonstrate it working this one Here actually is one that can work give Me a four minute egg well five minute Egg I mean if people talk about it three And five minutes egg I've never really Understood it because every time I Boiled an egg it's always five minutes To get it the way I like it but I want a Four minute egg which is the way I like It The cooker will do it as soon as it's Finished like this it beeps and you see The bezel goes blue And that's it it's done [Laughter] You forgot to put the egg in Yes

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