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[Applause] Next up are Frank skosafava and Adam D Silvestro who believed they have the Next big Trend in swimwear [Music] Hello my name is Frank and I'm Adam The name of our business is mixed bikini And we are seeking fifty thousand Dollars in exchange for five percent of Our business Secret women love to stand out but there Is nothing worse for a woman than being At the beach and seeing another girl in The same bikini and that's the reason we Created mixed bikini Nick's bikini is the world's first Interchangeable swimsuit all the parts Of mixed bikini are sold separately and All the parts they interchange with one Another the more bikini Parts A girl Collects the more bikini designs she can Create So if you go here to mix bikini you can See how we make one Start out by picking your top you pick Either a halter top or a triangle top Then you pick different prints you pick Different colors then you pick the back And then you can also pick rings and Strings and the next day the bikini is Shipped out right to your door but now The best part is when a girl decides to Mix it up she doesn't need to buy a Whole new bikini she just purchases any

New additional piece she wants to add to Her collection so for instance here she Switches out her left top and her back Bottom giving her a whole new look And there is nothing like mixed bikini On the market so we ask you which one of You sharks want to swim with mixed Bikini How many have you sold Um we haven't sold that many we we just Launched a soft launch so yes sales is Zero Not zero but a very minimal By the way you didn't say what that Sells for do you mind my asking what it Sells for so every part retails for 9.99 The entire bikini would cost you Depending on which one you made between Forty and fifty dollars to create which Is very reasonable and it's your Intention to sell it online period no no We'd like to open up a kiosk so that When girls walk through a mall they can Really get to touch and play and feel And design it what's the cost of one Kiosk the cost of actually building the Kiosk would cost us about twenty five Thousand dollars to build the Freestanding kiosk negotiating the rent That's a that's a whole other story we Didn't ask about a bigger topic here You're asking fifty thousand for five Percent that means that you're saying The company is valued at one million

Dollars yes It was ten percent we were asking I'm Sorry 50 000 for 10 correct so half a Million dollars no you know you asked For fifty thousand for five percent you Guys talk to each other Yeah which one is it it's ten percent Fifty thousand okay so half a million Dollars you're saying your company is Worth at this moment and you haven't Made not one sale I'm just trying to understand what the Business model is don't you just want a Licenses to people maybe I do want a License to somebody I'm not sure there Are so many ways we can go with this Well pick one we don't know we're here We're we're open to suggestions When you come into the Shark Tank you Have to have a business we can offer Capital we can offer guidance but we Can't set the path for you right what You guys have is a product and an idea And a hope I'm out [Music] Craig I want to make a point to you that If you've seen other Entrepreneurs here in the Shark Tank Walk out with money the only guys that Ever ever get any money are able to Articulate in 90 seconds here's how I Get rich that's all I care about This is how you get rich because that's

How you're doing it now I'm doing it Every girl that has ever worn seen Touchless bikini has loved it and wants It this bikini is going to be the next Hottest Trend and it's a 10 billion Dollar a year industry one tenth of one Percent will make you more money than You are so much smack right when you Walked in the door it was you know kiosk Fifty thousand dollars is not going to Build a kiosk it's not going to program The software it's not going to get all The pieces together but we have money Okay we don't have the expertise you Guys are asking about money we have some Money how much money do you have to put Into we have as much as five hundred Thousand dollars So then why are you here yeah I'm here Because like you said Damon we need your Expertise Mark we need your publicity That you're so great at doing I mean Your online capabilities Barbara your Woman's touch I mean I read a book one Time that said you can either hang Around with chickens or you can soar With eagles we don't want to be your Eagle we want to help you be Eagles This is how we're Going to either license this to a major Brand we're going to license it to more Than one major brand we're going to Partner up with an existing brand or we Can build a brand it is not that easy

Trust me if it was I would be all over It I'm out I like to take money I've always said They're little soldiers I like to send Them out in a battle take prisoners come Home look I don't care if I do with Bikinis or dog food I couldn't care less I just want more money and I don't Understand with working with you how I Would get there you are going to make More money because this is the hottest Concept in swimwear there's nothing like It on the market all it needs is like The gasoline it's going to blow up I'm a Dreamer like everybody here was a dream And I'm going out there's nothing Damon Was a dreamer you were a dreamer Barbara But there's nothing wrong with being a Dreamer you came out here you didn't Give us any numbers [Music] Barbara you haven't you've been pretty Quiet you haven't said much I'd like to Hear a woman's perspective what it Disturbs me is you have so many moving Parts in the product itself I can't Imagine it in a retail environment Because I think you actually have to Demonstrate how you do the darn thing But I'll tell you something I think this Is a business That could do well I'm gonna make you an offer

I'm going to give you the fifty thousand Dollars for 25 of your business okay You better say yes right now while you Got that shot don't don't let her change Her mind You have a deal Barbara thank you for Believing in us I do thank you for the Women's touch thank you guys see that One coming Barbara you're gonna take Some speech lessons Good luck bye-bye I like the Bulldog tenacity and no Business plan whatsoever I bet it'll do Well though [Music] Before you go don't forget to subscribe To the Shark Tank Youtube channel and Ring the notification Bell to keep up With everything that's bubbling in the Tank

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