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[Music] Thank you Next to test the dragon's holiday spirit A former pro hockey player ready to Prove his business is really on a roll Dragons My name is Victor posa I'm from Toronto Ontario I am asking for two hundred thousand Dollars for a 20 percent interest in my Business Dragons There has only been one skate guard that Hockey players and skaters have used to Walk from the dressing room to the ice It is this chintzy skate guard right Here That's cheaper than a Don Cherry suit Jacket The reason why is because your blade Touches the bottom of the Guard thus Affecting the most important part Your blade sharpening Being a former National Hockey League Player I decided to team up with my Father-in-law and we invented the best Walking skate guard in the industry The super guard Okay The super guard Is simply the best walking skate guard Because your blade never touches the Bottom of the Guard

All the pressure is on the holder itself And not on the steel Thus allowing to keep your skates Sharper for longer periods now Victor Let's say you've come up with the best Scapeggard in the world Who cares you have to explain that to Everyone well let me let me let me I'm Not finished yet oh good okay okay We didn't just stop here Kevin there's More we ramped it up a notch okay Benny Can you come on in here Benny Benny boy we invented The roller guard [Music] World's only rolling skate guard so now Not only you have the option of walking Around on your skates You have the option of having your ice Skates for a whole new use rolling Around You can go in your driveway break in Your nearest pocket now you're talking Benny take a little whirl and show these Ladies and gentlemen how these things Work so you've just taken your old Skates and made them into roller skates By putting them on that old skates new Skates It is cool wish she had a lead with that One who did you play for in the NHL I Played two games for the Chicago Blackhawks nice in 1986. many have you Used those before all the time and you

Play out in the road with them all the Time are they as good as rollerblades It's even better perfect Denny could you Pass those out This is great Roller guards sell for sixty dollars a Set and are available online and in Select independent sports stores Thank you Victor hopes an investor will Help him fund more inventory and get Into big box retailers What are your sales uh right now the Sales in the last six months we sold 267 Thousand dollars and we've made 120 000 In profit okay well done How much have you put into this uh half A million dollars in the molds all the Patents and everything else we are on The tooling we do the manufacturing It's a great idea It's a great actually be a great Christmas present we do very well at Christmas time very very well I bet I noticed Chelios is involved here on The packaging do you pay him a royalty Or did he just give me that no he's a Personal friend of mine and he kind of Did me a favor that's good I'm impressed I'm very impressed besides your buddy Chris shelius do you have any other Friends that oh absolutely we've got Brad tree living It's your living June here with the Phoenix Coyotes he's a friend of mine I

Have no idea I never knew anything about This till today he won't do it for free If he's anything like his daddy I know His dad his dad will help you out for Sure uh you know I was supposed to make A phone call back to my son And I haven't had a chance because he's On the road as you know and call him now Can we do that on the show let's film Something called Brad call a friend sure What's his number I got it right here All right Hey how you doing Sorry I'm in the middle of trading Shane Doane can't talk I'm just in Dragon's Den here and I've Got a friend of yours here called Victor Victor posa The roller guards I just want to know What you thought Victor's a good man he says oh thank you Tell him have you used it before Is this a good deal or not Thank you so much great deal it's a big Endorsement well thank you okay so Victor you've got a pretty good Endorsement there buddy okay I'll talk To you in a bit thanks son Wow What do you guys want to do I would you know what I'll open the Bidding You're early for a million dollar Evaluation yep so I would suggest an

Offer of two hundred thousand dollars For forty percent of the company just to Get things going I think it's a great Product I think you're a good man we Just heard that love you brought your Boy out let's do it together Try to contain your excitement Victor He's thinking I wish I can get a few people in to be Honest with you I know together how many Of us do you want five you want all five I don't think you're gonna get all five That's gonna why are you out I don't Think I'm gonna do it Okay so Kevin's out yeah Actually my problem with your dealers You've overvalued it that's why I'm out Right Bruce I would rather do it for a lesser Percent and a royalty okay that's the Way I would rather do it All right what royalty do you guys think Would be fair I think five percent is a Good royalty and I'm with you I agree If we did three percent and the royalty Forever you'll be okay with that Uh can I talk to my father-in-law the Inventor okay seems fair okay be right Back Okay Got it They offered 200 000 for 30 and then a Five percent royalty I'm going to talk to Jonathan Tays or

One of those guys Uh he owes me one I can talk to betuzia For him tonight you still own 70 yeah World for any One dead Well we've decided That we're going to take the deal yeah I'm sorry nice to meet you I thought you Were on it oh that's good all right good That's a nice deal yeah nice family Great product I love it I love it it's Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas and to all a good night Oh

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