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Next up tonight a business partner's Jonathan piket and Dan Baker a duo with Very clearly defined roles [Music] We also do the talk and he does the tech We both got very different qualities That's what makes us a good team [Music] When it comes to speaking in front of an Audience Dan's no novice I'm used to being on this side of the Camera I was a television news presenter For about 10 years But I was a walk in the park competitive This is terrifying so with the pressure Firmly on will this former news reader's Business make headlines in the den Hello I'm Jonathan piket and I'm Dan Baker now we're looking for an Investment of 150 000 pounds that's for A 15 share of our startup company Perhaps unexpectedly we're all online on Screen a lot these days through video Conferencing and video calls but there Is one fundamental flaw with Communicating online now that is you Can't make eye contact because of the Position of the camera when you're Talking online let me just demonstrate Exactly what we mean by that So I don't want you to imagine that this Television is your desktop or your Laptop and as far as you're concerned All is fine I'm looking straight at you

You have my eye contact it's engaging But for me it's not so good because Actually I have no eye contact at all Obviously I'm having to look straight Into the camera where I want to look is It you down on the screen so I can read The room but of course as soon as I do That you lose my eye contact now that is The problem that our invention of you You can quite simply fixes and JP is now Going to just demonstrate exactly what Our product does thanks Dan so you can See I can move it left and right we can Pull the mechanism up and down Reposition the camera wherever it needs To be which means that I can look at Dan's eyes and the camera at the same Time we are still in the prototyping Stage so before we take any questions Would anybody like to try it out yeah I Would actually A movable screen friendly webcam is the Offering from Jonathan piket and Dan Baker you can move the camera position It just next to the face of the one You're talking to does it look like I'm Looking in your eyes now here yeah it Does it does and the same with me yeah Yeah Seeking 150 000 pounds in exchange for a 15 stake in their technology business I've never picked this up before but now You've just said it it looks so much Better when you were looking at me

Jones's eyes have been opened to the Problem But as he sold on Dan and Jonathan's Solution My immediate feeling when I was doing That was it was it was great the Experience when you look at somebody and Like so I get the message of what you're Trying to achieve I then question the application of how You've gone about it If you're constantly moving with your Hand you kind of you do away with the Very thing you're trying to achieve and If you then have more people on screen I Can't put I have to move this camera Next to several individuals and I can't Look at all of them then in the eye if You have it in the middle they're in Your peripheral vision for a large group But then couldn't I just take a normal Camera then and put some Velcro on the Back of it and do that myself I suppose You're good but then that might damage The screen whereas this is padded and Very carefully designed to absolutely Not damage the screen I'm sitting here thinking whether you Could create some sort of Bluetooth Wireless suction Cam and what I mean is You know that sort of a the sucker that Goes on because I was thinking about Your point about damaging the screen if You had a little sucker that goes

Straight into the middle of the screen Yeah and now you've got your Connectivity you're live so it's Something we even thought about Um and what it came down to is the cost First of all of creating something That's wirelessly connected and does the Same job Um but more to the point it's more Complex technology and you you create Another barrier for people to have to Know what to do we want this to appeal And be usable and useful for all Generations it's not just for younger People I probably wouldn't be able to Cope with a wireless device it's just It's one too many things whereas this You just plug it in move it around it's Simple The entrepreneurs are standing their Ground despite a tech savvy Peter Jones Is concerns that they may have already Missed a trick Sarah Davies appears eager to embrace a More empathetic approach towards a Modern meeting I think the product is brilliant I Understand where you're coming from and The same as you I do every one of my Online video calls I look at the camera You know what's important about that con Is how you make the other person feel And I miss out on seeing how I've made Them feel because I'm not looking at

Them and it's exhausting as well so I Was looking into that little dogs but Given that you are pre-revenue a million Valuations pretty racy so that must be a Pretty watertight patent because the Only value in this business is in that Patent okay so I need to know what is The inventive step that you have Patented and so we patented the Maneuverability yeah uh moving a camera Into a position on the screen and also The cliff is also patterned to the Clippers problem because it's designed To work on quite available so your key Claim is Maneuvering a camera around a screen From a clip at the top exactly yes and So where are you at in that application Stage um it's gone in Um they found one product that has a Sort of a weird gooseneck thing with the Camera on the end that's the only thing That was out there but it's not the same Thing in the the uh matter if it's the Same thing or not it depends on if it Contravenes your key club that honestly Guys I know I feel like I'm laboring the Point but this is only investable as a Proposition if that patent is watertight And that's what I'm trying to get to the Nugget I appreciate it I spoke to your Lawyer yesterday and he reassured me That absolutely we can claim it to be Unique because the one that they did

