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[Music] Next up are two doctors from Tucson Arizona with an idea to innovate Communication in the medical field [Music] Hi I'm Dr amini and I'm Dr amini we're Brothers and we're both Physicians I'm Richard and I'm Albert our company is Rollerdoc and we're seeking fifty Thousand dollars for twenty percent of Our company and as Physicians we're Constantly communicating with our peers Our patients and with other medical Professionals and what we've realized is That when it comes to communication Medicine is not in the 21st century I Mean for crying out loud we're still Using pagers to communicate what is this The 80s rolodoc is the cure for the old School communication that exists in Medicine rolock allows for secure email Between patients Physicians and other Medical professionals the mobile app That allows for instant messaging Between them take a look at this sample Patient profile here's Mr Wonderful's Page he's entered in his information Including his medical problems he looks Good looks like he's suffering from a Heart condition a cardio for those Non-medical nerds this is a condition When a person is literally born without A heart not to worry Mr Wonderful Because you can then search for

Physicians by State Specialty or Insurance provider let's pick surgery Choosing surgery in Arizona lets you Find this young good-looking surgeon you Can then view his profile and send him a Message the surgeon receives the message Instantly and can reply at his Convenience Sharks with your investment we will Revolutionize the way we communicate in Medicine but most importantly you'll Help us get rid of these pagers and make Some money doing it is the point that You can personally communicate to the Doctors that you have online because Doctors could be inundated with emails And personal messages how would they Ever keep up with it what we're really Trying to do is bring social media and The social network to the medical Profession what's the social element you Didn't really see So you let's say let's say Kevin O'Leary Moves to La wants to find a plastic Surgeon there get even sexier than he is Already I don't need that looks Fantastic even sexier I'm gonna have a Heart attack If he wants to go find a doctor right Now he's gonna do a search engine he's Gonna be inundated with inaccurate Information and he's really going to be End up just as confused as when he Started are you up and running at all we

Are in Alpha Testing right now we've got 50 users on it our personal connections That are using it verifying how it works How many doctors or just total users Total users I'm just looking at my own Situation my doctor's in Boston when I Have aches and pains and I'm on the road I can email him as I do he communicates Back to me that way and suggests that I Go see a specialist when I get home all Done by email the organization in Boston Which has my medical files shares them Amongst hospitals we've got that Technology now so when I arrive at the Specials I have all my history they know Who I am what are you adding to that Equation so we're adding social media Doctors want to Brand themselves want to Advertise just like you create a profile On rollerdoc and it'll create a profile On another social network but those Social networks aren't safe okay let's Take a step back How am I going to convince you the Physician to put your profile up there And detail the services that you offer Well that's easy there's 800 000 us Visitors I didn't ask what the market Was okay there's a hundred places to put Profiles what are you going to do to Convince doctors just like you have Business connections we have medical Connections we're going to launch in Arizona Texas and Chicago

Connections are we we have access to Multiple doctors multiple databases We're going to tell them that this is The best way to Brand yourself and how Are you going to tell them I'm pulling Teeth I should be a dentist Are you personally going to quit your Practice you're going to stop doing Surgery and you're going to make the Call No this day and age we can do it with Electronics we can either buy a database You know what Mark get an email this is Dangerous how are you vetting these Doctors there's a valid concern because You don't want to be reading about Somebody that actually isn't a surgeon That's offering heart surgery that would Be a bad outcome I don't think they'll Be able to get anybody it's going to be Dangerous if you can't get any doctors Okay let's go through the logical Progression yeah my doctor gets an email Oh it's from Roll of Doc Never heard of him delete Wait a second You haven't explained how I make money Which is the most important thing My doctor is very hip to technology why Would he use this and how would I profit From him actually getting on board he's Going to use this because he's going to Want to attract new patients provide Social media to them okay okay

He keeps on saying social media social Media this is all one-to-one Communication you're not going to let Him tell me how I make money because There's no chance of you making money on This Do is that the answer Targeted advertising is it in a secure Environment you can do targeted Advertising ah not gonna happen well you Can look there's social networks that Are already doing this for physician Only mobile mobile networks within just Physician to physician which has a whole Different set of security issues than Communicating with patients Correct but you can Target The Physicians I see this as a liability nightmare Because you are putting people in touch With their doctors they're answering Back without maybe seeing a patient Knowing what's going on this just my Opinion there's a lot of risk in it I'm Out What we're trying to do is we're trying To bring social media to medicine and Albert let me go back tomorrow you keep Saying social media then you go to email Email is not social media Doctors are constantly posting things on Twitter and at other websites and how do You use that well that's what we have we Have the capability of being a social

Network Instead of saying follow me on XX site You say follow me on Roll It Off I get That you're trying to recreate Twitter And Facebook onto rollodoc correct okay But I want to do this I face to face Because you're doctors Worst presentation ever I'm out oh that Was me ever you guys should be smart Enough to know you didn't show us any of The social media you showed his profiles And talk to us about email you didn't Tell us at all how are you going to get There it was horrible Mark I just think You're being a bully I mean they might Be okay I am being a bully then they Deserve to be bullied It's hurtful to watch you I would have To agree with Mark I think it was the Worst sales presentation I've heard We're not presenters okay we're Physicians so guess what I don't care What your background is if you're Looking for money you got to sell your Idea that business plan is so unclear I'm out With all due respect I just don't think You've explained how you're going to get Users how you're going to monetize it I Just don't see the business I'm out I was intrigued frankly it's depressing Because I like new ideas in the medical Space they're forever if they work But at the end of the day I can't

Connect the dots regarding how I make Money I'm out Fair enough thank you thank you all [Music] They just weren't prepared they were Arrogant thinking that they were just Going to be able to wing it and Everybody Doesn't know any better it's our baby Man You're kind of bummed out you know I was Expecting to be able to portray it a Little bit better than we really did Protein is never wasted when a death Occurs What is that it means that others will See what happened here they'll learn From their mistakes so they won't make The same mistake I don't mind Sacrificing a couple of doctors if it Means the next two doctors can make me Money you know they were right about one Thing what you have no heart Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Click on that notification Bell to keep Up with everything that's bubbling in The tank

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