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Thank you Hi my name's Simon Wetherill I'm an Ex-rawal Marine Commando I left the Marines in 2003 after the Iraq War I'm here today to pitch for 80 000 Pounds for 30 of my company Glow faster Did you know you're 11 times more likely To be hit and killed by traffic At night rather than in daylight hours High visibility clothing and single Point lighting reduces this by 50 Percent To me 50 wasn't enough so I invented Glow faster stripes Glow faster offers a total body lighting Solution It can be powered and operated using a Mobile phone or a mobile device it's fun And it's motivating It allows traffic to see the hazards in Front or behind In three years time I've calculated the Business to be worth 2.5 million pounds So it's a great return on your Investment Had a lot of interest in this product Including that of one of the UK's Largest police forces and local Authorities If this product truly helps to save Lives it's got to be worth the Investment So what's your investment grow faster

With glow faster thanks very much Kind of just can I just say Simon that Is the most unfriendly Children's Crossing man I've ever seen Not a problem in my life just give it a Little smile It's not really a children's Crossing Man I got that I gathered that is it Your dad Yeah he's my dad yeah You can tell yeah no thanks very much Guys that's all Foreign A pitch with military Precision from Royal Marine turned inventor Simon Wetherill he wants 80 000 pounds to give His light up road safety system a Financial glow but Peter Jones is in the Mood for mischief Simon can you just go and use your Christmas tree lights or It would look quite as good um you could Effectively put some other lights on This is electroluminescent so it allows It to be flexible this runs for eight Hours off of a single AAA Battery but You don't need it to run for eight hours Do you unless you're you know running Two marathons yeah that's a yeah no it's A fair point um but it will be efficient You'd be all probably all right running Down the High Street in that tracksuit Being a raw Marine Um because you can look after yourself

Yeah but do you not think you might Attract people outside a pub looking at You running down looking like something Out of The Matrix Do you not think that you might get the Mickey taken out of you potentially but I think there's a certain user group That would like to use this product from What I've seen I've had a lot of Interest from people it's very viral it Spreads well and as a business I think It's a really great opportunity and also I mean for yours to be seen you'd have To run at night sideways wouldn't you I think there's a lighting pattern so You can see in front but there's nothing At the front nothing at the back so Unless you're going to get hit by a car Side on I think you can have different layouts With the designs the key thing as I say Is the attachment but one of the most Important things is this bioluminescence So it's actually lighting the limbs not Just lighting a single point on the Front where can you have A vanity and t-shirt yeah but those Those lights on it you could I've Actually got patented um a detachable System for the lights Um and also it can be attached to any Type of clothing whether it's trousers Tops so can I see it if you'd like to I Just want to see how it's attached

Despite some early criticism of his Product Simon's managing to keep the Dragons on side But the opportunity to take a closer Look has Unearthed the potential design Floor to Piers Lenny If I pull this out yeah Getting him back in do you know those Are plastic bags where you'd have to Reseal them yeah it's like spending half An hour trying to reseal one of those Fingers this long and I mean I'm sure This is a prototype so you'll improve That but it is a pain to get that back In it's a very I mean I agree there are Methods that I've got and I've looked at Developing those methods is obviously The next level for some of this I Believe it's workable at the moment it Will take a couple of minutes to put it Back in if you want to pursue this it Needs to be something that could be Easily attached and sewing some sort of Plastic tube into your clothing which You have to integrate into the clothing And then fit this into it isn't going to Work this isn't Gonna Fly Um in its current form if you can evolve It maybe it will this won't so I'm Afraid I'm out thank you very much I personally don't think the design Works it just looks like you've attached The sort of things you get at concerts That you pull and put around your neck

Or your your wrist But I wish you luck with it but I I'm I'm not going to invest okay thank you Thank you Frustration for Simon as two dragons Retreat from negotiations Now Peter Jones wanted to know more About the military man How long did you spend in Iraq uh about Four months five months well Say congratulations for that because There's nothing better than somebody Doing that Um what else have you done business-wise Started a fitness company working for Myself Um I then got an online business Alongside that which has got a mobile Phone app and about 12 000 members it's Effectively a website that creates Fitness and Nutrition plans that are Tailored specifically for you so you Would put in your criteria of what you Were looking for lose weight tone up get Fit you then effectively put in what Your dietary requirements were it will Calculate you the shopping list that you Need and then it automatically sends That to Tesco's using an API and people Can download their shopping baskets so Much such a better idea Why didn't you pitch that I believe that This is a much better idea I mean Obviously a difference in opinions there

But I think you know I think this is a Great product I really believe in it I'm Going to make it work you know and if It's with you guys today then that'd be Fantastic but I'll give my arms and legs Before off you know get this to work Really well probably not Happening [Laughter] Foreign The entrepreneur is certainly Entertaining the troops but there's Still no sign of any cash Is Duncan bannatyne ready to offer some I think you should Remain in the business you're in uh the Fitness business But for this business I've got to say Hello thank you thank you very much Simon can I ask how much money have you Put into this about three thousand Pounds to get it to where it is now I'm relieved to hear that Um because Um I think you presented very well and You come across very well but actually Fundamentally you've identified the core Of this as safety and I'm just not as Convinced as you are that it is better Than what we currently have so I'm Afraid I'm gonna have to join the others And declare myself out so I'm out thank You very much It looks like the glow is beginning to

Fade on Simon's pitch as four dragons Exit proceedings Only Peter Jones can save the Entrepreneur from an immediate exit from The den You said in three years you'll make two And a half million pounds that is a Delusional comment you will calculated The business to be worth two and a half It will not be worth two and a half Million and that's not a challenge no it Is impossible that's the reason why I Can't invest Simon I wish you the very Best of luck but I won't be investing Today on our Mount thank you very much Enjoy those jackets thank you man Doesn't fit it's too big too tight sorry Lose some weight then I'm no good trainer [Laughter] The dragon certainly enjoyed Simon's Pitch but in the end glow-in-the-dark Tracksuits just weren't their Style

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