Find was so dissimilar looking into my Crystal ball what I foresee for this Business is you launch this product Loads of other camera manufacturers but They look at that and think brilliant We'll do that they will look at your Patent and look at the key terms that You've used in that patent and design Around that that's pretty much how the Dog eat dog patent world runs and you Haven't really given me enough Confidence that you've got to handle on That at the moment Concerns over protectability are Threatening to Scupper the commercial Potential of the pairs products A social media Mogul inevitably spends Plenty of time online so does Stephen Bartlett view the movable webcam as a Winner I do a lot of podcasting a lot of Speaking through camera lenses they Always tell me to look down the lens and Naturally you don't you look back at the Screen in the person so I understand the Problem here But I reflect on the contraption that I've seen today I found it really clunky I think moving it around on a zoom call Is going to be a huge inconvenience Continually But then I look into the future and say Well in the mobile technology space Manufacturers are now putting the selfie

Camera behind the screen that's on and I Only think it's a matter of time before That that takes place in laptops and That would you know make this product I Guess redundant I don't think he does do you agree I Think you I think you agreed I agree in Terms of yes somebody will try and copy It and that's bound to happen which is Why we want to get there first and get It I don't mean copying I mean better I Mean putting it in the middle of the Screen in all laptops without you even Knowing it's there And so it makes me feel really nervous About investing in this it would feel Like being at the roulette table and I'm Not a gambler I'm an investor so for That reason I'm out Disappointment for Dan and Jonathan as Stephen Bartlett opts against rolling The dice The Suleiman has previously taken a punt On Plenty of prototypes but will he be Willing to have this Duo's invention to His Tech portfolio You're very brave to come into the den With an idea that's very early stage and Hope that a dragon Would have made your dreams come true But for me as a investment today it's Too early yeah so I want to wish you all The best Unfortunately it's not for me and I'm

Out thank you The idea is genius However I think your biggest problem is While you're sitting at prototype the World is moving on Which means that by the time you get Yours ready I promise you if it's needed Other people are thinking the same thing Who are probably in a better position Than you to actually take advantage of The situation so I think you're going to Be too slow and I just think you're Going to get overtaken I'm really sorry guys but I won't be Investing for that reason I'm out Okay thanks I mean one thing I just saw In the back of that is we're just you Guys what we thought was a good idea you Know we want to we want to turn into Reality that's why we're here together This is what we do we turn dreams into Reality So it's a genuine problem you have Solved a real problem the big concern For me is I don't think it's Unique Enough I mean honestly the whole value Of this business is on the value of that Patent and your ability to defend it Yeah and defending patterns cost a lot Of money so I'm sorry guys but you know What where I'm going with this I'm out A trio of turndowns for the webcam Wannabes And Jonathan's hopes of gaining the 150

000 pound cash injection their startup Craves Now lies solely with tech Titan Peter Jones I was just thinking about whether this Is possible To take away those wires from a charging Perspective I don't see that as an issue There's multiple products out there that Last for two hours that you can just Plug in and you can plug in off the side Of your laptop and you're recharged for Your next call I get I can get all that The thing that I'm saying sitting here Thinking well if I was going to do that What would I do well I'd come up with a with a concept I'd have a chat with Steve and say how Are we going to brand that and get it Out into Market you suck cams I've got Yeah and then I go off and bring it to Market and with respect then I just Don't need you So guys I'm not going to invest today And say that I'm out but thanks for Challenging our minds thank you for the Feedback thanks guys thank you thank you Sadly for Dan and Jonathan they must Leave The Den with nothing we got Through it and actually they did like The idea it's it's just uh we're a bit Too early in the game for it at the Moment thank goodness Did you not enjoy that oh But despite the dragon's reservations

The pair have no intention of taking Their webcam business offline and we Absolutely believe in this product I Have really no doubt that in a year's Time everyone had one of these in their Office and everyone will be saying how The hell do we used to code without this Foreign

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