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Do you like more patterns or do you like More solids my name is mosiah Bridges And I'm Moe's mom tramika and we live in Memphis Tennessee It just speaks to me and I like to look Good and I like to feel good Moe's Always been a snappy dresser even when He was four and I allowed him to dress Himself looking good he would choose to Ride his bike in a suit and tie [Music] You've done a great job my grandmother Was a seamstresses for a long time she Taught me how so and after that my Wardrobe got a major upgrade I love fashion so much I decided to turn My passion into a business it's a High-end fashion accessory that will Have you smiling and styling we can put These on our website my fashion that I Know is Damon John and when I grow up I Want to be just like him I need an Investment from the Sharks to hire Manufacturers my strongest suit is Designing and I need a team to bounce my Fresh ideas off of if I don't get a deal From the Sharks I'll be very sad I need To keep this dream alive because my Passion is yours Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] Hi sharks I'm tramika Morris and we're

Here today seeking fifty thousand Dollars in exchange for 20 of our Company Sharks I always I mean always like to Dress nice even when I was little I Would wear a suit and tie just to go Plan the playground but the problem was I couldn't find any bow ties that I like So my grandma she showed me how to sew And then those bows became Now we've actually brought y'all some Amazing bow ties to have feel and see The quality of product we offer bow ties Are classic but most Bose bow ties we Like to call them a classic swag but by Investing in Moe's bows today means Investing in the future because we don't Just make bow ties Mo's story has Inspired people young and old to tap Into their passion yes I give everyone The same advice figure out what you like Doing and find out how you can make Money doing it figure out find out Figure out find out it's that simple Sharks I know that together we can make A lot of money and make this business Really really Successful by helping People look good and feel good in my bow Ties so I only just have one question who's Coming You're so Charming are you selling any Of these bow ties Mo yes how many and to Who I saw uh two thousand wow did you

Hand make 2 000 bow ties yes you're me And my grandma but you're doing it all In your house right now yeah you're Running a sweatshop How old are you moan I'm 11 years old Wow how long did it take you to sell the 2000. we've been in business for two Years most started when he was nine this Year we've sold a total of 1500 ties at A total of fifty five thousand dollars In selling fifty five thousand dollars Wow why are you selling them to we're Selling online and we have 11 different Stores across the South how do people Find you Mo they find me uh from Different trunk shows my mom posted on Facebook and Magazines I've been in the Oprah Magazine so he's gotten a lot of Publicity how much does it cost you to Make one and how much do you sell it for Would it cost for me to make one is six To ten dollars and they range from forty Five dollars to 55. Mo why did you decide on bow ties Because I really like to dress up and Also my dad and my granddad they were Really dapper mean and bow ties make you Look good and feel good I feel like I'm Watching standing right before me Demon John working with his mother and making His clothes his first hats in the Kitchen what do you think Damon is that Your new Protege it could be I'm new in

30 years I wasn't doing that type of Business at that age so congratulations What do you need the fifty thousand Dollars for we want to use a fifty Thousand dollars to go home and secure Manufacturer you anticipate a large Amount of orders or are you saying that You already have orders and you want to Take the money to utilize it for that Absolutely both we currently have 11 Stores we have about 5 more stores that Are waiting any big box players any Large fashion players interested right Now he's reached out to Macy's and Dillards and some of the big box players But right now it's in specialty Boutiques I'm going to make the Assumption that you're trying to build a Brand Moe's bows I get it because these Are expensive this is not a cheap bow Tie Moe you're teaching Kevin a very Valuable lesson in pricing elasticity do You know what pricing elasticity is no What that means is when you have more Demand than you can supply what do you Do you raise your prices when you go to Manufacturing do you not lose a certain Amount of cachet around it because today It's handcrafted most bows if you have It manufactured Is it still hand crafted I believe so Well the the company that we're working With in Memphis it's a lady that used to Own a sewing Factory they're sewing

They're cutting so I see and how many Can they make a day at least 500 a week What will your grandmother say mo when You fire her will she be upset well my Grandma she's just funny she's just oh Okay You're making an 80 year old woman work 10 hours a day Are you gonna are you planning on Expanding the line to other Haberdasheries and yes I'm planning to Have my own clothing line by the time I'm 20. 20 okay good nine years why do You believe that you need an investor Instead of growing the business steadily On your own and making all the profit For yourself because A MBT next big thing and we feel like With your funding and with your Connections we can grow faster we can Really get the brand out there we want To take the world of male accessories And kind of turn it upside down we want Cool socks we want fun bow ties fun Neckties Guys I'll get it started um I Mo you are The next big thing thank you I'm excited For you but as advanced as my fashion Sense is I don't know if I'm the guy to Help you I'm out Okay thank you No I I appreciate you coming out here Today thank you but uh

I don't think I'm the right partner for You there might be somebody else on this Panel who might be a better fit and for That reason I'm at Thank you Barbara Kevin Damon I'll tell you what I'm smelling right here why I smell a Royalty deal oh my God because your Margins are so high they're incredible You could afford to pay me three dollars A tie if I give you the dollar ammo There's your first offer I'll give you The fifty thousand dollars I don't want Any equity in Mo's Bows I want three Dollars every time you sell a tie Here's my take on it uh it's a family Business And you're doing very well so it's not Like you're standing alone you're Surrounded by people that love you Support you and they're working for you And you're hardly grown up I honestly don't think you need Anybody's help I think you're on to Something here your margins are great You're selling them if you could keep The publicity going I think that is Amazing and you being who you are why Wouldn't everybody write about you yeah Right absolutely for those reasons Amount So in 1989 I was offered ten thousand Dollars for 40 of my company my company Was only a couple of hats I made right

Ten Years Later That would have been worth to somebody Else 40 million dollars I'm glad I didn't take that money I Strongly suggest that you don't take on Investors at this time so I will Guarantee to Mentor you but I will not Give you the money at this time and I Think the mentoring is way more valuable Than the one So in regards to the deal I'm out There's lots of mentoring I'm in perfect And don't do this deal you know here's The thing Mo I believe in you from the Beginning and the way I'm showing my Belief is I'm writing a check everybody Else you also will have Mr Wonderful as A mentor instead of myself no no you can Also Mentor I won't I won't be able to Do that because you it will show that You're not listening to me I want to Take you down wow listen to that he's Telling you not to take one so once you Do ten thousand times think about Sending this guy thirty thousand dollars Every time you do that It's a very it's a very very difficult Decision What are you going to do Well we appreciate appreciate your Comments and [Music] It's an offer what we're going to have To decline yes

Damon we would love to uh to work with You as a mentor and take Mo to to the Next level where of where he could go do You agree with that Mo no no you're Thinking about it mom doesn't like it I Was the CEO but I'm the CEO of Mo so There you go good luck guys thank you Guys so much And I'll be speaking to you all right Perfect [Music] Dive into the Shark Tank Youtube channel And subscribe now

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