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Foreign [Music] Ly read never finished by David Goggins David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL Who's known for his incredible drive and Mental toughness But after the success of his last book Can't hurt me which chronicled his Difficult upbringing and Feats of Endurance by completing an ultra Marathon at Death Valley he started Coasting through life and stopped Challenging himself In the book he says when life stops Kicking you in the teeth and serves you A big bowl of Praise pudding it's easy To feel that you are the man especially If that level of respect was hard earned But praise whether it comes from your Superiors your family or anyone else has A downside it can soothe your inner Savage and keep you from feeling the Need to grind Each of us has an inner Savage who Hungers for new challenges As Goggins rested on his Laurels and Soothed his inner Savage to sleep Excuses like a busy schedule family Commitments and health concerns Convinced him to stop striving and Growing Devoid of any daily growth Goggins Slowly lost self-respect Because as he says respect is earned

Every day by waking up early challenging Herself with new dreams and embracing The suck like you have nothing and have Never done a damn thing in your life So if you're feeling satisfied after a Period of hard work you're starting to Take it easy it's time to reignite your Drive and wake up your inner Savage with A challenge that will explore your Limits Wait one eating Goggins received an Email from a friend who wanted to see if He could run the Leadville Trail 100 Race to raise money for his charity the Lead bull Trail 100 is a 100 mile foot Race and the Colorado Rockies that Starts at 10 000 feet above sea level And includes 15 000 feet of elevation Change Goggins would have left at the Opportunity to run Leadville a few years Ago but now he was full of hesitancy and Excuses He says after Decades of hard charging I Was stuck in neutral nowhere close to The mental Beast I'd once been But Goggins couldn't get led a lot of His head the challenge haunted him Because deep down he knew it was what he Needed to awaken his inner Savage get Out of neutral and get back on the path Of self-discovery Your wake-up challenge need not be Physical it might be intellectual like

Obtaining a difficult career Certification or competing in a Competition or launching a new product Regardless of what your wake-up Challenge is it must meet two criteria First your wake-up challenge must be a Fear pod Something you're nervous to commit to But once you do the seeds of confidence And self-discovery Scatter along your Path Taking this path will make you a more Self-assured and self-aware person And second your wake-up challenge must Require daily effort Goggins didn't take a day off training For Leadville even on rest days he Visualized sections of the race to Prepare his mind and body for the Challenge Once you identify and commit to a Wake-up challenge get in the habit of Performing self-talk audits Not long after ramping up his training For Leadville goggin's body ached and he Kept telling himself he needed a day off So he sat on his couch grab the voice Recorder and wind into the microphone He recorded exactly what he was feeling And made a solid case for a much needed Rest day But when he played it back to himself he Wasn't convinced The excuses he heard lack substance and

Were just a desperate plea to quit and Seek comfort The book he says my inner crybaby was Suddenly the emperor with no clothes Buck naked in the light of day he was Impossible to ignore an even harder to Stomach After listening to the recording I was Off the couch and out on the road in a Matter of seconds When you wake up tired and not eager to Get after it complain about the things You dread doing into a voice recording App on your phone then play it back to Yourself Odds are you'll find the voice on the Other side is not someone you want to be Directing your life Goggin says the way we speak to Ourselves in moments of Doubt is crucial Because our words become actions and our Actions build habits that can coat our Minds and bodies with the plaque of Ambivalence hesitancy and passivity and Separate us from our own lives After you listen to yourself whine about The things you don't want to do hit Record again but this time pretend you Are motivating a friend to get them Through a challenge Now as Goggins continue training for Leadville he routinely thought back to His time at the U.S Air Force's Air Assault School

Every student in the air assault class Was required to do five pull-ups and 10 Elevated push-ups when they crossed Under The Arches on the way to class One day Goggins passed through the Arches at the same time as a classmate Named Conley who happened to be a Captain in the US Army When Goggins did his five pull-ups and Dropped down to the ground to complete His push-ups he noticed Captain Connolly Was still in the pull-up bar going far Beyond the five standard Pull-Ups This was not the only time he saw Captain Connolly do this Captain Conley Continued going above and beyond on Almost every exercise during the 10-day Aerosol School This was the first time Goggins could Remember someone doing more than what Was required of them The book he says Connolly made me feel Uncomfortable because he exposed my lack Of dedication to giving my best effort Each and every day Captain Connolly didn't show up to Simply get through the program and Graduate so he could collect some wings For his uniform he came to explore what He was made of and grow As Goggins trained for Leadville he Imagined Captain Connolly watching him Every day and posing the question are You just meeting the requirements or are

You giving all you can give Forget what others are doing or what Others have done before you and look Inside to search for what more you can Give If you're about to take a course the Prerequisite is to read one chapter of a Book see if you can read the whole book If you're enrolled in an engineering Program don't just attend the classes You're required to attend but sit Through free online classes that MIT and Stanford offer on the same subject Matter Always be exploring what more you can do And you will move far beyond the Standards everyone else is living by and Move into a realm of Limitless mental Growth In the end Whatever stage of life you're in and Whatever you've done you should be Haunted by your untapped potential Explore your untapped potential but First committing to a wake-up challenge A challenge that wakes up your inner Savage Then perform self-talk audits when you Feel like taking a day off Then set a new standard by constantly Searching for what more you can give in Every situation like Captain Connolly Goggin says the world needs all of us to Evolve into the very best versions of

Ourselves that's a moving Target and it Isn't a one-time task it is a lifelong Quest for more knowledge or courage more Humility and more belief because when You summon the strength and discipline To live like that the only thing Limiting your horizons is you That was the core message that I Gathered from never finished by David Goggins Goggins did it again he made another Book to make me rethink my level of Commitment to my goals and personal Growth I highly recommend this book to Anyone who wants to reignite their inner Fire If you would like a one-page PDF summary Of insights that I gathered from this Book just click the link below and I'll Be happy to email it to you If you already subscribed to the free Productivity game email newsletter this PDF is sitting in your inbox If you like this video please share it And as always thanks for watching and Have yourself a productive week

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