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A good business idea is always crucial To the dragons but it also helps when Entrepreneurs are passionate about their Product do the husband and wife team From Eastbourne Kate and Jerry Daly fit The bill they're seeking an investment Of 80 000 pounds [Music] [Music] Hello My name is Jerry Daly this is my wife Kate We're here today hopefully to secure an Investment of 80 000 pounds For that we're offering 20 equity Of our business A little bit about me About two years ago I had a heart attack And I had to have three major heart Operations I thought I was going to die At one point So I asked myself What would I like to leave For my wife And I always knew that she fancied my Bum and my kiss she said I had kissable Lips so I copied A cast of my kiss And popped in the post Went down had successful operations fit As a fiddle now But when Kate got home Found it That was where send a kiss by Benji

Evolved And here it is the finished product After a couple of years of hard work This kit will enable the user to Recreate an exact replica of their kiss Each kit contains enough materials to Actually recreate two kisses so it's a Perfect gift for a couple it can be Bought and given as a gift in itself or You can buy it and recreate your kiss to Give to somebody that you love Although this box looks very much as Though it's aimed to the Valentine's Day And this one is there are other boxes in The pipeline with different labels so It's suitable for every occasion And just on Valentine's Day in this Country alone 2.4 billion is spent That's on cards chocolate flowers and Lingerie and we feel and think that this Product can find a space in that market Thank you if you have any questions We'll be happy to answer them thank you Very much By husband and wife team Jerry and Kate Daly who need 80 000 pounds to develop Their novelty lip casting kits send a Kiss they're offering the dragons 20 in Return Richard Farley wants to know more About the progress of the business so Far Foreign I like your enthusiasm Uh this strikes me as one of those kind

Of unusual products which which really Needs to be Tested to see how it's going to go so Can you tell us about your sales to date Yeah this This product is So new We finally put it out to the market two Months ago and what we decided to do was To find out would the public purchase it So we booked up the NEC festive Fair It's a four day event and we've sold 603 In the four days and that was just wow Yeah it knocked us backwards people are Paying their hard-earned cash And how much do they do they sell for 14.99 yeah it's the recommended retail Price can we have a look at a couple of Things which is like a sample product as Well take the kisses out okay Jerry and Kate have got off to an Encouraging start with their kids but New businesses like this can spell high Risk for investors Theo per fetus needs To know more about where the investment Would go So I'll give you 80 000 pounds of my Children's hard earned inheritance Just tell me what you're gonna do with It well the first thing I would want is The injection mold machines injection Molding machines to do what to recreate These boxes And that box is unique to Benji okay but

You can't go manufacturing every single Piece yourself no granted we could ship Them in it does it doesn't necessarily Make sense because if this is successful You won't be able to manufacture them Yourself no no anyway yes so how much is That going to cost Um the injection mold machines are about 20 000 pounds okay so there's 20 grams Worth of machines but I'm just going to Save you 40 000 pounds straight away Because the last thing you should be Even contemplating doing is that Injection molding that's somebody else's Job right yeah the margin someone's Going to make out of that if you're Doing volume isn't worth talking about So forget that don't even go there right Let somebody else worry about all the Health and safety aspects of that Plans to spend half the eighty thousand Pound investment on manufacturing their Packaging themselves rather than Sourcing it elsewhere Duncan bannatyne Is ready to have his say I don't think it's got a fantastic shelf Life you know I don't think in five Years time was series selling very well There might be a noble item for a few Years now you can go and do other things But you're making relevant of it and I Wish you the best a lot So I'm out Okay thank you

Jerry and Kate's enthusiasm for their Product hasn't been enough to convince Duncan bannatyne to invest Will Deborah meaden see things Differently Unfortunately I think in time in terms Of scalability it's just not something I'm going to be interested in but you Absolutely should walk as way today Taking encouragement because it is a Good product and with your enthusiasm Behind it absolutely it's going to work And you you'll you'll get a great life Out of it but not one for me so thank You but I'm out I think everyone's really pleased to see A such a enthusiastic couple you know And it's great to see people who really Enjoy business rather than just doing it For the slogan the money and that well Just about making money and as you said You're only your only thing for you to Guys to watch out for is that you don't Get too carried away you know yes great Product and uh wish you the best of luck I'm out for the same reasons as these Guys it's a fantastic home business and It's best left without spending too much Money in too quickly so I wish you luck But I'm out as well Three dragons in quick succession have Now walked away from the deal they all Like the entrepreneurs but they can't See an opportunity to make money for

Themselves Jerry and Kate last hopes now Lie with either Peter Jones or theoper Fetus Great story by the way thank you Quite heart rendering really and it's Obviously I'm not panning but it is Quite quite an amazing story Um A very different idea Yes which is why I was quite struck by It however I want to try and look at the Opportunity and to try and get real Money out of this You have got to sell a huge amount and Build an infrastructure around you and It's not something that really excites Me although the product itself really Excites me and I think you've done an Amazing job I match your inspiration I match your Driving enthusiasm keep Focus going but I can't invest because I can't see the Return in the media short medium term Good luck thank you thank you Peter Jones is out only theophetus now Stands between Jerry and Kate and a Failed investment bid in the den K let me tell you where I'm on this Um I think it's fantastic I think it's Great you actually need very little Money I don't know what your financial Situation is and how much money you've Got available to um Uh Market this but I'll tell you what I

Have noticed is that two people have got So much enthusiasm and energy for the Product that what you might lack in cash You've more than make up In being who you are thank you now I'm Going to tell you I'm not going to be Investing because I don't think it's a Business for me this is really much a Lifestyle business that you could do Incredibly well for yourself so I'm Going to say something weird here I'm Going to say I'm out Okay but I'm also going to ask you to Contact me because I might have a very Very good excellent contact to get this Product Into stores very very quickly for you if You can produce it thank you very much Thank you so that's where I am [Music] Etis has ended Jerry and Kate's hopes of Investment but in a den first he's Softened the blow by offering to help Them get the kids into the shops and Peter Jones has a surprise for the Couple too One thing I'd like to do is is give you 50 pounds for one which was the first Sale on Dragon's Den so I'd like to pay 50 pounds for one anyway because I'm Sure Tara mother half would love to Receive a kiss with that Thank you very much thanks very much [Music]


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